Saturday, April 30, 2005

Day 2 - Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon (Saturday April 30th, 2005)

I got quite a lot accomplished today. About 90% of the books brought today were his, cause the majority of mine were done. So, I lined up for him and got sketches for myself. Let's see, got there once it opened (10am). I first lined up at Brian Michael Bendis' line. He had a panel, so he wasn't gonna be signing until 12:30pm. Once I heard that, I jumped into Kaare Andrews' line, but wasn't sure if he was going to be there. Bro was in Phil Jimenez's line. I walked around, found a copy of Wonder Woman #188, the last issue by Phil Jimenez. By the time I got back, Kaare Andrews was already signing and sketching. Wanted to be near the front, cause he does very good sketches, usually very detailed. Also noticed Tom Grummett was setting up. So I jumped into his line.

First one there, got my books signed by him. Also, got a Green Arrow sketch from him. Once I saw the rough work on the sketch, I knew this was going to turn out fantastic. Once I got the finished sketch, my goals for the convention were completed.

Green Arrow by Tom Grummett

Next, I stood in line for Kaare Andrews. Waited in line for quite a long time. Close to 2 hours. Finally got up, got my bro's books signed, and a Black Cat sketch. I would've gotten a more detailed sketch if I asked for Spider-Man or The Hulk, but I was still pretty happy with the turn-out of the Black Cat sketch.

Black Cat by Kaare Andrews

Next was Phil Jimenez. All, but the Wonder Woman #188, were my brother's books to get signed. I wasn't too happy with the Emma Frost sketch from yesterday, but disappointed. I just wanted another one. So, I got my Phoenix sketch.

Phoenix by Phil Jimenez

Wanted to jump into the Top Cow line, but the sketch line was cut-off (again), so I missed out. Figured I try again the next signing time for Francis Manapul and Dale Keown. So I went to the Udon Comics booth. Back from Thailand, Alvin Lee was signing and sketching. Unlike last weekend, were the Udon booth was loaded with artists, this booth was more laid back, with one major artists, the writer, the inker, and a couple other people. So I picked up the convention exclusive, Darkstalkers #5, and got that, along with Darkstalkers #1 & 2 signed by Alvin Lee. Also, got a bunch of my brother's books signed by him. Got a sketch of Chun-Li (got a Ryu back in August).

Chun-Li by Alvin Lee

Around 3pm, James Raiz was signing and sketching at the ACTOR booth. This was his only signing time. He was also doing sketches. So, since this was charity for comic book industry veterans, I dished out $35 for a full-bodied sketch of Wonder Woman. I think it turned out really good. Not Michael Turner or George Perez quality, but very good nonetheless.

Wonder Woman by James Raiz

Put down my sketchbook for a Daredevil sketch by Dave Ross. Told me to come back later for it, which is cool. About 30 minutes later, he has the body shape of Daredevil down. Tells me to come back in 40 minutes. At this time, I realize that Francis Manapul and Dale Keown are signing and sketching at the Top Cow booth. I would've been in that line, cept Dave Ross has my sketchbook. So I miss out on Francis Manapul and Dale Keown for the third time in two days. Went back to Dave Ross after the 40 minutes, he tells me another 10 minutes. So I leave, come back after the 10 minutes, he says another 5 minutes. This time he tells me to stick around, cause he's just finishing off.

Now, although I really hated the hour and twenty-five minutes for a sketch, it was a pretty good sketch. Would've preferred it a lot darker, so that the scanner could pick up the pencilling. Also, would've liked a little background or something behind Daredevil, but can't be too picky.

Daredevil by Dave Ross

Took off after that.

Picked up some Bone books. Jeff Smith (creator of Bone) will be signing at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival next month. These were sick covers. Part of the last arc of the Bone series. Great find.

Also, found a Ultimate Invisible Woman: Sue Storm mini-bust. Sick price too, $30CDN. It's normally $50US. Wish I found this last week, and gotten Adam Kubert to sign it.

A nice day for me, just want to finish the last few things tomorrow. Tom Grummett, Dale Keown, Francis Manapul, Warren Ellis and Adi Granov... one more day...

Day 1 - Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon (Friday April 29th, 2005)

So, I managed to drive from home to the National Trade Centre in 30 minutes, at the start of rush hour. Well, maybe just before, but cutting it close. Dropped my little bro and sis at the babysitters just after 3:30pm, then hauled ass down there. Only traffic I hit was on Hwy 401, from Hwy 400 to Hwy 427. Got there and parked by 4:10pm. Lined up for Brian Michael Bendis. While in line, I was debating whether I should get all my books signed or not. Well, I did. All 34 books by Brian Michael Bendis. I was glad he signed all of the "Bendis" rather than the "B!" that he's been known to do.

Next line was for Warren Ellis. Because of his medical condition, he has a signing schedule. So I rushed into that line. Got all my books signed by him as well. I am a little disappointed that he signed a lot of my books on the first page, rather than the cover. Damn Marvel with their glossy covers for their Ultimate line. He also personalized the first book he signed of mine. So, on my Iron Man #1, it has a big ass "For Jason." Well, that ain't so bad, cause I never planned on selling it on eBay. This is for keeps.

Next on the list was Adi Granov. Very nice guy. Got those Iron Man books signed, as well as some others. Also, got an Iron Man sketch from him. I was actually surprised he was doing sketches, cause most of his work is done on computer. But, he does have to draw characters, so I got a sketch I wasn't really expecting.

Went into the Phil Jimenez line next. Got my books signed and a Emma Frost sketch. Was kinda expecting a little more to define the Emma Frost look, but didn't get it. Ahh well, gonna line up tomorrow for him, get a Phoenix sketch.

After that, I was pretty much done. Wanted to get Tom Grummett's autograph and a sketch, but he was busy doing an interview. Then when I came back, he was getting ready to leave, so I wasn't going to bother him then. Gonna try to get his autograph tomorrow.

Agenda for tomorrow, Bendis (for bro), Kaare Andrews (books for bro, sketch for me), Phil Jimenez (books for bro, sketch for me), Tom Grummett (for me), Francis Manapul and Dale Keown (both for me). Maybe hit the Udon booth to get some Street Fighter and Darkstalkers crap. Also, Tom Fowler. And many others.

Time for bed.