Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Canadian National Comic Book Expo 2005 Day 3 Report (and the sketches)

So, got there, line up for Carlos Pacheco. Fourth in line right after the doors opened. Would've been first, if it weren't for those blasted "Exhibitor" passes that these art collectors get from other shops. Ahh well, they ain't bad people, they just have connections.

Well, skipping to my turn, got a Green Lantern sketch done by Carlos. Got my books signed the day before.

Green Lantern by Carlos Pacheco
Green Lantern by Carlos Pacheco

Went over to the Aspen booth, to see if Michael Turner would be sketching later that day. I was told no (by one of the Aspen reps), so I didn't bother lining up. Friggin big mistake. He was, and I missed out. Ahh well, I learn for next year. Already planning. I will not give up on a Wonder Woman sketch by Michael Turner.

Hit up the Bright Anvil Studios booth again. They're a bunch of great people. Always seem happy, even though they're exhausted from all the sketching they're been doing over the weekend. They don't show it, but damn, I'm betting they feel it. Great bunch of troopers they are. Got two sketches from that group (below).

Supergirl by Craig Yeung
Supergirl by Craig Yeung

Hawkman by Marvin Law
Hawkman by Marvin Law

After that, went to pick up my head sketch from Dale Eaglesham. Great artist, loving his work on Villains United. Anyways, I got a Green Lantern from him. Got the Deadshot on the first night (sketch linked at the end of this entry).

Green Lantern by Dale Eaglesham
Green Lantern by Dale Eaglesham

Spent most of my day in the Artist Alley, then looking for cheap comics. Picked up like 15 books for either $1 or $2. Not bad. Had some little treasures in those bins. Anyways, here are my sketches for the rest of the day.

Batman by Ty Templeton
Batman by Ty Templeton

Storm Shadow by Kalman Andrasifzky
Storm Shadow by Kalman Andrasifzky

Ninja Turtle by Peter Laird
Ninja Turtle by Peter Laird

Superman by Karl Kerschl
Superman by Karl Kerschl

In connection with the last sketch, I must say that I love Karl Kerschl's work on the Adventures of Superman, as well as his previous works. First met Karl at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Was happy to meet him there. Got a Nightwing sketch from him then. Then the second day of the Expo, Karl finally sits at his Artist Alley table. I'm pretty sure I was the first person to meet him that day. And I got a Wonder Woman sketch from him. This Superman makes it my third sketch from him. Hate to be freeloading sketches from him, but I have a feeling he's gonna just get bigger, so collect while I can. And no, these are not for sale. I'll go as far as saying I'll NEVER sell them. I must give a huge THANK YOU to Karl Kerschl.

With that being said, that was also the end to my time at the Expo this year. It was a better show than last year for me.

Now, here are links to the sketches that I got, but didn't post.

Mary Jane by Mark Bagley

Deadshot by Dale Eaglesham

Spider-Woman by Steve McNiven

Wonder Woman by Karl Kerschl

Captain America by David Finch

Black Cat by Logan Lubera

That's it.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Canadian National Comic Book Expo 2005 Day 2 Report

Got in around 10:05AM. Immediately lined up in the Aspen line, for Michael Turner (Soulfire), Koi Turnbull (Fathom) and Peter Steigerwald (Aspen colourist). The signing was supposed to take place at 11AM, but it ran late, because those three showed up at different times. They ended up starting the signing at 11:30AM, with only Michael Turner and Koi Turnbull. Still two great artists. Because of the line up, there was a 10 book limit (I had 16). No big deal. Got the big 10 signed. Also, no sketches from the Aspen crew. Well, Koi was sketching, but I wasn't able to get back in line to meet him again. Gonna try again tomorrow.

After Aspen, hit up Karl Kerschl (Adventures of Superman). Got my books signed and a Wonder Woman sketch (I will post it another day). Went to the Carlos Pacheco (Green Lantern) line right after that. It was about 12PM at the time. He was signing at 1PM. Not that long of a wait. Got my books signed, and he wasn't sketching that day. Hoping for the last day.

Next was the David Finch (New Avengers) line. It was about 1:30PM. Finch was signing at 3PM. Had to get there early, because if he's sketching, it'll take him a little while to do them. Luckily for me (and the first bunch of the line), he was sketching. Got the Captain America sketch that I wanted from last year.

After that, hit up Dale Eaglesham (Villains United) for the second time at this con. Got my last two books signed, and signed up for his sketch list. Hoping to get a Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) head sketch. He's such a great artist!

Tried to hit up Neal Adams right after, but he was a chatty guy, and his line, though short, did not move. So I left, and went to the Bright Anvil Studios booth.

I've been a big fan of the Bright Anvil Studios crew, ever since last year at the Expo, when I was getting sketches at their booth. Got to know what work they've done, and started picking up a lot of it. Also, introduced myself in person, cause I am a member of their Forum. I'm one of the few people that continues to post there, and they respect that, which is cool. They seemed very excited to meet me as well, so it was a good day. I did get a sketch of Black Cat from Logan Lubera (Mega Morphs). It was so much better than my Black Cat sketch by Kaare Andrews.

I gotta for sure hit them up tomorrow. I'm just hoping my plans go through, then I'd be very happy with this Expo.

Anyways, I gotta hit the sack, and rest up for tomorrow morning. Gotta get there early to start lining up. I'll post sketches tomorrow or Monday... we'll see when I get the chance.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Canadian National Comic Book Expo Day 1 Report

Got there around 1:15PM. Box office was supposed to open at 1:30PM, but the crowd must've made them start earlier. Got our tickets by 1:45PM, and went to the line up, outside. Quite annoying outside, because we had anime fans right infront of us. Just picture annoying little asian girls (ages 16-20), dressed up in costumes and giggling and screaming like school girls... you'd think that would be hot, but it was really friggin annoying.

Doors were supposed to open at 4PM, but for some reason, that was delayed until 4:30PM. Headed right for the ACTOR booth. Mark Bagley was signing there, so I had to drop by. Got my books signed and a Mary Jane sketch, with the procedes going to ACTOR. He's one funny guy, but the price for a sketch was quite high. Still worth it, because it's Mark Bagley.

Next, hit up the Carlos Pacheco line. It was already 5:10PM, and he hasn't shown (scheduled time was 5:00PM). I figured I'd wait until 5:30PM to decided what I should do. Ended leaving Pacheco's line, just flat out skipped J. Michael Straczynski's line, because it was really backed up.

Ended up hitting up Dale Eaglesham. Great artist, really cheap sketches. Got myself my Deadshot sketch, as well as my books signed. Gonna hit him up again tomorrow for more books to get signed and another sketch.

Next was the Greg Land line. Got my "X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong" series signed, as well as many others. He remarked my copy of X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #5, with the Phoenix symbol.

Next was Steve McNiven. Got my books signed, and lined up again for a sketch. Got a sketch of Spider-Woman.

After that, I was pretty much done, so I went looking around at the retailers tables, and got some pretty nice dollar books.

So that was my day, another update tomorrow. Off to bed. G'night.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Canadian National Comic Book Expo - Prelude

Yea, still over half a day before the Canadian National Comic Book Expo 2005. So many guests to meet, so little time. Never really liked the scheduled signings from this Convention, but I'll still go for the creators.

I did get some great bit of news today about the upcoming days. It's something that I'm gonna have to keep to myself right now, mainly because I am being selfish, and don't want people know this info right now. They'll find out tomorrow.

Now, the books are packed, and I'm gonna be insane and try to get the bulk of the signings/sketches done on the first day. Just want to try to enjoy the rest of the weekend. We'll see how it works out.

I'm gonna plan out that schedule again, in hopes of getting through all these signings. Then, I'm off to bed. Gotta get that rest for tomorrow. Day one report tomorrow night, whenever I get the chance.