Monday, October 30, 2006

Recent Pick-Ups

I recently purchased two comics books with somewhat significant First Appearances. The first pick-up was Amazing Spider-Man #194, which contains the first appearance of Black Cat. The second pick-up was Marvel Spotlight #32, which contains the first appearance of Spider-Woman. Both of which aren't in the greatest condition, but these are for my personal collection. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have mint or near-mint condition copies of those issues, I'm just not willing to spend too much on them.

Whenever I get the chance, I'll post scans of the covers to show the condition they are in.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Bryan Lee O'Malley in NOW

For those that picked up a copy of the latest NOW Magazine (October 26th, 2006), you'll be delighted to see a full page comic strip done by Scott Pilgrim artist/creator, Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Well, for those that didn't pick it up, here it is, online.

My Toronto by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Remember, Bryan Lee O'Malley will be doing a signing this Saturday October 28th, 2006, at The Beguiling, from 3pm-5pm.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oct. 22nd, 2006 - Hobbystar Toronto ComiCON Review

Special Guest for this event was Angel Medina (Sensational Spider-Man, Spawn). To be honest, I'm not a follower of Angel Medina's work, so I was originally just gonna head to the con to check out the bins. I left home once the convention started (11am). Got there around 11:30am.

Once in, I went to check the dealers. Headed to one booth, and spent 45 minutes rummaging through the bins. I only managed to find one book I wanted. I saw a couple other books I wanted to get at other books, but never got around to inquiring about the price. Something about putting books that should be in the bins, on the wall, kinda turns me away from asking about the price.

After the first booth, I went to check out a few others, but wasn't able to find the books I was looking for. Hopefully I can find some of those next month.

I decided to wait in line for Angel Medina around 12:45pm-1pm.

After the first hour in line, and only moving two spots up, I was seriously considering leaving the line. It's not that Angel Medina is a slow sketcher, but he likes to talk. Nothing wrong with that. I'm always interested in hearing how creators break into the business.

I eventually decided to stick in the line, which sacrificed rummaging through the rest of the convention. The convention floor seemed to have cleared out early today. By 3:30pm, sections appeared to be empty of con-goers. That was also when I finally got up to Angel Medina (very nice person). Got a few books signed, and a sketch of Black Cat. He also had some original artwork for sale, but I'm not really a fan of Spawn (I was slightly, back in the day, but not really now).

At around 4:00pm, I was done. Didn't feel like going through the other bins, and just left.

Weather was still terrible, and traffic was bad for a section of the Gardiner. Got home before 5pm. Had some take-out dim sum at home. Awesome food!

Overall convention experience: I would've preferred to not be in line for so long (3 hours+, but due to guest-to-fan interaction... sorry, I had to specify that, because some people would've used that negatively). I wanted to rummage through the bins more. I had the opportunity, but decided not to leave the line. I do like the sketch I got, but was hoping for more boobs in the shot. Oh well.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Just arrived (Thank You Mike Choi)!

So, about a month ago, Mike Choi (Top Cow artist) made a bet with those that were willing to step up, in support of Lea Hernandez. To sum it up, it was donation vs. sketch, in college football. His University of Texas vs. Ohio State University.

Ohio State University won. This is what I received. Wolverine by Mike Choi (just click the picture to see it bigger).

Be on the look out for Mike's upcoming project with Marvel Comics, X-23: Target X. Issue #1 is solicited for December 13th, 2006. I'll make another mention of it when it's closer to the release date.