Monday, November 14, 2005

RIP Eddie Guerrero - November 13th, 2005

I got home from the con to find out that Eddie Guerrero has passed away. He was 38. For more information on his career and life, please check out WWE.COM.

This saddens me, because I have been a fan of Eddie's since his WCW days. His in-ring performance was amazing. He gave it his all everytime he was on screen.

Though I haven't been following up with the wrestling world since I started working nights again, I still respect the industry, and am saddened everytime there's a loss.

RIP Eddie Guerrero. You will be forever missed.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hobbystar Toronto ComiCON - November 13th, 2005

Hawkman by Chris Batista

Went down to the convention centre today, for the one-day comic-con put on by Hobbystar. Stayed for about 3 hours. Chris Batista (Artist - JLA, Upcoming: Hawkman) was the Special Guest today. I was fifth in line. Got my copies of the JLA arc, "Crisis of Conscience" signed. It's the arc that leads right into Infinite Crisis.

Also, saw some of his pages for his upcoming run on Hawkman. That book is gonna be sweet. I'm looking forward to that book.

Picked up a bunch of books there. Too many to list here. I did find a copy of "The 'New' Teen Titans #2," which is the first appearance of Deathstroke, in the dollar bins. Came so close to picking it up, but the guy realized the book, and had to decline selling me the book, on the count that it is a $60 book and it wasn't supposed to be in the dollar bin. I wasn't gonna argue, cause I knew the significance of the book, and I understood that it would've been quite the loss for him. It would've been a great gain for me. Ahh well, not the end of the world.

When it comes down to it, I had a blast. Chris Batista is a great artist, and such a nice person to meet. Everyone's been saying nothing but good things about him before this con. And I'm doing the same, he's a great person.

Next con, February 5th, 2006, with Special Guest, Ethan Van Sciver.