Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Saturday

Today, I checked out the Cyber City Comix Outlet Sale. The owner of Cyber City Comix recently moved his warehouse stock to a new warehouse, which he has decided to open up one weekend a month, to hold a sale. He did state that this month's sale wasn't going to be as good as next month's sale, mainly because he hasn't gone through the collection of books he recently acquired, but that didn't stop me from going.

The sale was mainly dollar books, with discount toys, and some 50% off books. He should have the additional room of his warehouse open next month. Chances are, I'll be there again.

As for my haul today, I think I picked up some decent books.

Blue Monday #3 - J. Scott Campbell cover. No real reason why I got it.

Cerebus #300 - Not really a Cerebus fan, but this was the end of the series.

DC Comics Presents #47 (Superman/He-Man) - C'mon, it's He-Man. I had many opportunities to get this before, but decided to get it today.

DC Comics Presents #56 (Superman/Power Girl) - This was somewhat hot when Infinite Crisis was going on. Not so much now, but still got it.

Deathstroke The Terminator #15 - First appearance of Rose Wilson (currently, Ravager)

The New Teen Titans #39 - Dick Grayson and Wally West leave the Titans.

New Mutants #1 - Not really sure why I got this. Another comic I could've picked up many times before, but decided on it today.

The Omega Men #3 - First appearance of Lobo! For $1.

Suicide Squad #23 - Barbara Gordon becomes Oracle... by using a computer that talks.

Tales of the Teen Titans #42-43 - First two issues of the Judas Contract. (*EDIT*) Turns out I have part three of the Judas Contract, in addition to parts one and two that I picked up today. I previously stated that I had part four.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12 - Scarlet Witch gives "birth" to the twins.

Superman/Batman Collector Set - The box set that contains the Superman and Batman figures released a while back, designed by Ed McGuinness, and the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies trade. Quite disappointed that it wasn't the hardcover, but still a decent price for the set. Picked it up for $25, and sold the Superman figure to my bro for $10. So I got the Batman figure and the trade for $15.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I guess the hiatus is over

Though I haven't posted anything since I announced the hiatus, I did update the sidebar with conventions updates. I was about to post some stuff earlier this week, but ended up deciding against it. Kept the hiatus going until now.

Started school on Monday. Fun!... I may decide to post more, because I have these long breaks between classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. Nice four hour breaks.

On Monday, I left the school, and came back about an hour early for the next class, only to find out that it was cancelled. Waste of time, considering I could've been home around noon. Instead, I got home just past around 3:30pm.

So, I started playing the Nintendo Wii game my bro picked up before Christmas, Trauma Center: Second Opinion. I actually started last Saturday, when he told me to try it out. I gotta say, the gameplay was great, with the Wii. Using the motion gameplay, to perform surgery. Awesome!

After getting the hang of the gameplay, I played the stage my bro got stuck on, and cleared it for him. After a week of playing it, I cleared the game. Challenging, but really fun. I'm now looking forward to the cooking game that's going to come out for the Wii. I'm so buying that.

"Shipping..." and "Boughts..." possibly returning this week.