Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Boughts and Thoughts - April 25th, 2007

52 Week 51 - One more to go for this successful series.

Drain #3 - I missed this last week. Picked it up this week. Enjoying the story. Pure cheesecake artwork.

Fallen Soldier: The Death of Captain America #2 - What the heck is Luke Cage gonna do to The Patriot?

Justice Society of America #5 - Too bad for me, I don't know too much of the DC Universe History. Some of this would make a lot more sense. Still enjoyed the issue.

The Walking Dead #37 - It was okay, not much happened. Next issue looks interesting.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Paradise Toronto Comicon 2007

What: The 5th Annual Paradise Toronto Comicon
When: June 8-10, 2007
Where: Direct Energy Centre @ Exhibition Place, Hall C

Under six weeks away until this awesome event. The guest list is looking very impressive. My preparation is underway. So many people to see, and I am pretty set on those I'm gonna hit up early.

Check out the Guest List

I'll give a small rundown of the Guest List sometime next week.

The picture to the side is the program cover for the 2007 Paradise Toronto Comicon. There will also be a limited edition print available, being sold at the Hero Initiative booth. I'll definitely be grabbing one of these. As for the program, I wonder how many signatures I can get on it this year. Last year, I hit thirty-three.

"Terry Moore and Matt Wagner have joined forces to produce this amazing illustration that will adorn the cover of the 2007 Paradise Toronto Comicon program booklet and will be available at the Comicon as a limited edition print at the Hero Initiative booth.

This special cover and print commemorate two special events that will be celebrated at this year's convention: The conclusion of Terry Moore's long-running comic Strangers in Paradise and the 25th Anniversay of Matt Wagner's Grendel."

Oh yea, The Suicide Girls are going to be there! (Only click the link if you are 18 or over... Not safe for work).

I felt that deserved a mention on its own. It's the Suicide Girls!

Actually, there are sections on the site that deals with pop culture & media, which of course includes Comics. There are interview with Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Frank Miller, Todd McFarlane, Sam Kieth, Brian Azzarello, Brian K. Vaughan, Robert Kirkman, Tony Harris, David Goyer, and probably many more. All of which, I haven't checked out.

Like I said, I'll give a rundown on the Guest List sometime next week.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Motor City Comic Con 2007

Next month, I'll be attending Motor City Comic Con. There really isn't a reason why. The guest list definitely seems a lot weaker than last year. Much like last year, I question whether or not to go, even though I am set to go.

The main person I'm going there to see is Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo. I don't follow the Usagi Yojimbo comic, but I had the toy when I was a little kid, and I thought he was cool then.

Aside from Stan Sakai, the other people I'm going down to get some books signed by are: David Finch, Will Conrad, Greg Horn, Dick Ayers, Sergio Aragones, Guy Davis, Brian Pulido, and some others.

I may actually check out the celebrity guests. Probably have some time to kill, so I may check out Boba Fett (Jeremy Bulloch). Maybe even Chewie (Peter Mayhew). I'll see when I'm there.

I may just rummage through some bins and check for cheap busts and/or statues. Either way, I'm going down.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Boughts and Thoughts - April 18th, 2007

52 Week #50 - Wow, that was pretty good. Many DC Superheroes vs. Black Adam. World War III in one issue.

Birds Of Prey #105 - Harley Quinn? Huh?

The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #11 - Tony Daniel is the new regular artist for The Flash. The Rogues are back.

Justice League Of America #8 - The team up, to split the team for this mission.

The Mighty Avengers #2 - Wonder what's going on. So it's Henry Pym's fault?

Moon Knight #9 - Still don't care for Moon Knight, but bought it to check out Mico Suayan's artwork. It's pretty good, but I'm done with this book.

Nightwing Annual #2 - Great issue, showing the relationship between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, after Infinite Crisis, and before One Year Later.

The Spirit #5 - The printing of The Spirit has to be the best I've seen ever. I haven't even cracked it open. Not sure if I'll get it CGC'ed, but it's really darn nice.

Ultimate Spider-Man #108 - So, I was wrong with my pick for Ronin.

World War III: Part 1 A Call To Arms - It was okay.

World War III: Part 2 The Valiant - It was okay.

World War III: Part 3 Hell Is For Heroes - Mainly focused on Martian Manhunter. Better than the previous two.

World War III: Part 4 United We Stand - Probably the best of the four. Artwork was great. Jack Jadson (usually an inker on books) is a really good artist. I'd like to see more work by him.

X-23: Target-X #5 - I hate it when I can only get part of a mini-series signed at a convention, because the rest of the mini-series wasn't released by then convention. This was one of the two issues remaining for the mini-series, and it came out a few days after the con. Oh well. It was pretty good. Looking forward to the next issue. Where she goes after HIM. It's been done in other books, but this is supposed to be the first meeting.

Free Comic Book Day Signings in Toronto

There's just two and a half weeks until Free Comic Book Day. It's on Saturday May 5th, 2007. I'll definitely be heading out that day for them books, and for the signings.

Here are the signings in the order I received them:

The schedule of appearances includes:

Roxanne Bielskis (, Poverty)
Michael Cho (Max Finder)
John Martz (
Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics)
Kean Soo (Jellaby)
Zach Worton (Corpse)

Roxanne Bielskis (, Poverty)
Michael Cho (Max Finder)
Ray Fawkes (Apocalipstix)
J. Torres (Teen Titans GO!, Legion of Super-Heroes)
Zach Worton (Corpse)

(More artist appearances to be announced)

AGNES GARBOWSKA Artist, creator Evil Rabbit

All will be signing after 12 pm until 5pm.

See ya on May 5th.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hobbystar Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation 2007 Report - April 13th-15th, 2007

Unlike the first two Hobbystar Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation shows, this show was a three-day show. The first day was on Friday April 13th, 2007. That's right, Friday the 13th... I'm Jason... Scary.

Friday April 13th, 2007 - Day One
My bro and I got to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre just before 3:30PM, for the convention that started at 5PM. By that time, there wasn't a set line-up, but there was about 10-20 people scattered around. I just stood near the ticket table.

Not too long after, Milo of Digital Kontent, showed up. While standing there and talking, people started lining up behind us. Once the line was figured out, we moved over to the line, and we began to sit and wait for the doors to open. This was the free admission day (with free pass which you receive at a participating comic book shop when you spend $10 or more, or admission is $10 and you receive a $10 coupon to spend at any dealer). The line up wrapped around the lobby of the 800 level of the convention centre.

As soon as the doors opened, we went searching for the Guests area. I ended up lining up for Ivan Reis. He wasn't there yet, but being my stubborn self, I stuck with the line.

While waiting, I did see Kevin Boyd, of Paradise Toronto Comicon (June 8th-10th, 2007 @ the Direct Energy Centre, Hall C). We had a little chat, while waiting at the table. People started to line up behind, so I didn't want to leave. The guests started to show. I'm not sure what order they arrived in. I think Carmine Infantino was first, then Dan Slott, Ron Garney, Dale Eaglesham, Kevin Nowlan. I could be wrong with the order.

Highlight of the day. While waiting at Ivan Reis' table, some guy came asking if Kevin Boyd knew where Justin Gray and Amanda Conner were seated. I just started laughing. Of all the people to ask where those two were, he asked Kevin, one of the promoters of the convention Justin Gray and Amanda Conner are appearing at. Kevin, being the nice guy that he is, explained that they are appearing at the June convention, at the Paradise Toronto Comicon. Funny scene, that you had to be there to see. And I guess, you'd need to know a little bit of Toronto Comic Convention history... over the previous 2+ years.

Unfortunately as of April 16th, 2007, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti cancelled their appearance this year and rescheduled for 2008.

Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Rann-Thanagar War) eventually arrived. He is one kick ass Brazilian comic book artist, who doesn't speak that much English. He did need a translator to help him communicate at times. This dude was one happy person. Just smiling throughout the show, and seemed really happy to meet his fans. I was able to get my books signed (good ol' Countdown to Infinite Crisis with one more signature). I was also able to get one kick ass sketch from him, of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan).

Green Lantern by Ivan Reis
Green Lantern by Ivan Reis

After Ivan Reis, I noticed Michael Choi (X-23, Witchblade) just arrived, from the airport (or his hotel... either way, he just got to Toronto that day). Being part of the same message board, Jinxworld, I introduced myself. It was great to meet him, because I am a fan of his work. I was able to get one great X-23 sketch from him.

X-23 by Michael Choi
X-23 by Michael Choi

After Michael Choi, I went over to Carmine Infantino (The Flash). I got my two issues of Spider-Woman signed, and my set of DC Stamps that I ordered, which arrived the day before.

Many of the artist lines were pretty long, so I headed over to see Dan Slott (Avengers: The Initiative, She-Hulk). This man has lots of stories, and they were all great to listen to. Interesting stuff. I did get my books signed, with the key book in the small pile being Ren & Stimpy #1. That's right people, Ren & Stimpy #1! (I may scan that just for kicks).

After Dan Slott, I went to Aaron Lopresti (Ms. Marvel) to put down my commission piece that I was quite hesitant about getting, though I did agree upon through e-mail with him. Finally confirming it, I was just now worried about what I was spending on. This is something that you'll just have to wait and see. I also got my books signed by him.

By that time, I noticed that the Chris Sprouse (Midnighter) line was quite short. About 5 people in line, two of which being Digital Kontent members, Johnboy and Milo (Iby got to the line not too long after me). I figured it'd be a fun line, and probably quick. Each sketch took about 15-20 minutes, which was something I realized after the second person. I decided that with the under half an hour remaining, the show would've been over by the time I got to the table. I ended up leaving the line, just to chill with my bro and Kevin Boyd, before heading out.

Surprisingly, I had a blast during the first night. I was able to get a bunch of books signed, and two of the sketches I wanted from artists I wanted to meet. Had some nice conversations with fans at the con.

Home to prep for the next morning of the convention.

Saturday April 14th, 2007 - Day Two
Arrived at the con around 9AM, which didn't open until 10AM. There wasn't many people outside, lining up. Some people sitting on benches, other at random areas away from the line. Decided to just line up. Unlike the Friday, the line-up wasn't long.

Doors opened at 10AM. Picked up the $15 ticket, which covers both Saturday and Sunday. Headed straight to the Guests area, waited to see who was first. Noticed Chris Sprouse coming in, so I went to his table and started his line. Got my book signed by him, and got the sketch below.

Superman by Chris Sprouse
Superman by Chris Sprouse

While getting that sketch, I noticed Ivan Reis arriving, and was back-and-forth from his table, getting set up. Once settled at the table, he noticed that his name card for the table was missing (which was just a Post-It note). Then he proceeded to sketch his name card for his table. It was an awesome self-portrait sketch, with the big smile on his face. Totally awesome.

After Chris Sprouse, I was looking for which line I was going to head into. The Whilce Portacio (Batman Confidential, Wetworks) line started, and looked long enough to stick in it. Then I noticed Kevin Nowlan arriving, as did a few others. So the line-up for him started. I was second or third. I was happy to get my Daredevil hardcover signed, as well as other books. I also got a quick sketch from him.

Batman by Kevin Nowlan
Batman by Kevin Nowlan

Went back to Whilce Portacio's line. While looking around, I saw Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man) walking in, so I just jumped over to his line, becoming first in line for him. Got a few books signed, and a really nice sketch.

Captain America by Ron Garney
Captain America by Ron Garney

After the Ron Garney line, I went back to the Whilce Portacio line, who arrived after getting himself some breakfast. I forget how far back I was, but it wasn't too long before I got up to him. One of the books I brought up was a copy of Alpha Flight #51, which he realized that Kevin Nowlan worked on the cover (with Hilary Barta). This issue was Jim Lee's first Marvel work (if I remember correctly), and Whilce Portacio inked Jim Lee on it. He then remembered a comment that Kevin Nowlan made to him before, stating they both got into the business around the same time, and was thinking about getting himself that issue, as more of a sentimental thing, I guess. Whilce's wife jokingly told me to hide the book, otherwise, Whilce will take it. After a laugh with his wife, I picked up the book, and put it away, while Whilce was starting on the sketch for me. =)

Wolverine by Whilce Portacio
Wolverine by Whilce Portacio

Surprisingly, by this time, it was still early in the day. I decided to line up again for Ivan Reis. I had a few more books to get signed, as well as my brother's. I did manage to get another sketch from Ivan Reis, who was still so happy, smiling ear-to-ear.

Supergirl by Ivan Reis
Supergirl by Ivan Reis

I decided then, to walk around the convention floor, just to do a quick look around. Didn't see anything that caught my eye, but did see Darryl of Cyber City Comix, bored and playing games, while sitting behind his booth. Also, I did see Carlos of Shockwave Comics, going through Darryl's bins, looking for books for possible CGC Signature Series. Carlos was also filling me on some info for possible CGC SS requests, if I was ever interested in. I'll definitely keep those in mind.

I didn't really explore that much more, and went to Aaron Lopresti to see the status of the commission I put down with him. He didn't start, because sometime during Friday evening to Saturday morning, someone stole his art supplies, so he had to run out to buy some. That definitely does suck, cause theft is never cool. I did manage to get a quick sketch from him. Yes, I'm shameless. I put down a commission, and I get a sketch. Shameless, I tells ya!

Ms. Marvel by Aaron Lopresti
Ms. Marvel by Aaron Lopresti

At this point, my bro and I decided to get something to eat. Not sure where to go, and thinking that the only food vendors would be around the North building of the MTCC, we realized that there was a Jays game going on. Therefore, hot dogs stands infront of the Skydome. Score! Less of a walk.

Back to the convention, I continued walking around, looking around, but not too hard. I eventually did notice that Alvin Lee of Udon Comics arrived. I quickly went to the Udon booth, and line-up for Alvin. Brought up the Gen 13 #7 issue, which he worked on, but hasn't seen yet. I'll just leave that, at that. I did pick up an Udon sketchbook, and got a sketch from Alvin.

Zatanna by Alvin Lee
Zatanna by Alvin Lee

Kick ass take on Zatanna.

At that time, my bro and I decided to leave the convention. It was about 4PM, and he was beat. I was still going strong, but he wasn't feeling well, as he states in detail over at his blog. Left just as the Jays game was finishing off, so we had to get onto the Gardiner, before the traffic hit us.

After the second day, I was pretty much done with everything. I was able to hit up everyone I wanted to, and get everything I wanted signed, signed. Also, got the sketches I wanted. Everything except for the commission with Aaron Lopresti. Since he still didn't get started on it, I was still worried how it was going to turn out. I had to make the trip on Sunday to pick it up and see it.

So, once again, home to prep myself for the next morning.

Sunday April 15th, 2007 - Day Three

Going solo this day. Bro backed out the night before, since he didn't really have anything else to do, other than getting a commission from Omar Dogan of Udon Comics, and a sketch from Alvin Lee. I agreed to help him out for those, if I could.

Got in earlier than expected, after a trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some items. Got there at about 10AM, con doors opened at 11AM. Just sat around, playing Sudoku on my PDA. Had a little chat with fellow convention-goer, Larry.

Later on, just before 10:30AM, another convention helper/CGC SS Authorized Witness, Tiziano, waved me over, and got me in early. There wasn't really anything to do at that point, but I definitely still appreciate the gesture. Thanks Tiz!

I eventually did a little walking around, when some dealers were set up. Picked up a trade for my bro, and was looking around for myself. I was over at Wes Hagen's booth, and he brought up a deal, which he says he's never done before. Normally, the bin books are $3/book. He was doing $2/book if you purchased 10 or more. I wasn't up to searching then, but later on in the day, I went back.

Just before the doors opened, noticed Chris Sprouse and his wife at Chris' table, dropping off their coats, then went looking around the convention. At that point, decided to line up for him again. He didn't show again until 11:45AM, after making some purchases.

Went over to Omar Dogan, and put down my bro's commission for him, and then back to chill in the Chris Sprouse line.

Aaron Lopresti arrived, and I went to check what prelims and thumbnails he had left, which he was selling at very decent prices. I also checked the status of the commission I put down. It was done, and the worrying I had about how it was going to turn out ended. It is friggin beautiful. See near the end.

Eventually, Chris Sprouse did return to his table, and I got another sketch from him (I told ya, I'm shameless). He's never drawn this character before... ever... but it still turned out fantastic!

Green Arrow by Chris Sprouse
Green Arrow by Chris Sprouse

I did bring reference material, of his current costume design. Bad thing is, I brought the issue with the coolest cover I have since the One Year Later, Green Arrow #60. I soon realized that Oliver Queen never appeared in costume in that issue. Hell, Oliver Queen didn't even appear until the final page. So, Chris just took a stab at it, and I think it came out great.

After seeing Chris Sprouse, I lined up for Michael Choi... again. Quite a line, but he was working away to get through the line, by 3PM, when he had to leave for his flight back home. While in line, another convention-goer, Brian B, joined the line, behind me. We took turns holding each others spots in line, so the other person could he out to get other stuff done. I held his spot so he could hit up Aaron Lopresti and Whilce Portacio. He held my spot, so I could see Ivan Reis once again.

Ivan Reis once again, sketched a self-portrait as his name card for his table. Infront of me, getting his sketch done, was Milo of Digital Kontent, and his girlfriend, Kathryn.

Me & Milo
Me (Left), Milo (Right), Respective Websites (Above), Kathryn (Taking the picture... sorry).

My turn with Ivan Reis. This man just doesn't stop smiling. He has to be one of the happiest people I've met. Got a third sketch from him.

Wonder Woman by Ivan Reis
Wonder Woman by Ivan Reis

After the sketch, I just had to get a picture with him.

Me & Ivan Reis
Me (Left), Ivan Reis (Right)

Back to the Michael Choi line, Brian now off to the Ivan Reis line. Got up to Michael Choi, and presented him with a present. Something that was discussed over at Jinxworld, Coffee Crisp.

Yes, Coffee Crisp chocolate bars are not as available in the US market, as they are in Canada. Many chocolate bars aren't (Aero, Bounty, Mr. Big, Smarties). They're getting screwed in the US. Check that out here.

Now getting a little gift for a guest is something I've never done before, but it was for kicks, so I got him a four pack of Coffee Crisp. I was also able to get another quick sketch from him.

Zatanna by Michael Choi
Zatanna by Michael Choi

And, the picture of us.

Michael Choi & Me
Michael Choi (Left), Me (Right)

I picked up the commission from Omar Dogan, for my bro. Alvin Lee still had not showed up, and this was around 2:30PM. After that, I went to Dale Eaglesham for a sketch. Unfortunately for him, his weekend wasn't too busy. His sketches are fantastic, but not too many people shelled out for them. The sketch he did for me was awesome, and the sketch he did for my bro on Friday was so much better.

Hawkman by Dale Eaglesham
Hawkman by Dale Eaglesham

By this time, I had nothing left to do. Alvin Lee still hadn't shown, and with a couple hours left in the show, I didn't think he would. So I just checked with the dealers.

Back to Wes Hagen's booth, to rummage through his bins. Managed to get some good pick ups. Nothing major, couple are Omega Flight related. Here's part of the haul.

- Avengers #263 (1st Appearance of X-Factor)
- Captain America #323 (1st Appearance of USAgent)
- Incredible Hulk #367 (1st Dale Keown Marvel work)
- Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 (just for the hell of it), and #6 (1st Appearance of Julia Carpenter).

Continued walking around, checking out the dealers, but didn't find anything I was really looking wanted. I didn't really search through the bins either.

Just before 4PM, I went to check over at the Udon booth, and saw that Alvin Lee was at the table, working away on some sketches. Unfortunately, he had a line-up, and I knew I couldn't get to him in time (with an hour left in the show), so I ended up leaving.

I got home, and put the Aaron Lopresti commission into a frame (one I had lying around, but not really a frame I want to hang on my wall, so I'm going to go pick one up soon).

And here it is, the piece I spent all weekend worrying about how it was going to turn out.

Wonder Woman by Aaron Lopresti
Wonder Woman by Aaron Lopresti

It's friggin beautiful. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

In the end, as a fan going to the convention to get my books signed, and for some sketches, it was really good. Less hectic than the previous years, with the obvious reason being this was a three-day show. The guests were definitely there to show their appreciation for their fans.

Dealers probably had the opposite feeling, since many aisles were empty. Not sure how their sales were, whether it was worth their time and effort to set up.

There was a late cancellation, which occured Friday, Mark Texeira (Ghost Rider, Wolverine). I heard there were problems with his flight, so he couldn't make it to Toronto for this convention. Also, it seems that many announced local guests didn't make it to the convention. Guys like Ramon Perez, Rob Coughler, and Dave Ross, didn't show. I was told Ty Templeton did show up late Saturday, but that appeared to be his only time. No worries, I'll just see them in June.

Now that this is over, I turn my attention to both the Motor City Comic Con (going probably for just May 19th, 2007), and then Paradise Toronto Comicon (June 8th-10th, 2007).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Boughts and Thoughts - April 11th, 2007

So I get to Cyber City Comix today, just before opening. Notice two people standing at the door, waiting to get in. I get up the stairs, and about a minute or two later, another two people come up. Then some more. By the time the doors open, there's like seven people waiting to get inside.

This is weird, cause I've never seen that many people getting there early enough to wait for the doors to open. They usually stroll in like 5-10 minutes after opening. Had some trouble trying to pick out my books today, but I slowly got through it.

During my time looking through the new releases, several more people come into the store. This was the busiest I've ever seen the store. There was even a long line-up to pay. For a comic shop, a long line-up is like 3 or more people. This line had about eight. When one left, another would go to the end. I thought I'd wait it out, until the line cleared, but it just didn't. So after about 15 minutes of browsing, I ended up lining up. Turns out, I was last in line for the rush.

I guess everyone was there early to get their Nova #1. (*shrug*)

Oh, and I passed on Madman Atomic Comics #1. Don't have a real reason why.

That's my anecdote for the day.

All Star Superman #7 - It's a 2-parter? Crap, this won't end for like 2-3 months. Oh well, interesting take on Bizarro World. Not that I actually know anything about Bizarro World.

Fell #8 - This was a great issue. Spent most of the issue recapping Detective Fell's night, with the pictures he took, and his log. There was like 3-4 pages of actual story. Kick ass ending.

Gen 13 #7 - And, I'm done with this series.

The Loners #1 - Great start to this series. I really hope it takes off, like Runaways. I also ended up being one of the winners in a little contest C.B. Cebulski held across some message boards. Score!

New Avengers #29 - Criminal-to-criminal. I want to see where this goes.

New X-Men #37 - Might have to read this again, because for some reason, I just felt it didn't flow properly.

Nova #1 - Why did I get this? It wasn't because of everyone else. Hell, I don't think many people picked it up. But why did I? Just seeing Nova going from planet to planet, fighting off the baddies, was alright. Just too much dialogue, all over the place. Interested about the next issue, Nova and Iron Man. Then issue three, with Nova and Penance. Whether or not I'll pick them up is another thing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hobbystar's Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation - This Weekend

This weekend (April 13th-15th, 2007) is the 3rd Hobbystar Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation event (not to be confused with Paradise Toronto Comicon, going into their 5th annual event this June).

The guest list for this weekend is pretty good, many people I want to see. Also, there were a couple of cancellations. I'll start with the cancellations.

Keith Giffen - 52, Annihilation
Alex Maleev - New Avengers, Upcoming: Halo

These were two people I wanted to meet, so it's a bummer that they cancelled.

And now, the guest list:

Ron Garney - Amazing Spider-Man
Carmine Infantino - Co-Creator of Barry Allen (The Flash) and Wally West (The Flash)
Mark Texeira - Ghost Rider, Wolverine
Billy Tan - Uncanny X-Men
Michael Choi - X-23: Target X, Upcoming: Tomb Raider
Chris Sprouse - Midnighter
Whilce Portacio - Batman Confidential, Wetworks
Aaron Lopresti - Ms. Marvel
Dale Eaglesham - Justice Society of America
Ivan Reis - Green Lantern
Kevin Nowlan - JLA Classified
Dan Slott - Writer of She-Hulk, Avengers: The Initiative
Alvin Lee - Street Fighter II, Gen 13
Leonard Kirk - Marvel Adventures The Avengers, Agents of Atlas

And many others, which can be viewed here

Friday is the only day you can use the Free Admission pass, which you can get at participating comic shops, if you spend $10 or more, from now until Friday, I guess. It's $15 for the rest of the weekend (I believe, the $15 gets you in both days).

I'll most likely be there all weekend. I'm hoping to get everything done by Saturday. If you're going, I'll see you there.

Photos from the Jays game

I'm lazy, so I'm just gonna link up to my bro.

Photos from the Jays game

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blue Jays Win Home Opener!

Last night, April 9th, 2007, was the first Toronto Blue Jays game I've been to in just under a decade. I'm not really a baseball fan, nor did I actually want to go. But, it was a free ticket for me. In the 100 level of left field.

Damn, those chairs are tight. Very good seats, aside from the tightness.

The game itself was pretty good. Friggin slow in the beginning. It took like an hour just to get to the third inning. Though, by then, the Jays were up 4-0, and a fan was ejected for interfering with a ball in play (bottom of the 2nd).

In the bottom of the 5th, Vernon Wells hit a home run, which landed in the 200 level, about a section or two to the right of us (based on the camera view of the game). Either way, we weren't catching that ball (since it was to the level above us).

In the top of the 7th, John Buck (of the Kansas City Royals) hit a home run, in the section to the right of us (once again, based on the camera view of the game). That ball was tossed back (mainly, because of peer pressure from the crowd surrounding the guy that caught it). That ended up being the only run KC scored.

We ended up taking off during the 7th inning stretch. Had to avoid traffic getting out of the Skydome. It was a sellout crowd, 50,125 in attendance.

Good game, in the end. Not sure if I'll attend any other games this year. I still feel like getting a Jays jersey, and/or Jay cap. I'll have to see this summer.

Sorry for not showing any pictures. I'm just too lazy to upload them.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shipping This Week - April 11th, 2007

Not that bad of a week, this week. There's a convention coming up next weekend, so a lite week is good for that. Here's what I'm probably gonna pick up this week.

All Star Superman #7 - This is a book I'm debating about. The All Star line of DC is something I enjoy, but the lack of production, and all the delays have started to turn me away from the line. It'll be an in-store decision.

Fell #8 - This is a great done-in-one series.

Gen 13 #7 - Probably going to be my last issue for this series. Artwork by Udon's Alvin Lee (Street Fighter II).

The Loners #1 - New series, spinning outta Runaways. Not sure what to expect from this.

Madman Atomic Comics #1 - If I see it, I'll consider it. Madman has its fans.

New Avengers #29 - Damn me for not waiting for the collected set. Maybe for the next arc, I'll stop picking up single issues. Maybe...

New X-Men #37 - Niko Henrichon splitting the art chores on this issue. Prelude to that Magik thing, Marvel is leading into.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Boughts and Thoughts - April 4th, 2007

52 Week #48 - Wow, that was a great splash page, by Darick Robertson, of Renee Montoya as the new Question. This series is coming to an end. Four more issues, on this very successful weekly run. Looking forward to issue 52.

Avengers: The Initiative #1 - Different than what I was expecting. Especially the ending. I totally didn't see that coming. Then again, these are a bunch of new characters, so I didn't really know what to expect. Interesting start to this series.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight #2 - Picked up both the regular and variant covers (at cover price). Not a bad second issue, and I enjoyed that ending.

Fallen Son: Death Of Captain America #1 - I enjoyed this book. The dialogue was pretty good, but the ending seemed a little weak. That said, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Immortal Iron Fist #4 - Looking to be a nice fight in the next issue or issue after that.

Incredible Hulk #105 - He's coming back, and he's pissed off. World War Hulk starts next issue.

Irredeemable Ant-Man #7 - Not something I normally pick up, but decided to pick it up. Ant-Man spying on Ms. Marvel in the shower. Takes place around the time of the Mighty Avengers' first team-up.

Justice League Of America #7 - Great issue, with the exception of a couple pages being mixed up.

Marvel Zombies vs Army Of Darkness #2 - What the heck happened at the end? Howard the Duck!!!

Ms. Marvel #14 - Seems like Julia Carpenter got punked by Anya.

Omega Flight #1 - Not bad. I think Brian Reber's colouring is helping a lot with Scott Kolins' artwork (was never a big fan). Kinda wondering how the rest of the team gets together (other than being forced into the team).

Painkiller Jane #0 - This issue was pretty good, and it was only a quarter.

Runaways #25 - Kingpin? Didn't he leave New York? The issue had its moments and was good, but it wasn't Vaughan and Alphona. I wonder what else Joss Whedon has for this team.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's my blog, and I'll b!+¢h if I want to...

It's true. I can, if I want to.

So, I've actually seen new movies recently. Yes, I made the trek outta the house, and back to the movie theatres that I dread returning to, since I stopped working at one (though, I really enjoyed what I did, while working there).

Last week, I checked out 300. That was friggin good. I didn't know what to expect, really. I never read the series (by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley), so I didn't know much of the story, and how it was going to be portrayed. At least, prior to watching Sin City, I went out to read the stories that were being made into the movie. I highly enjoy that movie as well.

Another movie I checked out, was TMNT. For those that are judging me right now, screw you. This was my childhood, so I'm not going to miss this. The little siblings joined in watching this movie, and they loved it. As for me, I really enjoyed this movie. It was definitely better than expected. May just get the DVD when it's released.

So, I watched the Leafs game tonight. That was some great hockey in the first period. Highly disappointed with the third period, where the Ponikarovsky gave up the puck, which lead to the tying goal for Pittsburgh. What the hell was he thinking?

He recovered the puck, and could've attempted a backhanded shot to an empty net, but he ends up leaving the puck. He doesn't try to pass to Sundin, to take the shot. He leaves the puck, with Roberts coming at him. Wasn't even coming hard, just skating towards him, and Ponikarovsky just leaves the puck. Damn, attempt the shot, or dump it back in their zone. Kill some precious seconds in the final period. Don't give them the puck.

And McCabe, letting Roberts get to you... they have control of the puck in your zone, fighting to tie the game, and you go after Roberts, because he checked you into the boards? He still ended up with the puck after your cross-checked him, and he started up the play that tied the game.

Luckily, Kaberle was able to score the winner in OT, but stupid mistakes like those, can cost the Leafs the Playoffs. Sucks though, cause the three teams ahead of Toronto in the Standings, also won. Toronto did manage to space out their 9th place spot, from the Islanders and the Hurricanes.

Four games left for the Leafs. Three of which, are against teams fighting for a playoff spot. The Leafs do have an opportunity to take 8th, tomorrow, if they can beat the Rangers. This week, is crunch time for the Leafs.