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Other Reports on Toronto Comic Book Fan SuperShow March 25th, 2007

For those that want to check out some other reports on the Toronto Comic Book Fan SuperShow that took place this past Sunday (March 25th, 2007), just click the links below.

Danny T's Report

Milo @ Digital Kontent

Allison Covey's Report


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Boughts and Thoughts - March 28th, 2007

Somewhat small week this week, which I read through pretty quickly. Sadly, I haven't been able to pick up a copy of Texas Strangers #1. Heard good things, but my shop didn't order.

Anyways, here's my haul this week.

Black Panther #26 - I like the cover, but I'm looking forward to Niko Henrichon on New X-Men. As for the issue itself, I just don't care for Black Panther, which is why I don't normally pick up the book.

Captain America #25 (2nd Printing) - I caved, and picked up the second printing, of Captain America's death issue. Still looking for an Epting cover, but at cover, or just slightly above (very slightly above).

Fantastic Four #544 - Sweet Michael Turner cover, but I'm done with FF again.

Gamekeeper #1 - I really enjoyed this, and I hope it turns into a movie, directed by Guy Ritchie. Seems like it would definitely sell as a movie.

Green Lantern #18 - Like the cover, and Daniel Acuna's art was pretty good. Not liking that they shrunk down the Star Sapphire story, for the Tales of the Sinestro Corps story. I'm guessing it's because of the timing, for the release of Sinestro Corps Special.

Superman Confidential #4 - These issues just seem too short. Possibly, because Superman doesn't appear in the majority of the issue, and the rest of the story takes place.

Ultimate Spider-Man #107 - Misleading preview cover on the site that I checked the shipping list. Ronin appears in the next issue. I'm guessing he's Iron Fist.

And I picked up a back issue this week, figured I'd make mention of it.

Spider-Man Unlimited #8 - This was something I didn't really care about before. Though, looking back at it a little while ago, I did realize it featured artwork by Ryan Sook, and the late Seth Fisher. Also, one of the stories was written by The Necromancer writer, Joshua Ortega. The other story was written by horror writer, Joe Hill.

Recently, Joe Hill revealed that he is the son of one Stephen King. I'm pretty sure you know who that is. So, Joe Hill's first comic book work was this issue, Spider-Man Unlimited #8. This issue is expected to rise somewhat in value. Or not. But it still is a great pick up, if you can find it cheap.

Next week is currently looking to be an insanely expensive week. I'll do my write-up this weekend.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Toronto Comic Book Fan SuperShow March 25, 2007 Report

You had the preview of it, now here's the full report (from my perspective).

I got to the con with my bro just before 10:30am. Walked into the Holiday Inn on King, to see it was quite busy, with young girls. Here, I'm thinking "Canadian Idol?" Remembering the first Canadian Idol tryouts took place at the Skydome, I'm there thinking how far that show has dropped, if they were holding auditions at a hotel much, much smaller than the Skydome (ugh... Rogers Centre, for those that don't think I know what it's now called).

Continuing up the escalator, seeing these girls practising walking, as if they were walking down a runway, I come to the conclusion, it's not Canadian Idol. Oh well. Still, seeing how different the ages were, I'm wondering how young are parents trying to start their kids off in the modelling industry? The girls ranged from "Jailbait" down to "You will be brutally murdered by prison inmates, for even thinking of hooking up with one of these girls." Yea, that young.

That said, got to the line-up, to see that Milo of Digital Kontent, has already set up the Free Comics table, ranging in a variety of comics. By midday, if not earlier, the table was cleared out, with people not being greedy, whatsoever. Good stuff, Milo!

Once the doors opened, headed over to the CGC booth, being manned by Paradise Conventions Co-Promoter, Kevin Boyd. After saying Hello to Kevin, I planted myself infront of Karl Kerschl's table, passing Marcio Takara's table, which had a pretty big line-up, for someone that's new to the scene. No disrespected, because seeing Marcio's work on his website, it's pretty friggin good. As for me, planting myself at Karl Kerschl's table was a bad move on my part. It was my fault for being my stubborn self, and continuing to stay there, until he arrived. Peter Dixon, of Paradise Comics, made the call out, to see where the fellas from R.A.I.D. were, just to give me an ETA on when Karl Kerschl was going to show.

While waiting, I did notice that the rest of the convention floor was pretty packed. The dealers area seemed really busy, so hopefully they made some decent scratch at the show.

As for me, I did eventually make the trip over to the end of Karl Kerschl's table, to Cameron Stewart's table when he arrived.

Got the remaining issues of The Other Side signed, and got this nifty sketch below.

Vo Binh Dai by Cameron Stewart
Vo Binh Dai (The Other Side) by Cameron Stewart

C'mon, I gotta represent Vietnam, in what little way I can. That's right, this North Bay, Ontario born person, is reppin' Vietnam, the country of my parents' origin, and the country I have never been to (and may never).

For those that waited for the trade of The Other Side, it's solicited for May 23rd, 2007. Cameron did mention all the extras added to the trade. Those that waited, and those that are thinking about picking it up in trade format, do so. You will not be disappointed.

Continuing in my waiting for Karl Kerschl, Joe Shuster Award Nominee, Ramon Perez showed up, and his line-up formed pretty quickly, starting with Doug Simpson, of Paradise Comics. Both Ramon, and Doug, crept up like Ninjas, because I didn't even realize they were there, until they started talking, and they were right behind me. Crazy Ninjas.

Still holding my place, Andy Belanger arrived. A sketch request came for him immediately. As for me, still held ground until Karl Kerschl arrive.

I forget what time he showed, anywhere from 1:30pm-2pm, but I held ground. All that time in line (with the once exception to move borderline over to Cameron Stewart), and I got my books signed and the sketch below.

Zatanna by Karl Kerschl
Zatanna by Karl Kerschl

Being finally able to leave the line (based on my stubborn standards), I headed over to Marcio Takara, to see how many names left he has on his sketch list. There was still quite a lot, and he was pretty sure he wasn't going to be able to get to mine.

Next, I went to drop off my sketchbook for a commission piece from Agnes Garbowska. You can see that at the end.

Decided to line up for Ramon Perez after dropping off my book for Agnes. I wasn't too far back, and opted to go for a Wildcat sketch (Wildcat of the Justice Society of America). Friggin awesome, I must say!

Wildcat by Ramon Perez
Wildcat by Ramon Perez

Once done, I went back to pick up my sketchbook from Agnes. Oh my god, it's FRACKING BEAUTIFUL (caught the season finally of Battlestar Galactica, which is something I don't normally watch, so that was the first and probably last time I'll use the term, Frack). Anyways, I went with a Black Cat piece by Agnes, and was really amazed.

Black Cat by Agnes Garbowska
Black Cat by Agnes Garbowska

After picking up my sketchbook, I headed over to Rob Walton's table. I was seriously considering picking up a copy of Ragmop (which is sold out at Chapters), and at his special price of $20 CDN, it was a bargain. US Cover price is $29.95. I'm heard great things about Ragmop, and Rob Walton is nominated for a Joe Shuster Award for that book. I wonder why I ended up not picking it up. Seemed like a super price that couldn't be beat.

Enough of that.

I didn't really spend too much time looking through the dealers booths. Just was tired after that, and my leg was hurting.

Took off around 4pm, and went to Tim Horton's for lunch. Then home, to rest.

And there you go, the Un-chintz Version of my report.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boughts and Thoughts - March 21st, 2007

Amazing Spider-Man #539 - ...Awaiting the "Sell-out" announcement, then the 2nd printing announcement. This issue, you see why Peter Parker returns to the black costume (real reason, because Spider-Man 3 is being released this year in theatres).

Birds Of Prey #104 - Secret Six, and a special appearance by a JLA member. Nice issue.

The Brave And The Bold #2 - It was great to see Mark Waid write Hal reminding himself that Supergirl is 17. Just a funny moment. Next issue mainly features the Batman/Blue Beetle team-up.

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #10 - I'm probably gonna drop this again. Wasn't a bad issue, but I'll just save my money.

Justice Society Of America #4 - This issue was pretty good. Beatiful artwork, and we see a member promoted to the chair position of the JSA.

Ms. Marvel #13 - Why am I buying this?

Runaways Saga - I like that they told the story through Molly's POV, in a diary. I was curious how they were gonna pull that off. Such a great series.

The Spirit #4 - Haven't read this yet.

The Walking Dead #36 - I should just get this in trade format.

X-23: Target X #4 - Someone to take out X-23? Well, it's obivious she's gonna come out on top in the end.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Boughts and Thoughts - March 14th, 2007

BUFFY: THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - SEASON EIGHT #1 - Picked up three copies (yea, I said three). Haven't read it yet. Looking to pick up the variant cover, preferably at cover.

CIVIL WAR: THE CONFESSION - Meh. Confessions from Captain America, and Iron Man.

GEN 13 #6 - First arc over. One more issue, then I'm done with this series.

LONE RANGER #5 - Haven't read it yet.

NEW AVENGERS #28 - Pretty good issue.

SPIDER-MAN: REIGN #4 - Better than the previous issues.

TEEN TITANS #44 - Gonna miss Geoff Johns on this book. Nice splash pages from Tony Daniel.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


3/13/2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 12, 2007


Toronto --- Canada's first national award recognizing outstanding achievements by Canadian creators in the creation and publication of comic books and graphic novels returns in 2007 for it’s third year: the JOE SHUSTER CANADIAN COMIC BOOK CREATOR AWARDS, named after pioneering Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster who, along with writer Jerry Siegel, created the iconic super-powered hero, Superman.

From coast to coast, Canada is home to many of the comic book industry's top talents. The JOE SHUSTER AWARDS are a way of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of Canadian creators - past, present and future.

About Joe Shuster (1914 – 1992)
The Joe Shuster Awards are named in honor of the great artist, JOE SHUSTER (1914-1992), whose clear, dynamic style and inventive visual flourishes set the standard for graphic storytelling during the infancy of the North American comic book industry. It was Superman, a co-creation of Shuster and Siegel, that electrified the industry in 1938 and, almost overnight, transformed comic books into an enormous pop-cultural phenomenon.

About The Joe Shuster Awards
Founded in late 2004, the Joe Shuster Awards seek to honor Canadians who create comic books, graphic novels and web comics. All nominees in each category are for work published in the previous calendar year. The 2007 awards will be for work published in 2006. For the purposes of the JOE SHUSTER AWARDS, a Canadian is defined as a native or long-term inhabitant of Canada, or an individual who was born in Canada and now resides elsewhere (possessing either Canadian or dual citizenship).

Nominating Committees are selected by the Awards Administrative committee and are newly reconstituted for each year of the awards and consist of a cross-section of comic book journalists and experts from across Canada. They can nominate any creator who had work published in a comic book, graphic novel or comics-related publication that was shipped to retailers between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year.

Nominees are selected by a two round voting process over a 7 week period. Once the list of nominees is finalized for the ballot, the ballot is made be available for public vote for two months on and the creator in each respective category that receives the highest vote count from the general public will receive the Joe Shuster Award.

Canadian Fans are eligible to vote for all categories, and for the first time in 2007,

Winners will be announced at a public ceremony on June 9th in Toronto on the weekend of the 5th Annual Paradise Toronto Comicon.

The 2007 Joe Shuster Awards Ballot:

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer
A Writer is someone who wrote a story that was illustrated by an artist(s). Writers who also drew their own stories are classified as Cartoonists, not writers.

___Ian Boothby for DCU Infinite Holiday Special (DC Comics), Futurama Comics 23-26, 28, Simpsons Comics 118, 119, 121, 123, Simpsons Super Spectacular 3 (Bongo Comics)
___Darwyn Cooke for Superman Confidential 1-2 (DC Comics)
___John Rogers for Blue Beetle 1-10 (DC Comics), Contributing writer for Cthulhu Tales 1, Ninja Tales 1, Pirate Tales 1 & Zombie Tales: The Dead 1 (Boom! Studios)
___Ty Templeton for Civil War: Choosing Sides (Marvel Comics), Revolution on the Planet of the Apes 2-6 (Mister Comics)
___J. Torres for Cartoon Network Block Party 22, Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi 3, Teen Titans Go! 27-38, The Batman Strikes 23 (DC Comics/Johnny DC), Ninja Scroll 1-3 (DC Comics/Wildstorm), Degrassi: The Next Generation - Extra Credit Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Pocket Books), Love As A Foreign Language 5 (Oni Press)

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Artist
An Artist is someone who illustrated a story written by a writer and has worked in any medium ---- such as pencil, ink, paint, collage, etc. Artists who also drew their own stories are classified as Cartoonists, not artists.

___Adrian Alphona for Runaways 12-18, 22 (Marvel Comics)
___Darwyn Cooke & J. Bone for Batman/The Spirit (DC Comics)
___Pia Guerra for Y the Last Man 43-46, 49-52 (DC/Vertigo)
___Niko Henrichon for Pride of Baghdad (DC/Vertigo)
___Stuart Immonen for Nextwave: Agents of HATE 1-11, Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 2 (Marvel Comics)
___Cary Nord for Conan 24-25, 29-31, 33-34 (Dark Horse)
___Steve Skroce for Doc Frankenstein 3-5 (Burleyman)
___Doug Wheatley for Star Wars: Dark Times 1 (Dark Horse)

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)
A Cartoonist is someone who wrote and illustrated their own story. If someone else wrote the work they are only eligible as Artist, if someone else drew the work they are only eligible as Writer.

___Scott Chantler for Northwest Passage 3 (Oni Press)
___Darwyn Cooke for The Spirit 1 (DC Comics)
___Michel Gagne for “Underworld”- Flight Vol. 3 (Ballantine Books)
___Johane Matte for “Hunter” - Flight Vol. 3 (Ballantine Books)
___Bryan Lee O'Malley for Scott Pilgrim Vol. 3 (Oni Press)
___Ty Templeton for Simpsons Comics 117 (Bongo)
___Jean-Louis Tripp & Regis Loisel for Magasin General Vol. 1: Marie & Vol. 2: Serge (Casterman)
___Rob Walton for Ragmop (Planet Lucy)

Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Publisher
The company should have published the work under their own company name, not under the umbrella of an American company and had the book distributed nationally and/or internationally.

___Drawn & Quarterly
___Mecanique Generale/les 400 Coups
___Mister Comics
___Planet Lucy

Outstanding Canadian Web Comic Creator / Creative Team
Web comics, also known as online comics, are comics that are available on the Internet. They do not have to be exclusively published online, they may be published in print but must maintain a web archive for either commercial or artistic reasons and they need to have been published on the web first, before any other medium. Web comics encompass the stratum of traditional print comic book formats, tiered comic strip pages and longer form graphic novels. Also included are formats such as horizontal web comic pages, vertical layout formats, irregularly formatted pages with horizontal and/or vertical scrolling and infinite canvas' but does not include multi-media presentations, motion graphics or flash animations. Mediums used can be traditionally drawn art, photographs, 3D Art, digital images, pixel art, clip art, found art and other conceptual web comics.

___Paul Bordeleau for Troglodytes
___Rob Coughler & Ramon Perez for Butternut Squash ___Matt Forsythe for Ojingogo
___Faith Erin Hicks for Ice
___Stuart & Katherine Immonen for Never As Bad As You Think
___Dan Kim for April May & June, Kanami, and Penny Tribute
___Steven Charles Manale for Superslackers
___Kean Soo for Jellaby Shorts

Favourite Canadian Comic Book Creator – English Language
All fans, no matter where they are located, can nominate their favorite Canadian Comic Book Creator who had new work published in English during the previous calendar year. Please refer to the awards website for the full list of eligible creators. Please note: this will be a write-in category on the ballot. All names will be tallied and the creator with the highest votes will be selected.

Favourite Canadian Comic Book Creator – French Language
All fans, no matter where they are located, can nominate their favorite International (non-Canadian) Comic Book Creator who had new work published in French during the previous calendar year. Please refer to the awards website for the full list of eligible creators. Please note: this will be a write-in category on the ballot. All names will be tallied and the creator with the highest votes will be selected.

Outstanding International Comic Book Creator
Canadian fans can nominate their favorite International (non-Canadian) Comic Book Creator who had work published during the previous calendar year. Please note: this will be a write-in category on the ballot. All names will be tallied and the creator with the highest votes will be selected.

Harry Kremer Award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Retailer
The Canadian voters will be asked to provide the name of their favourite comics
retailer. A separate Retailer Award Committee will review these nominees and select a store that has shown merit in a variety of categories. Named after the late Harry Kremer, original owner of Now & Then Books (in Kitchener, Ontario)

The Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame Inductees are selected by a jury of Canadian comics historians. Inductees will be announced in April 2007.


WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON JUNE 9, 2007 @ 8:00 PM at a ceremony held at the HOLIDAY INN, 370 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association
16 Northumberland Street * Toronto, Ontario * M6H 1P7
PH: 416-535-6710 *
Fax: 416-536-9892

Special Thanks To Our 2007 Sponsors:
Comics Guaranty, LLC (CGC)
Diamond Distributors
Headsdown Content Management
Lionshead Resorts
Paradise Conventions
Quebecor World
SIPS Comics
The Toronto Star
Visions of Utopia



The 2007 Nominating Committee for the categories Artist, Cartoonist, Publisher, and Writer consisted of:
DAVE HOWLETT (Nova Scotia)
MIKE JOZIC (Manitoba)
LIANA K (Ontario)
FRANCISCO ROSA (Quebec) BD Liaison

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Boughts and Thoughts - March 7th, 2007

Wow, what a week. Quite an expensive week for me this week.

Captain America #25 - Holy crap! Brubaker, you *$^@%&! So not the heroic way to go out. Sure, using the sniper as the excuse, but it's really Sharon Carter that really did it.

Civil War: The Initiative - I wonder if Ms. Marvel confirmed the contradiction to Captain America #25. Hmm... Omega Flight looks pretty frickin cool! So could've done without the previews at the end of the issue, but I guess that was for new readers.

Criminal #5 - Well, that was a way to end the arc. I'm wondering how the next one is going to start.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #2 - Haven't read it yet.

Dynamo 5 #1 - Gave it a try. Done with it.

Fantastic Four #543 - Anniversary issue. I should've passed on it, but bought it.

Justice League Of America #6 - He ripped his arm off! Wonder what the next arc has in store.

Marvel Zombies vs. Army Of Darkness #1 - So that's how it starts.

Mighty Avengers #1 - Pretty good issue, but what the heck happened at the end.

Shazam: The Monster Society Of Evil #2 - Haven't read it yet.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Winter Storm + Power Outage = FUN!

Hope you're all safe from the worse winter storm we've seen this year. Roads were crap yesterday evening.

I got out of school early, and came home as it started to snow. Got a call at 2:30pm from my little sister, saying the after school program we have the young siblings in, was cancelled. Luckily for me, I was home.

Had to work yesterday night, and I'm glad someone was able to make it home so I can leave for work at a decent time. Left home around 4:05pm, for my 5pm shift. Figured that would be a good time, since work is only 10 minutes away (normally, without the weather and normal traffic at the time). Unfortunately for me, I got caught in some traffic on Jane St, heading south to Hwy. 7.

Spent a good 45 minutes from the light just north of Langstaff (Courtland), to the light just south of Langstaff (Applewood). Between those lights, traffic was bumper to bumper, and I wasn't able to move from the left lane to the right lane, to get to the backroads, until I was around Applewood. Once there, finally got to a backroad, and drove straight to work. It was really clear of cars, though still had quite a bit of snow. Got to work at 5:40pm.

Once there, we realized it was going to be a slow night, so we got our work done, and just slacked off the rest of the night. Ended up closing early (normal closing is 1am, we closed at 12am). Got home around 1:20am, after closing duties and driving home in the weather.

Around 2:45-3am, the power went out. By then I was just starting to sleep. Got up this morning around 7:45am, tried calling my siblings school. Didn't get through until about 9:20am, when the power came back on. Found out the school was closed.

Now that the power is back on... well, there isn't much to do right now. Since then, I've been lying down at random spots on the floor. Living room, hallway, bedroom floor, etc. Not passing out, I just like lying down when I'm tired. Off work until Sunday. Gonna enjoy my Friday and Saturday off. Maybe read some comics.