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Boughts and Thoughts - February 27th, 2008

JSA Classified #35 Page 4 by Ramon PerezNadia (Kukuburi) by Ramon PerezI had a great day, with new comics day. Freezing cold out today, which caused the windows in my car to frost up on the inside. Quite a pain when it came to driving, because it doesn't melt off, even with the heat on high in my car. Oh well.

Picked up my books, like I usually do, at Cyber City Comix, when the door opens. Later in the day, I went to Paradise Comics, for the store signing, featuring Ramon Perez. This signing was to promote the release of JSA Classified #35, which features artwork by Ramon Perez. I even bought a page of artwork from that issue. In addition to the page I bought, I also got a sketch of Nadia, the main character of Ramon's webcomic on Transmission X, Kukuburi.

Also announced at the store, was a special in-store signing, taking place in April. But, I'll wait until it's gets announced over the message boards, before I mention the guests/date/time, on this blog.

Until then, here's what I bought.

All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #9 - Ugh... I picked the one with a messed up page inside. Nice fold, right down the center of the page. Well, not really a nice fold. It was quite jagged, and wasn't folded straight... oh well. I enjoyed this issue quite a bit. Batman and Robin talking with Green Lantern, and Robin nearly killing GL.

Captain America #35 - Butch Guice on art for this. Steve Epting, Butch Guice and Mike Perkins, hard to tell who's actually on art, because their work looks so similar. And having Frank D'Armata colour it for all of them, just adds to to similarity. The issue itself was alright. Just continuing a bigger story.

Fables #70 - I really only bought this because of Niko Henrichon's artwork. Throw in a nice James Jean cover, and a story that's leading to a war, and you got one enjoyable book! People keep saying Fables is a great book, and after reading this issue, I gotta agree.

JSA Classified #35 - I really enjoyed this, cause I see this arc lead to some ass kicking, by the hand of Wildcat. And, I'm looking forward to seeing where that final page leads to. Buy this book, and enjoy!

Justice Society Of America #13 - Superman and Superman, again. Taking on Gog... or Magog... or whatever... well, they took on Hercules. Too bad, half the issue was just talking.

Kick-Ass #1 - Now I feel like buying a wet suit, a billy club, and going out to get my ass-kicked. KICK-ASS!

Rasl #1 - Yea... umm... okay... so what we got here, is a theft, that can teleport, with the use of certain items. It wasn't bad at all, so I'll keep buying for the time being.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The F#cking Songs!

Sarah Silverman's "I'm F*cking Matt Damon"

Jimmy Kimmel's "I'm F*cking Ben Affleck"

Elizabeth Banks' "I'm Fucking Seth Rogen" (Totally Not Safe For Work)

Monday, February 25, 2008

OUT TOMORROW - Justice League: The New Frontier!

DVD cover art for the two-disc special editionHow did I forget to mention this? I've been looking forward to this movie, since the first time I heard of the announcement of DC Featured-Length Animated movies to be released on DVD.

And now, it's finally getting released, on Tuesday February 26th, 2008. Based on Darwyn Cooke's acclaimed graphic novel series, DC: The New Frontier, Justice League: The New Frontier is coming out!

Now, the real question for me is, where to buy it?

Best Buy has an exclusive for the 2-disc special edition version, which comes with a Green Lantern figurine. Based on the photo on their website, it looks like the Justice League: The New Frontier Green Lantern figure, that I already have (or maybe a smaller version of it).

Best Buy Exclusive, 2-disc version

If that's the case, I will probably pass on it.

DVD cover art for the one-disc edition

Future Shop is releasing an exclusive of their own, for the one-disc version of the movie, which comes with a Green Lantern stitch patch. I may actually buy this, for the patch, and return the DVD, unopened. I really want the patch.

I want the movie too, but I'll probably learn towards the Blu-Ray Disc set for the movie, provided it's the two-disc special edition version. I want the second disc.

Blu-Ray version

Ultimately, I'll make the final decision tomorrow, when I'm at either Best Buy, Future Shop, or both. But when it comes down to it, I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS MOVIE!

Congratulations on the release of the movie, Mr. Cooke!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

This Upcoming Week

Well, I don't consider this a "Shipping This Week..." post, but it does involve books I am picking up. Not all of the books I'm getting this week, but some, and the reasonings for them.

JSA Classified #35 - Butternutsquash co-creator/Kukuburi creator, Ramon Perez provides artwork for this issue, and the next two after this. This arc, written by B. Clay Moore, features Wildcat. Click here to see a Wildcat sketch I got from Ramon, last March.

Ramon will also be doing a store signing at Paradise Comics on Wednesday February 27th, 2008, from 4PM-7PM. This is the day of the release, so pick up the book, and get it signed by Ramon! I should be there, unless there is another snow storm that would prevent me from going. The weather currently says it'll be partly cloudy, but that's it. It the weather remains like that, or close to that, I should be at the signing.

Kick-Ass #1 - Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. finally come together again, with KICK-ASS! It's a creator-owned book, published by the ICON imprint of Marvel Comics. Expect this to be brutally violent. NOT FOR CHILDREN!

Rasl #1 - Jeff Smith's new series will also be released this week. This isn't going to be like Bone, so don't buy it for your kids, thinking it will be.

I'm going to enjoy this week!

Family Day Weekend and Week

Last weekend was the first Family Day Long Weekend (yea, I'm a little late). I started last weekend with work on Friday. It was pretty slow, not much to talk about. Had Saturday off from work, like I usually do, and spent it at home with the family, and getting some eBay auctions prepped up for future dates.

Worked again last Sunday, and it was friggin busy. It was like a Friday night crowd, with a Sunday night staffing. Everywhere was busy, everyone was busy. Staff, pissed by the end of the night. But as the crowd cleared, I started to wish everyone a "Happy Family Day." That drew some laughs from people that had a hectic night.

Monday, I get a call from work, asking me if I can come into work that night. From what I was told, it was extremely busy during the morning, and only one person scheduled to close that night. They knew he needed help. I knew he needed help, cause I told him on the day before, he was going to be busy. Unfortunately, I had plans for Monday night, since my family had reservations at Mandarin.

Mandarin... an Oriental family, going to an Oriental buffet, for pretty fake Oriental food. Really, Mandarin is targetted for non-Orientals, looking to have "Oriental" food. No offense or anything, but that's how it is.

Take it from an Oriental, the food their sucks. The only food I did enjoy there, was the Mandarin Oranges and Sliced Peaches... both of which, are straight from a can. I doubt it's even Del Monte or Dole, but it was decent.

I do have to give Mandarin some credit. The hand dryers they have in their washrooms, at the Woodbridge location, are pretty damn cool!

That's it. Aside from the hand dryers and the canned fruits, I was disappointed with the selection and quality of food at Mandarin.

On Tuesday, February 19th, 2008... my car was finally paid off. After five years of monthly payments, I paid off my car. I'm happy that's now over with.

Wednesday was new comic day, so just read my Boughts and Thoughts post below.

On Thursday, I hit the 80,000km mark on my car. Five years old, and I only put on 80,000km on it. That's approx. 16,000km/year.

Here's a shot of me hitting the 80,000km mark, while driving at 102km/h. Photo taken with my cell phone cam.

On May 19th, 2007, during the trip to Motor City Comic Con, was when I hit the 70,000km mark. This was on the way to Motor City Comic Con. Nine months later, and I add on only 10,000km.

Friday, back to work. Quite busy, but we handled it pretty well. The only downside, is the possibility of the company losing their liquor license for a while. Close to the end of the night, there was a girl vomitting violently in the washroom. I didn't know until when she and her group of friends came out, but I was suspicious of something, because there was a shady looking guy standing at the entrance of the Women's washroom, somewhat blocking the entrance.

I was headed to a storage room, to do some inventory, and when I came down like 20-30 minutes later, I see some of the managers, the police officers, and some staff members, standing near the entrance of the Women's washroom, and one of the managers' is asking to speak with the girls coming out.

Later on, I find out the girl that was vomitting violently, was a minor, and the guy that was standing guard at the entrance of the Women's washroom, was the person buying the girl the drinks.

Not too sure what happened to the guy, but the girl was taken off on a stretcher, headed to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Stupid girl...

I guess I'll find out if we did lose our liquor license, when I'm at work on Sunday.

But that's tomorrow, and I still have today to talk about.

Got up this morning, and made french toast for the family. Well, some of the family, as others had other stuff to eat. Normally, I'm never up early enough to have lunch, let alone make breakfast, but whatever. I enjoyed it. Strawberries and frosting sugar was blended together, to make the strawberry topping. It was really good. Kinda makes me want to make a strawberry omelette. I'll have to see about it.

Early in the afternoon, I went to the Cyber City Warehouse Sale, and picked up two books. I really don't know why, but I felt obligated to buy something, so I did. Nothing special, so I won't list it. But there was a lot more added to the warehouse sale. Many of those drawer long boxes, increasing the amount of comics there, significantly. Sadly, I don't really have a list for what I want to buy.

After the warehouse, I went around a small section of Woodbridge, to pick up stuff for my lazy brother. Yes, he didn't feel like leaving the house, so he made me go out of my way to buy his crap. I did pick up a box of Butter Tarts to snack on, paid for by his dollar.

I gotta say, 95% of the drivers in Woodbridge are F'N retards, less some of the people I know, and any of my blog readers... you rock!

Seriously, I was almost involved in four car accidents, for just being in the lane I was already in. I was cut off twice, real close too. There was someone pulling out onto the street, seeing me coming straight at them, but stopped with their bumper pass the curb, that I had to get around of, since this jackass didn't move back.

The last one really bothered me, because it was the last one before going home. Picture two left turn lanes. You pick the left-most lane, you turn into the left-most lane on the perpendicular street, you are turning onto, right? The person on the second left-turn lane, to the right of the left-most lane, turns onto the lane to the right of the left-most lane, on the perpendicular street, right?

I was on the second left turn lane. I made the turn, as did the person next to me, on my leftside. She realizes she has to get to the right, and nearly crashes into me, while she's trying to make the lane change. WTF!!! She realizes I'm there, while almost crashing into me, and comes to a full stop, so she can slowly make her way over to the right. Meanwhile, cars behind her are forced to stop, because she's in their way.

I look in the rear-view, she eventually does make the lane changes, as I'm cursing her, while driving off on the way home. Seriously, if there is two left lanes, and you have to go to the right side, after making the left turn, don't take the left-most lane.

Got home, to realize TVTropolis is having a Family Guy Marathon! Freakin' Sweet!

Now I'm watching the Leafs Game, and Nik Antropov just scored. That's it for me, cause I'm going to watch the rest of this game!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Boughts and Thoughts - February 20th, 2008

Aspen Showcase: Grace #1 - I think the only reason why I bought this book, was for Sana Takeda's artwork (Drain). I don't follow too much into the Aspen/Fathom universe.

Grimm Fairy Tales: Return To Wonderland #6 - The end of this mini-series, that left the door open for more. Shows that regardless of what is done, returning to Wonderland is an endless cycle for the family.

Hawaiian Dick: Screaming Black Thunder #3 - Enjoyed it, but I don't know if I'm going to continue.

Hulk #2 - WTF? A-Bomb? Trying to make the new Abomination sound hip? Liking Ed McGuinness's art, but I may switch to hardcovers on this one... considering I was originally going to pass on this book. So... first appearance of the Red Hulk.

Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall And The Green Mist Of Death - I did enjoy reading through the four parts of this story, as the Green Mist, John Aman, chases Orson Randall all around. Surprised to see Lewis LaRosa (Bad Planet #1) on art for one of the parts.

Invincible #48 - Not really an Invincible reader, but Ryan Ottley drew quite a bit of characters from other Image titles.

Jenna Jameson's Shadow Hunters #1 - Why the F did I buy this? Never bought issue #0. But I bought this... I got bored, and didn't really read this. Artwork is nice.

Justice League Of America #18 - One of them "whatever" issues. Stuff happens. JLA vs. Suicide Squad. They're going to another planet in the next issue.

Locke & Key #1 - Stephen King's son, Joe Hill's new series, by IDW. I bought it because of that, I'm going to continue buying it, because I enjoyed the first issue.

Runaways #29 - Joss Whedon is ruining Runaways for me. Hopefully, Terry Moore can pick up where Brian K. Vaughan let off.

The Ultimates 3 #3 - So Wolverine screwed Scarlet Witch's mom, and not Scarlet Witch. What the hell is going on?

Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #6 - The end of this mini-series. It was enjoyable.

Willow Creek #0 - Not too sure why I bought this, but it did catch my eye.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Free Comic Book Day 2008 - The Books

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 3rd, 2008. The list of books have been released.

It's free, but unlike previous years, I won't be grabbing a whole bunch of everything. There really isn't too much I would like to check out.

Like the previous couple of years, Marvel Comics will be releasing a book with new material. Possibly, two books (not too sure about the Marvel's Silver Sponsor book). The Gold Sponsor book, is X-Men - FCBD 2008, by Mike Carey and Greg Land. The Silver Sponsor book, will be a Marvel Adventures: Iron Man book. Personally, I think they should've created an original Iron Man story for FCBD, with Iron Man the movie being released the day before FCBD.

DC Comics, will continue their trend, and release books that were previously released for sale. They listened to everyone bitching over the past two last year, and are releasing All-Star Superman as the FCBD Gold Sponsored book (something that should've been released prior to the release of Superman Returns). They are also releasing Tiny Titans #1, as the Silver Sponsored book. This is a great book for kids. No regrets on buying it.

Dark Horse will be releasing a book, related to a movie release, with Hellboy/B.P.R.D. - FCBD Edition 2008.

Top Shelf Productions is releasing another Owly book, which also features Korgi, Johnny Boo, and Yam. Korgi was included with Top Shelf's FCBD book last year, which previewed the Korgi graphic novel. Johnny Boo and Yam are two new characters/books that will be published by Top Shelf.

As for the rest of the books, check out Gold Sponsors|Silver Sponsors.

When the local creator signings are announced, I'll post them here. Do I run the gauntlet again this year?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Boughts and Thoughts - February 13th, 2008

Fantastic Four #554 - I'm not really a Fantastic Four fan, but I bought this for the hype of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. Can't say that I'm interested in it all that much. I guess I'm done with FF, until maybe the trade/hardcover.... when Hitch is actually done with it.

Fantastic Four: The Lost Adventure - Another Fantastic Four book. This is the unfinished Fantastic Four issue, that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby worked on. It was supposed to be issue #103. It was finished with the help of Ron Frenz and Joe Sinnott.

New Avengers #38 - No action, just an argument between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

Tiny Titans #1 - This was a fun book to read. Purely a kids book, but I wanted it.

The Walking Dead #46 - This was brutal. Holy crap, with the death, and then the ending. Wow! Just, Wow!

Wolverine #62 - Gotta say, Ron Garney's artwork has improved since Amazing Spider-Man. The issue was good.

Wonder Woman #17 - Gail Simone's first arc on Wonder Woman comes to an end. It was good, but nothing memorable.

X-Force #1 - Bad ass! I like that X-23 is off of New X-Men, and on X-Force.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rest In Peace: Stéphane Peru

I woke up this morning, to see the article on Newsarama about the passing of Stéphane Peru. I got to admire his beautiful colouring work, mainly through Karl Kerschl and Yanick Paquette.

My condolences goes out to the family and friends of Stéphane Peru.

Rest In Peace.

Rest In Peace: Steve Gerber

I can't say that I followed any of his work, but he was a legend in the business. My condolences goes out to the family and friends of Steve Gerber.

Rest In Peace, Steve Gerber. (Newsarama).

Monday, February 11, 2008

First Guest for Paradise Toronto Comicon 2008

Earlier today, the first guest for Paradise Toronto Comicon 2008 was announced.

HERB TRIMPE is the First Guest of Honour for this year. (*cough* Check the 12th comment down *cough*).

Herb Trimpe is one of the co-creators of Wolverine!

Looking forward to the other guests!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Hobbystar Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event - Guest List

I made mention of seeing the guest list for Hobbystar's Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event (April 12th-13th, 2008), in my recent convention report. However, I didn't mention any of the names. I just said I was quite happy with those guests, and directed you to the sidebar, to find them yourselves.

Well, I'm mentioning them here now.

I was thinking about plagiarizing the press release, but figured I'd take some time to mention them here, and write my own thing.

One of the two Guests of Honour. I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of Bob Layton. Don't get me wrong, I respect the man, and the things he has done. Just doesn't appeal to me. That being said, I do have some stuff to get signed by him, that I picked up since the last time he was in Toronto (April 2006).

The other Guest of Honour. Much like Bob Layton, I'm not a big fan. I respect him as well, but he just doesn't appeal to me. I have more items for him to sign, than I do for Bob Layton.

Now, I do realize the significance of these two appearing at this show. For the first time in seven years, Bob Layton and David Michelinie will be appearing together, which will also celebrate the release of the first issue of their new Iron Man mini-series, Iron Man: Legacy of Doom, which will be released days before the convention (scheduled to be released on April 9th, 2008).

Also, the month before will feature the release of Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle Premiere HC, and Iron Man vs. Doctor Doom: Doomquest Premiere HC.

Three weeks later, in May, Iron Man: The Movie. Heavy promoting for IRON MAN! Could we see some Iron Man related promotional items at this convention? Would be perfect for Paramount to capitalize on it. I want a t-shirt.

This is the man I want to see. This name alone, was enough for me. Captain America artist, Steve Epting! The man who drew the Death of Captain America, Steve Epting! The man that helped make Bucky look cool (as the Winter Soldier), Steve Epting! The man who is drawing Bucky as the NEW Captain America, Steve Epting! Steve Epting! STEVE EPTING!

He was supposed to appear at last year's Fan Appreciation Event, but cancelled. I'm really hoping he is able to make it this year. Hopefully, he will also be done with the Halo: Uprising mini-series, which is scheduled to be released on April 9th, 2008. So, what ever happened to that Spider-Woman mini-series?

The artist of the new X-Force series, which is scheduled to be released next week (Feb. 13th, 2008). This may be the book that helps make Clayton Crain a bigger name in the comic industry. He appeared two years ago at the Fan Appreciation Event, when Ghost Rider was released.

Lemme tell you a story. I first discovered Mike Grell's work many years back, at the comic convention that took place at Roy Thompson Hall. Mike Grell wasn't there, but there was a table that had some sort of contest, where you would draw something outta a box, and win a prize (much like how Digital Kontent did at the con this past weekend). Well, the prize I won, was a comic book of my choice, in one of them long boxes. That's where I found a copy of Green Arrow #1, which was written by Mike Grell, and had a cover by him. I can't remember ever reading it, because I was such a child back then, thinking that this #1 was worth a lot of money, so I didn't want to ruin it. So, in the end, I only know of Mike Grell's work, from that cover, and the commissions I've seen over the internet. Pointless story, I know.

Invincible artist, Ryan Ottley. Truthfully, I don't follow Invincible. Ryan Ottley's work is great, I gotta say. I love his version of the Astounding Wolf-Man (Check it out here).

Legion of Super-Heroes artist. Currently kicking ass on that series, I hope to see him work on other titles in the future. DC Comics has a big sandbox to play in.

Definitely a local favourite of mine, as I have many sketches/commissions from Agnes. What to get next time around?

The upcoming artist of JSA Classified! Also, webcomic co-creator of Butternutsquash, as well as creator of Kukuburi, which is part of Transmission X.

Speaking of Transmission X, Sin Titulo creator, Cameron Stewart will also be making an appearance at the Fan Appreciation Event. Because of him, I started playing Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure, on the Wii. That game is so much fun!

Another member of Transmission X. I got my first sketch from him, this past Sunday. Totally awesome! Be sure to check out Raising Hell. Also, keep an eye out at the end of April for, Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused, featuring art by Andy B., and written by Joshua Fialkov (Elk's Run, Cyblade: Pilot Season).

The man that lives in my city, and currently writing a whole bunch of books for DC Comics. Yea... my city. :) I claimed it first.

Artist of Hawaiian Dick: Screaming Black Thunder, and cartoonist of Northwest Passage. Definitely looking forward to the graphic novel he's doing, based off of his grandfather's 1943 war diary.

Upcoming artist of X-Factor, starting with issue #29. I'm not sure how long he's on the book for, but I'm glad to see him on it.

Thoughtless creator, and a convention regular, along with his wife, Nancy (who can usually be found at the Hero Initiative booth at conventions). Super nice people.

I've seen many amazing sketches from this man, but I don't have one. Truthfully, I don't know if I'm going to get one at this convention. I'll have to see then.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Boughts and Thoughts - February 6th, 2008

This winter storm warning has prevented my trip down to The Beguiling, to see Kazu Kibuishi and Kean Soo (Me + Snow + Driving = High Potential of Car Accident). I did pick up Amulet last week, and I have no regrets picking it up then, and missing the signing. The book is very good. I will eventually pick up Jellaby, because I also want to read that. I guess it'll just have to be another day.

I did make the trip to Cyber City Comix, to pick up this week's new releases. Not many this week.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight #11 - Another standalone issue, by Joss Whedon. Who was that masked person, scratching themself near the end? Oz? Or is Oz making his way into the series in the next issue?

Justice Society of America #12 - More members to the Justice Society.

Teen Titans: Year One #2 - The Titans are getting together. Could we see the Titans vs. the Justice League of America by the end of the series? It's looking that way.

Uncanny X-Men #495 - I just realized, I haven't picked up an issue of Uncanny X-Men, since issue #455. Forty issues ago. So, the X-Men disbanded? Angelina Jolie with Colossus?

Also, for another convention report, check out Milo's Con Report.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just can't get a break...

Well, this is two straight conventions, that something bad has happened to me, after the convention. Nothing to do with the convention itself, it's just timing.

This past October, a couple of days after the Fall Toronto ComiCON, put on by Hobbystar, my motherboard messed up, and I spent a few days getting my computer up and running.

Yesterday, out of nowhere, I started receiving emails from PayPal, which my brother pointed out to me, because he was on the computer, and my Windows Live Messenger was still running.

So I head over to one of the other computers in the house, to check my email. Then I decide to check PayPal, because I wanted to be sure I wasn't getting screwed.

Well, I did. Seven transactions to some friggin MMORPG site, all at $50US each. WTF! I don't play any MMORPG (still waiting on Marvel and DC to release theirs).

I quickly called up Visa, to report the fraud, and had my credit card cancelled, because of it. I also filed Unauthorized Claims with PayPal, and am waiting for that to stop the process.

This situation has me ultimately pissed and worried. This isn't the first time I've been a victim of fraud. September 2006, I was a victim of debit card fraud. This actually took place the week after Fan Expo Canada 2006. Talk about timing, eh?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hobbystar Winter Toronto ComiCON Report

Ultimate WWII Captain America (2008)February 3rd, 2008 - The convention year has begun for me, with Hobbystar's Winter Toronto ComiCON.

The special guests were Mitchell Breitweiser (Captain America: The Chosen), and Francis Manapul (Legion of Super-Heroes). Other guests include: Agnes Garbowska, Andy Belanger, Cameron Stewart, Richard Zajac, Shane Heron, Digital Kontent, and DMF Comics.

As per pre-convention ritual, my brother and I made a stop to Tim Hortons. We got to the convention just before 10:30am. We were greeted by Hobbystar's Comic Book Events Co-ordinators, Kevin Boyd and Tiziano De Santis.

I caught a glimpse of the Guest List for Hobbystar's Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event. I definitely am quite happy with those guests (look at the right column to see the guests).

Once in, we headed over to the Digital Kontent and Shane Heron table.

Soon after, I made my way over to Mitch Breitweiser's table (well, forced/pushed by my brother, while being escorted over for an introduction). I am sure Mitch was going to sketch a whole bunch of Captain America sketches, so I decided to change it up slightly, to the Ultimate World War II Captain America. I did consider a commission, but ended up passing on it to save some money. Though, I do regret passing on it, after seeing some beautiful commissions done for others that attended.

Leonardo by Ibrahim Shum (2008)I went back over to the Digital Kontent booth, to see the setup of their table, and to chill for a bit, while everyone was still getting set up.

Seeing the prizes on the table, I was in a Ninja Turtles mood, which is why I got a Leonardo sketch from Ibrahim Shum. One of the prizes was a dvd of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990). I still have the VHS of that. Sadly, I don't have a VCR hooked up in my house, so the DVD I must have. It took me a while, but I did end up winning the raffle for the Ninja Turtles DVD. I believe, I was the first person to win a prize.

But that was not the only time. Later on, I tried my luck at the raffle again, and won myself a Top Gun DVD!

Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman by Agnes Garbowska (2008)During that time, I did place down a commission with Agnes Garbowska.

Decided to go with DC's Trinity this time around, from Agnes.

I also went around the convention floor, checking out some of the deals. I didn't buy too much, but everything that I did buy, was from the All New Comics.

I bought the Green Arrow: The Sounds of Violence hardcover, Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. vol. 2 hardcover, and the Wolverine: Origins & Endings hardcover.

Phantom Girl by Francis Manapul (2008)When the crowd started to clear, I went over to see Francis Manapul.

Got my first Legion of Super-Heroes character sketch. I doubt I'll start a theme of it, but I'm really happy with this one.

I did take a quick lunch break, when my bro picked up some fries. I didn't eat too much, because I wanted to make my way back into the convention.

Zombie Wolverine by Andy Belanger (2008)Megumi by Cameron Stewart (2008)After the quick lunch, I went to see the two members of Transmission X, Andy Belanger (Raising Hell)and Cameron Stewart (Sin Titulo).

I wasn't expecting Cameron Stewart to be there, so this was a nice surprise. I was finally able to get a sketch of one of the Apocalipstix, Megumi (gotta represent the orientals!).

I was also determined to get my first Andy Belanger sketch, which I think turned out awesome! Went with a Zombie Wolverine, which I decided on the Wolverine while in line.

After, I did roam around the convention floor again, looking for things to buy. I didn't actually pick up anything else, other than the hardcovers from All New Comics.

This wrapped up the first convention of 2008 for me, and I had a great time. Now, I get myself prepared for the Hobbystar Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event (April 12th-13th, 2008).