Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

I'll be at work, so I'm wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year! See ya in '06!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas/Happy Boxing Day!

What a day!

Didn't get to bed that Christmas Eve night until 4am (which is technically Christmas Day). Came home from my cousin's house around 12:30-1am. Did part of my Boxing Day shopping online once I got home. Just picked up blank DVDs at Best Buy.

Then off to bed, to sleep for Christmas morning. My little brother and sister got up first (as usual). My little sister got all excited, and started opening one of her presents. My mom did get down in time to stop her from opening them all. She got the little ones to wake the rest of us up. Wow, were they screaming in our ears. Good times.

Let's run down the list of what I bought and what I got.

- "Ready Bed" inflatable bed (Disney's Princesses) for my little sister
- "Ready Bed" inflatable bed (Spider-Man) for my little brother
- Thundercats Season 1 Part 1 DVD for my older brother
- Foot massager for my mom
- 3 gallon air compressor for my step-dad

- Bed set (comforter/bedsheets)
- Executive Golf Set
- Absolute Batman: Hush
- Runaways Vol. 1 Hardcover
- $50 Best Buy Gift card/$50 cash
- 15" LCD monitor
- a pair of "Donkey" (from Shrek) slippers

So I'm all happy. Got the comforter I needed for my bed (to replace my old one). Got the two comic sets I wanted for a long time. Got a new monitor. Smaller in screen size, but damn does it take up less room than my old monitor. I actually have a desk.

Kinda getting used to the new settings on the monitor. Can't change it to the size I originally had it. The positioning of everything is just so big, and out of place right now. Haven't gotten around to fixing it. Don't think I can change the display size for this monitor. Ahh well, I have a desk again.

Now I'm getting ready to hit the sack, cause I actually am going out for Boxing Day shopping. Just to Canadian Tire, but still, gonna get up early to make sure I get the one item that I'm going there for. Gonna replace my step-dad's 3 gallon air compressor with a 3-gallon air compressor with a nailer/stapler (nail gun/staple gun).

Shipping This Week will be delayed, due to Diamond Comics shipping books a day late this week and next week. I can actually put it up, but nah, I'll wait for the shipping list.

Less than 23 hours until I turn 23.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Thomas Jane Signing

Thomas Jane and Me

December 19th, 2005 - Today was the Thomas Jane signing at Paradise Comics (located at 3278 Yonge St). He was there to promote the comic book he co-wrote (with Steve Niles), Bad Planet.

He was originally scheduled to sign last Wednesday, then that got pushed back a day to last Thursday, then pushed back again until today. So after five days, and two switched shifts, I was finally able to meet the man. The Punisher. Got my copies of Bad Planet signed, and my XBox copy of The Punisher. Also, I got the picture with him, that I wanted.

That made my day. Then the Leafs game was on. Wow! What the hell happened there? Fifteen goals total throughout the night. Nine for the Leafs. Great game. Would've been better if Belfour didn't let all those goals in, but they still got the W.

On a sad note, Phyllis Gretzky (Wayne Gretzky's mother) has passed away. My condolences go out to the Gretzky family on their loss.

Also, Marc Favreau, the man who played "Sol, the hobo clown," in those french movies that I watched back in grade 6 & 8, has also passed away.