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Spirit of young superhero lives on

Not sure how long that article will last, but please read while it's still available.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Shuster Awards Voting Begins Tomorrow

So, I really should be sleeping, but I wanted to put something on this blog. Anything I could think of. Thought long and hard about it. Then realized that the Shuster Awards voting begins tomorrow. Lots of great talent on this ballot. Lots of great talent that were left off the ballot.

Anyways, I'm gonna run down through the list of stuff that I truly think people should check out.

Ray Fawkes - Co-writer of Mnemovore #1-6 (DC Comics/Vertigo). Originally, when I first saw this, I thought "No way in hell am I reading something like this." Then I was invited to the nominating committee, and Mnemovore was on the list. So I read it. I read it at 2am. Wasn't the brightest thing to do, since it was somewhat of a horror story. Like a psychological thriller or something. This book scared the bejesus outta me. Well, maybe not, but it was pretty messed up. In a good way. It turned out to be a series I enjoyed, and am pimping it out to you.

Ty Templeton and Joe O'Brien - Co-writers of Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #1 (Mr. Comics) - Since these two wrote the book, they're being combined in the nominations for this book. Keep in mind, it's only issue #1 that's being nominated for these two. I'll tell ya, that one issue was really good. Totally deserved the nomination. Now, I'm not a Planet of the Apes fan, never watched any of the movie. Got a general idea of the story through that episode of The Simpsons, where Selma marries Troy McClure. This issue of RotPOTA introduces readers unfamiliar with the movie to the story, and just takes it where many fans wanted a sequel to go.

Adrian Alphona - Artist of Runaways #1-6, 9-11 (Marvel Comics) - Adrian has his own style of artwork, that distinguishes him from a lot of other artists. His storytelling abilities, along with Brian K. Vaughan's writing/storytelling abilities, makes this series a great one. And since this isn't a tradition super-hero team book (with costumes), Adrian has the ability to explore his fashion sense for many characters in the book, and design them. It's a hip book, with a great story.

Dale Eaglesham - Artist of Villains United #1-2, 4-6 (DC Comics) - To be honest, I never heard of Dale Eaglesham until this Infinite Crisis mini-series tie-in. In my defense, I got back into comics a year before these IC mini-series came out. Wasn't a follower of Green Lantern prior to Green Lantern: Rebirth. This series is what introduced me to Dale Eaglesham. Issue one was all it took for me to easily put his name on my list of people I'm following. His artwork was fantastic. It looked like Dale gave it his all for this series, and damn, it was great!

David Finch - Artist of New Avengers #2-6, 11-13 (Marvel Comics) - David Finch has a very detailed style. Combining with inker, Danny Miki, and colorist, Frank D'Armata, the trio makes a great art team. His highly detailed work, and very cool storytelling abilities, along with Brian Michael Bendis writing the stories, makes this series a very enjoyable series.

Honestly, I'm a little too tired to continue. But I will tell you, all those nominated were really friggin good. No lie, they were all fantastic pieces of work. Check out the nominees.

Great books from all. Not sure who I'm cheering for in this category. Speakeasy Comics has closed down since the nominations were announced.

That's it. Bed time.