Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fan Expo Canada: The Thank You's

I usually do this at the end of the con reports, but completely forgot about it until after I finished the report, and posted it. Didn't really feel like editing the post to include this, so I made a post of its own.

There are so many people to Thank, for so many different reasons.

Thanks to the Hobbystar crew for putting on such an awesome event. Thanks especially to Kevin Boyd and Tiziano De Santis for putting up with all my crap prior to this show (and everything over the years).

Thanks to Milo, Raph, and Kevin (again) for helping me get some books signed throughout the weekend. Sucks you weren't able to get all your books signed, Kev. If you ever need any help getting them signed, I'm here to help. Can't really do the ones for CGC SS, but I can take some of them hardcover to help out.

Thanks to all that helped add to my sketch/art collection. Special Thanks to Darwyn Cooke for the amazing Stargirl sketch. This shall be treasured, and on my wall, as soon as I pick up a frame for it. Also, Thanks to Dale Eaglesham (and his lovely wife, Louise), Mike Choi, Michael Cho, Marcus To, Ethan Van Sciver, J. Scott Campbell, Tim Sale, Kevin Eastman, Justin Ridge, Hye-Jung Kim, Cameron Stewart, Jeff Lemire, and Keith Giffen.

Thanks to all of the creators that took their time to sign a whole bunch of books I brought throughout the weekend.

If I forgot to Thank anyone, I apologize for not mentioning you here, but Thank You!

Fan Expo Canada: Tim Sale Sketching Video

Here is the video of Tim Sale sketching at the Hero Initiative booth. The character being sketched, Zatanna. The recipient of the sketch, yours truly. Video taken by my bro. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boughts and Thoughts - August 27th, 2008

My first trip to the store in about three weeks. Not a lot this week, but I missed one book, not know what it was, until I got home. Damn.

Justice Society of America #18 - We find out the identity of Magog. Baddies get turned into trees.

Kick-Ass #4 - Marvel 1985 gets mentioned in this issue. Not a bad issue. This appears to be the issue that introduces McLovin's character, as well as, Nicolas Cage's character, in the upcoming movie.

New Avengers #44 - Can't say I actually enjoyed this issue.

Runaways vol. 3 #1 - I did enjoy this, but I don't think I'll be continuing with the single issues.

Teen Titans: Year One #6 - I've been somewhat disappointed with the story in this series. Didn't really flow as a whole for a "Year One" story. That being said, the artwork was fantastic.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fan Expo Canada 2008 Report

Another Fan Expo Canada goes by. This past weekend was Fan Expo Canada. This has been the fifth one I have attended, since getting back into comics. Frankly, I had a blast. Stressful the first day, but pretty much got all my books signed, that I decided to add more to bring for the rest of the weekend.

The guest list was phenomenal! Alex Ross, Brian Bolland, Tim Sale, J. Scott Campbell, Mark Bagley, Ethan Van Sciver, just to name a few.

Prior to the convention, around the time the guest list was released, I had every intention on commissions. But as the weeks drew closer, I ended up deciding against that. In a way, it's a good thing I did, because there were some factors that would've changed my feelings of the convention to total disappointment, if I was still banking on the commissions.

Adam Hughes' hand injury that he sustained at HeroesCon was one of the factors, as I was really hoping to just get on the list, in hopes of getting something done by him. But I knew about the injury over a month ago. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

For some of the guests, price became another factor. The prices I heard what certain artists charged for commission sketches in months past, has gone up to the point that it just wasn't plausible for me.

Time was another factor. From what I hear, even if I got onto some commission lists that I wanted to get to, I would probably not have gotten anything. The guests had loaded schedules, which did play a factor with them trying to work on their sketch/commission lists.

I went into this con without a real game plan. Everything can change, so I was never dead-set on an order of how I wanted to get stuff done. I was just playing it by ear, to see where that would've taken me.

Without further ado, here's my weekend at the Fan Expo Canada.

Friday August 22nd, 2008
Bro and I decided to leave home around 11am, to try to get to the convention at 11:30am. The stop to Tim Horton's was not made, in favour of a stop to McDonald's for some food. Got to the convention centre after 12pm. Notice the line for the advance Premium pass pick-up was extremely long, compared to the line for the advance Deluxe pass pick-up.

Noticed some guys carrying signed stating the "Darkness is Coming." Eventually found out they were promoting Heroes season premiere in September, and giving away Sylar masks.

After getting the tickets, we proceeded down to level 800, to find the line become extremely longer. Found out that advance Deluxe pass holders with the 2pm Preview pass, were in line at the VIP entrance. Not sure of what was going on. I didn't remember anyone at the bottom of the escalators to direct people to different lines, unlike last year. So I thought either there were many people that made a mistake, going into the wrong line. Or, that the Premium package was somewhat of a waste, if those that didn't spend the extra $20, got to go in first through the VIP entrance, instead of being let in afterwards. Turns out, many people were in the wrong line, and that got fixed.

I can't remember what time the doors opened for the preview, but it wasn't long after 2pm, so there we all went. My first stop was J. Scott Campbell, to get on his sketch list. Unfortunately, when I found out the price, I decided against it. I believe I would've been top 5 or 10 on that list, but to be committed to that amount right off the bat, and after hearing his prices earlier this year, I passed. Also, from what I hear, two sketches were completely from that list.

Gabriele Dell'Otto's line formed around his table, in hopes to get on his commission list, and to get stuff signed. After seeing his prices, that to has also gone up. So I passed once again. I heard Marko Djurdjevic's commission prices were also on the high side, so I never attempted, but was able to get books signed by him.

Zatanna by Ethan Van Sciver (2008)After getting some more books signed by various guests (Adam Hughes, Peter David, few others that were there), I went to see Ethan Van Sciver to also get some books signed. I was also lucky to receive a quick sketch by him, while also picking up his sketchbook for this year, Manifesto.

Then it was off to Tim Sale's table to get books signed. I became the last person in line, which is ALWAYS fun to be (take that sentence with some sarcasm).

(Person lines up behind me)
Me: I'm the last person in line.
Person: What does that mean?
Me: It means I'm the last person in line.
Person: Who said that?
Me: The guy that's running Tim's table. It's because Tim has to start sketching around 3:10, and they also said that Tim is signing in the Autograph Area at 4:30, and to catch him there.
Person: Okay. (stays in line, more people start lining up).
Jared (the guy running Tim's table): Sorry guys, this gentleman is the last person in line. Tim has to get to sketching, and will be signing in the Autograph Area at 4:30.
(line behind me disappears)

Spider-Man (Remark) by Tim Sale (2008)Eventually, I was given a sign that stated that. I even had to turned away my own brother from the line, because they knew who was last. Too bad I wasn't given that sign earlier, cause of all the people I had to turn away. Oh well, got some of the books I brought for Tim signed, and the rest were signed at the Marvel booth later that evening. I even got a quick remark in my Spider-Man: Blue hardcover, which I picked up from All New Comics, back in June.

After this, I proceeded to the Keith Giffen line in the Autograph Area. I believe he was the only person that just had only Autograph Area signing times and no table.

Hulk & Rick Jones (Paradise Toronto Comicon Badge Art) by Michael Cho (2008)Hulk & Rick Jones (Paradise Toronto Comicon Badge Art) by Michael Cho (2008)I was right behind Milo. I was able to make some rounds to get stuff signed, but also, I was trying to get onto Michael Cho's sketchlist. I ended up passing on the sketchlist, because I wasn't 100% sure I wanted a sketch of the character I was thinking, and because the character I had originally chosen, was already on the list for someone else (which I saw the finished piece, and it is amazing). I did pick up the original artwork for one of the Paradise Toronto Comicon 2008 badges. Michael had many great pieces for sale, so check those out in the future.

Ambush Bug by Keith Giffen (2008)Back to the Keith Giffen line, waiting until the signing starts, hoping there is no limits to the amount of books being signed, and hoping to get a sketch. Well, that worked out well for me, my brother, and Milo. My bro, because he got his books signed (that I took up to get signed). Milo, because he got his books signed and a sketch. Me, same reason as Milo, books signed and a sketch.

Me & Keith Giffen
Me with Keith Giffen. I probably should've dropped the bag, and went around the table... looks like I have a hunched-back

Caitlin Fairchild by J. Scott Campbell (2008)After this signing, it was just moving from line to line to line, in the Autograph Area. Gabriele Dell'Otto to Brian Bolland to J. Scott Campbell. Unfortunately, the slowest line was for Brian Bolland, which delayed the Cool School: The Art with Brian Bolland session. That was one that I was hoping to get to, but with the delay, and with me hoping to get my books signed by J. Scott Campbell at the end of the night, I skipped it.

In a way, I'm glad I skipped the Cool School session with Brian Bolland, because I did walk away with a J. Scott Campbell sketch on the Gen 13 #1 sketch cover, which was my back-up, if I didn't get on Campbell's list (or if it was too expensive for me). At the same time, I still did want to check out the Cool School. One of the unfortunate sacrifices that I had to make.

After getting out of the line, I made the long walk over to Georges Jeanty and Dexter Vines, to get all of the books I brought for them, signed, so that I could leave them at home. Luckily for me, I caught them before they left, cause the announcement was already made that the con was closed, and lights started to go off.

Called it a day here, since there was not really much else to do when closed. Out around 9:30pm. Home some time after that. After seeing what books I was able to leave home, because they were signed, I looked at the schedule for the next two days, and decided to add a lot of the books I had originally cut out, to get signed in the next two days.

Also, after going through the four lines in the Autograph Area on Friday, I did not set foot into a line in the Autograph Area (aside from the Alex Ross line on Sunday, which was elsewhere). Thankfully, with the help of friends throughout the weekend, I was able to get a few books signed, without having to be there. Thanks to Milo, Kevin, Raph, Ken, and a few others I'm sure I'm missing. You all rock!

Saturday August 23rd, 2008
Unlike Friday, on Saturday, Bro and I made the trip to Tim Horton's for coffee and food. We left the house around 7am. My first goal was to obtain a fastpass for a Tim Sale fastpass sketch. For those that don't know what that is, it's basically a ticket given out to the first set number of people in line, with a time on it, to come back and get an inkwash sketch by Tim Sale.

This was also the first day that Bro and I get filmed for the documentary. That was taking place later in the afternoon. It got worked into our schedule on Thursday, for the Saturday and Sunday.

Got to the convention centre before 8am, and was like 15th in line. Seeing and passing most of the people when the doors opened at the VIP entrance, I noticed a line already formed as I was quickly walking from one end of the con floor, to the other. Oh well, I missed out. I had a feeling I would, so my back-up plan was to see Tim later on in the day, at the Hero Initiative booth. I continued on with the rest of my plans.

Marko Djurdjevic, Gabriele Dell'Otto, Stuart and Kathryn Immonen were all signing at the Marvel booth at 11am, so I decided to line up for them, as I was hoping to get books signed (and hoping that Marko Djurdjevic and Gabriele Dell'Otto would be doing quick sketches there... they weren't). I ended up skipping the sketch duel between Djurdjevic and Dell'Otto that took place after this signing.

Zatanna by Tim Sale (2008)After, I went around to get more books signed, and to try to get on some other lists for sketches. Just before 1pm, I planted myself at the Hero Initiative booth, for the Tim Sale signing, and was first in line. The line grew significantly from there. Based on the line, I think Tim raised quite a lot of money for the Hero Initiative. I was hoping for a fastpass sketch of Zatanna, but wasn't lucky enough to get the fastpass. I am happy with this one, and I hope to get something else done by Tim in the future.

Zatanna by Cameron Stewart (2008)Bro called me to let me know that Darwyn Cooke was here, next to Cameron Stewart. I headed over to get some books signed, and to get this awesome Zatanna sketch by Cameron Stewart. I also finally picked up The Apocalipstix. I started to read it on Saturday, but that was just to first few pages. I'm going to get to that book soon, as I really want to read it.

Hellboy by Jeff Lemire (2008)After, I went to see Jeff Lemire. I was hoping to get this sketch done on the second day of Paradise Toronto Comicon, but he didn't show up on the second day, so I was happy that I got this done at this con. I was considering picking up Essex County vol. 3: The Country Nurse, but opted not to, in hopes of a collected hardcover or something. I would love to have the Essex Country Trilogy in one collection.

At this point, I was waiting for the ink to dry, while walking around the busy con floor (wet ink, moving around the busy con floor... yea, that was fun). I also had to get to the meeting place for the start of the interview for this documentary. I was early, so I headed to the car to drop off a lot of stuff I had in my bag, to the car.

I got back down to be introduced to the crew, Liisa, Jen, John, and Michael. We proceeded up to the J. Scott Campbell/Ethan Van Sciver sketch duel, which ended up being the only program outside of the con floor, that I was able to catch.

This entire process was a new and different experience for me. I'm usually never infront of a camera. I'm quite a shy individual myself, so I'm sure I was quite nervous, and probably made an ass of myself. Thank god this wasn't live, and that stuff can be edited. I hope they have some extra footage to replace me making an ass of myself. :)

The sketch duel was a nice one. It was a great match-up between the two. Listening to the stories is always nice. Sitting down for an hour and getting away from the crazy convention floor for an hour was great. Didn't come close to winning any of the pieces. Both numbers drawn were like 200 numbers off. Both pieces were phenomenal (unfortunately, I only got a picture of one of them)!

Sketch Duel: J. Scott Campbell vs. Ethan Van Sciver J. Scott Campbell Ethan Van Sciver Batgirl by J. Scott Campbell

Zatanna by Justin Ridge (2008)Zatanna by Hye-Jung Kim (2008)After the sketch duel, it was back to the floor. I decided to walk around, and ended up heading to Justin Ridge and Hye-Jung Kim's table, and left my sketchpad for sketches to be done by both. I took notice to them, because they recently released a hardcover sketchbook through Brand Studios Press, which was a flip book called, Flavor:01.

I was also roaming around the Celebrity Area, in hopes of snapping photos from far, of the attending celebrities. I did manage to catch a few, but not many. I did however notice Kristy Swanson was there, and the line was not long at all. Then I also notice the sign to take a photos with her for a very reasonable price. I jumped at that. Well worth it in my opinion.

Kristy Swanson & Me
Kristy Swanson & Me

After, I went over to the Marvel booth, mainly looking for my Bro, but heard about their giveaways, which were about to start. Stayed there for that. Word of advice, don't stand near the speakers when someone is walking around with a microphone. Me thinks me done gone partially deaf.

I didn't get too much, as it was just too crazy around, and the method of the giveaways was quite weird (get everyone to scream out the answers to trivia questions at the same time, and then give away the prize). I did want that Iron Man SubCast, but didn't stay until the end. I did walkaway with a "Stark Industries" 512MB USB key. This is just too damn cool, that I don't even want to use it for the storage (mainly because I bought an 8GB one not too long ago).

Stark Industries 512MB USB Key
Stark Industries 512MB USB Key

I actually left the Marvel booth to see Mike Choi. Hoped to get a sketch from him, which he started on (as the con was closing), and finished the next day (keep reading to see it).

This was the end of day two. Left the con, thinking of heading to Cora's for dinner, but ended up leaving the city, for food near home.

Sunday August 24th, 2008
Final day. Back to Tim Horton's for breakfast and coffee. Then to the convention centre. Can't remember when we got there, but we were further back from the front of the line, than on Saturday.

Once the doors opened, heading to the line to pick up the Alex Ross Autograph tickets.

During this line, I was able to head out to see Marcus To, and left my sketchbook with him, to be completed later in the day, as he was still working on his commission list.

Casey Jones by Kevin Eastman (2008)Ninja Turtle by Kevin Eastman (2008)Once we got the tickets, we went on our separate ways again. I was walking around the Marvel booth, as I was waiting for the 12pm signing with Peter David, C.B. Cebulski, Matt Fraction and Dan Slott. However, I noticed a line at the Heavy Metal booth, and that Kevin Eastman was there. Everytime I walked by the booth during the weekend, I never saw him there, so I immediately got into line.

Brought up the DVD of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to get signed. I won the DVD from the Digital Kontent raffle at Hobbystar's Winter Toronto ComiCON. I love that movie. Brings back so many memories of all the times I watched it. Can't believe I watched it so many times, including twice in theatres.

I also got a kick ass Casey Jones sketch! Kevin Eastman's favourite characters in the series are Casey Jones and Raphael. Casey Jones was a favourite of mine growing up, so getting this makes me feel like such a kid again.

After this, I went to the Marvel booth signing, for the four writers. Because of the timing of my weekend after Friday, I decided to pull out all the books I had originally put away for these four writers, and got them all signed in one shot.

Black Cat by Mike Choi (2008)I went to see Mike Choi again, to continue on with this sketch. I thought about scanning the pencils he did for this, before bringing it back to him, but opted not to (mainly outta laziness). Mike went to work on this, and I couldn't be happier! This is gorgeous.

Stargirl by Darwyn Cooke (2008)There is a story to this, but I won't get into this one. All I want to say. Thank You, Mr. Cooke! I'm truly greatful to receive such an amazing piece!

I headed over to meet my Bro at the Alex Ross line, to pick up items to drop off in the car. Also, while at the car, to pick up items, and bring them to the line. Thinking that it was going to be a fast moving line, I rushed up to the car, carrying a whole bunch of items my bro purchased, and stuff from my bag, and rushed back. It wasn't a fun trip, but I wanted to be on the safe side.

Black Cat by Marcus To (2008)The line turned out to be somewhat slow moving. Got quite a bit done during this line. Picked up my sketchpad from Marcus To, and received a great sketch of Black Cat. Also, picked up my Bro's sketchpad from Valentine De Landro, as well as, dropped off his sketchpads to Agnes Garbowska, Justin Ridge, and Hye-Jung Kim.

Stargirl by Dale Eaglesham (2008)Another thing that I did while in the Alex Ross line, was that I pick up this sketch that I got done by Dale Eaglesham. I did have every intention on getting a full Stargirl sketch from Dale, mainly because he draws her beautiful.

My Stargirl collection started with Dale Eaglesham, even though I never originally intended on being a theme. However, it did continue, with the majority of them being obtained in the past eight months. Now, with the two beautiful Stargirl sketches I received this weekend, I will be retiring the Stargirl theme. I feel it's just a perfect way to bring the theme to an end for me.

This was also my last sketch of this Fan Expo Canada. I headed back to the Alex Ross line, and continued waiting there.

The crew arrived to film Bro and I once again, while in line for Alex Ross. This time, I let Bro do most of the talking, as I was feeling that I made an ass of myself the day before. As I stated before, it was a new and different experience, but it was also fun.

Went through the Alex Ross signing, without a hitch. I'm quite happy to get my books signed. Funny how the $1 Countdown to Infinite Crisis is top priority for getting signatures, but damn, just look at it.

Signed by: Jim Lee, Ivan Reis, Geoff Johns, Alex Ross, Jimmy Palmiotti, Greg Rucka, Phil Jimenez, Rags Morales, Dan Didio.

The crew working that line did a fantastic job keeping it moving, also allowing the chance for fans to have a quick chat with Alex Ross. Also, for those to pose for photos with Alex Ross.

Alex Ross & Me
Alex Ross & Me

After getting through this line, I spent the rest of the afternoon just roaming the con floor. Probably the only time I actually roamed the floor.

The only purchase I made that day was Adam Hughes' Street Fighter Tribute Litho, of the image he did for the Street Fighter Tribute Collection, published by UDON Comics. Now I need a frame for this thing.

And with this brings the convention to a close. As I stated, I had a blast at Fan Expo Canada. I stressed during the first day, but got quite a bit accomplished. Throughout the rest of the weekend, I got a lot accomplished. Got some great sketches, a whole bunch of books signed (still working on putting them away). Spent less than half of what I brought.

I really enjoyed the Marvel booth being there. Signings here helped accomplished so much. Such a strong Marvel presence there. I hope DC Comics takes notice, and brings up the DC booth to Fan Expo Canada next year.

I can't wait to see what Hobbystar has lined up for next year's Fan Expo Canada. I can't wait to see what they have lined up for Fan Appreciation. Here I go thinking too far ahead. One show at a time. The next show is November 30th, 2008, with Steve Sadowski as the special guest!

See you all there.

And now, I leave you with the photo dump.

Me at the Heroes display (L); Me as a Star Wars Action Figure (R)

Tim Sale at the Hero Initiative booth, working on my sketch (L); Karen David (R)

Sean Astin (L); Kristy Swanson (R)

Brent Spiner (L); Lara Croft & Catwoman (R)

Marvel Booth (L); Eventual Beastiality... I mean, Embrace Change ad for Marvel (R)

Dave Ross, Bob Layton, J. Scott Campbell (L); Matt Fraction, C.B. Cebulski, Dan Slott, Peter David (R)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boughts and Thoughts - August 20th, 2008

It's a day late, but I spent most of yesterday afternoon at Canada's Wonderland with my little siblings. And then spent most of yesterday evening still getting stuff prepared for Fan Expo Canada. But all that is the post below this one. Here's what I picked up yesterday.

Justice League of America #24 - Continuing this story. Just another Justice League story.

X-Factor Special: Layla Miller #1 - I liked this. Layla Miller going about her life in the future.

More Fan Expo Canada Updates - Darwyn Cooke, Marvel booth schedule, more!

Announced today, Darwyn Cooke will be appearing at Fan Expo Canada on Saturday August 23rd, 2008. He won't have his own table, but can probably be found and signing at Tim Sale and Cameron Stewart's respective tables.

Marvel has released their booth schedule for Fan Expo Canada.

I'd type it out, but there's this pretty little picture that was already made up, so why not look at that instead.

Also, the Hero Initiative booth schedule for Fan Expo Canada was released, over the Facebook group.

Friday: Ethan Van Sciver 4:30pm to 6pm
Saturday: Ethan Van Sciver 10:30am to 1pm; Tim Sale 2pm-3pm*
Sunday: Ethan Van Sciver 11am-1pm; Marc Wolfe 12pm-1pm; Leonard Kirk 2pm-3pm

There does appear to be a 30-minute overlap for Leonard Kirk's appearance at the Marvel booth and Hero Initiative booth on Sunday. Tim Sale's appearance and time are currently tentative. Probably more info at the show itself.

And now I go back to getting ready for Fan Expo Canada. :D

See ya there.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know, I've been slacking with the usual con posts prior to the cons. But this doesn't take away from my excitement for this coming weekend. Pretty much all set for this con. Still don't have a full game plan, like I usually do. Just gonna play it by ear, I guess.

I'm sure most have already checked out the programming schedule and signing schedule, but here's the programming schedule, if you haven't checked it out.



5PM Cool School: Breaking Into Comics with C.B. Cebulski
5PM Video Screening: Batman - Gotham Knight
6PM Game Show: Comic Book Win, Lose or Draw hosted by J. Torres
6PM Cool School: Cool School: Comic Covers "Italian Style" with Gabrielle Dell'Otto
7PM Cool School: The Art of Brian Bolland
7PM Panel: DC Nation (Dan Didio and friends)
8PM Panel: Marvel - X-Men's Destiny (Cebulski, David, Fraction)
8PM Sketch Duel: Ethan Van Sciver / Steve McNiven


12PM Sketch Duel: Marko Djurdjevic / Gabrielle Dell'Otto
12PM Cool School: Writing Comics from Start to Finish with Matt Fraction
1PM Cool School: Illustrating DC's Trinity with Mark Bagley
1PM Panel: Marvel - Breaking Into the House of Ideas (Cebulski & friends)
2PM Panel: Marvel - Cup O'CB (Cebulski)
2PM Cool School: Open up and say AH! Colouring Comic Art with Adam Hughes
2PM Video Screening: In Search of Steve Ditko
3PM Cool School: Alex Maleev tells you how it is.
3PM Panel: DC - A Guide to Your Universe (Didio & friends)
4PM Panel: Hoverboy (Rick Green, Ty Templeton)
4PM Sketch Duel: J. Scott Campbell / Ethan Van Sciver
4PM Q&A: Smallville Spotlight with Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort
5PM Panel: Comic Book Multi-Media Explosion (Bolland, Layton, Eastman, Jeanty, Sale, David)
5PM Cool School: Creative Character Design with Marko Djurdjevic
6PM Panel: Made in Canada (Immonens, Stewart, Torres, Manapul, Paquette)
6PM Sketch Duel: Mark Bagley / Bob Layton
6PM Video Screening: Back Issues the Movie


12PM Panel: Cover Story - The Art of the Cover (Bolland, Dell'Otto, Van Sciver, Hughes, Chiang)
12PM Cool School: Drawing Sexy Women with J. Scott Campbell
1PM Panel: A Conversation with Dan Didio
1PM Sketch Duel: Tim Sale / Alex Maleev
2PM Cool School: A Look Back in Armour - Drawing Iron Man with Bob Layton
2PM Game Show: The Marvel Universe Game Show
3PM Cool School: Comic Book Boot Camp with Ty Templeton
3PM Panel: Marvel: Your Universe
4PM Sketch Duel: Dale Eaglesham / Cliff Chiang / Yanick Paquette / Angel Medina
4PM Cool School: The Art of Comic Book Writing with Peter David

See printed schedule for room numbers. All Comic Book Expo programming takes place on the 700 level

I do plan on checking out some of the programs lined up. The past two years, I caught at least one sketch duel each year. I'll try to catch two or three of them. I also have been eyeing a couple of the Cool School panels to attend. Should be fun.

See ya at Fan Expo Canada!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tired and Sore and other stuff

The past two nights of work have been tiring and painful for me. Also, extremely interesting.

Thursday night, I was with one of my department co-workers, when all of a sudden we hear a call over the radio that there's a fight in the prize area. We were there thinking, "WTF?" So my co-worker proceeds to the area at first, while I'm trailing behind looking into that area, and I see no fight. My co-worker talks to a guy standing at the entrance, then goes behind the counter, while I proceed to the front of the area. Not knowing what exactly is going on, I noticed my co-worker fixing a piece of the ticket shredder, and I'm somewhat upset that the piece was broken, mainly because I know it was one of the two guys, if not both, that broke the piece, which gets us to fix something that we shouldn't have had to.

About a minute or so goes by, then I hear the two guys working in the area talking shit to each other. My co-worker, who's a pretty big guy, that worked as a bouncer or security sometime before, gets involved, trying to stop this crap. As one of the guys tries to get to the other, my co-worker sticks out his arm, and blocks the way. While restraining the one, he sends the other one to the back, to try to calm down.

About five minutes go by, and after my co-worker explains the situation to the managers, both guys are pulled from the prize area, and eventually sent home. Now, we're stuck in the prize area, with one more person that was working elsewhere. I'm in-and-out, trying to help in there, but also doing my normal job looking after the games. Out of nowhere, it got extremely busy in the prize area, but whatever, we worked throughout the night, getting shit done.

Ended up watching the security tapes at the end of the night, to see what happened in the prize area. Still not sure what exactly started it all, but saw one of the guys continuing to provoke the other, which lead the one being provoked to throw the first punch. The fist-fight went on for a good minute or so, before that guy that was standing at the entrance grabbed the radio, and called over for help. Thankfully this person did, because we wouldn't have known what the hell was going on.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure both guys got fired.

As for Friday, my GM sees me over an hour into my shift, and tells me that we received the shipment for a new game, that we've been expecting for over a month now. The shipping date kept on getting delayed, so we got them in yesterday afternoon. Fun.

Since there was no room in the loading dock, my GM wanted the units on the floor, even if we can't getting them all set and up for play. While opening up the packages, we noticed the games were secured to the skids, so they didn't shift during transport. Now we were trying to figure out how to remove the braces from the skids. We ended up having to lift the units off the skids, and have someone to move the skid out of the way, for us to set the unit down. We had to do this four times, and needed 4-5 people to lift the until. And this was just the monitor unit. The seating unit was a lot easier to get off the skids.

So some of you may have noticed, my bro made a mention of that we've been asked to participate in a documentary that will have part of it shot at Fan Expo Canada. I had my concerns about it, but I think it'll be a fun experience. So, if the scheduling works out, then we'll be participating. Thanks to Jamie Coville (of the Collector Times) for suggesting myself and my bro.

Also, my bro is participating in the Give the Gift of Life Walk! If you can find it in your heart to shoot over a donation to sponsor him (think of the tax receipt that you can claim on your Income Tax), here is his Donor page.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Boughts and Thoughts - August 13th, 2008

Secret Invasion #5 - So cue the t-shirt makers to make the "Nick Fury was Right" tees. Things are looking better for Earth. That should change, then change again. Definitely not the greatest book in the world, but wasn't bad.

Wow, really... two posts about me picking up Secret Invasion. I really have no point to this right now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not hittin' the shop today

Yes, this deserves a blog post of its own. Didn't want to make the trip to just pick up Secret Invasion #5, so I'm getting my bro to go get it. Debated on going to the shop not too far from me, but I don't like that store, so I'm not going to bother. It can wait.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Last night, I went to check out the Apocalipstix Launch Party at Revival Bar. Being a guy that usually doesn't goes to bars, clubs, industry nights, or launch parties, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. But I wanted to go, in support of the release of The Apocalipstix, as well as, Cameron Stewart and Ray Fawkes.

That being said, I totally forgot to pick up a copy of the book, so I'll be picking it up during Fan Expo Canada. I'm a maroon...

Had a blast at the party, though I stayed only for the first band, Dame (2008 Toronto Independent Music Award Winners). They were pretty damn good.

Left the party to grab some food, at The Standard, with Kevin Boyd, Rob Haines, and Jenn Stewart (of The Dragon).

Ending up leaving when we realized we were the only ones left at the place, and all of the tables and chairs were being put away.

Come to the realization that I gotta go to more of these events.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Boughts and Thoughts - August 6th, 2008

Another lite week for me.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight #17 - Found it weird that the story jumped forward from the ending of the last issue. Then it went back to show the parts missed. Kinda had a feeling with the ending there. I'm kinda debating on whether I'm going to continue with the series after this arc, or not.

Locke & Key #6 - Missed it last week. Been enjoying every moment of this series, and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Rest #0 - The series that Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli of Heroes, Rocky Jr. of Rocky Balboa) is involved in. It was a buck. Not a bad book. Just not sure if I'll continue.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Relaxing on Simcoe Day!

After a hectic night of work on Sunday, I decided to relax on Monday. Well, kind of... still trying to figure out the problem(s) on one of the computers in the house. The spyware is in there good, and isn't being detected by several programs I have running. The computer itself is running slow as well, so it is frustrating at times to just navigate through Windows.

Also, got around to making more cuts from the books that I have pulled for Fan Expo Canada. After last year, I've decided not to bring so many books, mainly because I didn't want to go through the trouble of lining up multiple times to get stuff signed, and maximize my time of enjoying the con itself.

This year, there are so many great guests, and that most of the books I want to get signed, are books that I have been collecting signatures on. So I'll mainly be focusing on those books.

To top that off, Ethan Van Sciver was also added to the con over the weekend, courtesy of the Hero Initiative. Under three weeks away, and another great guest added. The Hero Initiative will be raising quite a bit of $$$ at Fan Expo Canada.

Oh yea, tomorrow is the Apocalipstix Launch Party, for Ray Fawkes and Cameron Stewart's new graphic novel. Doors open at 8pm, it's an All Ages event, and there's No Cover.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cleaning out the basement

Spent part of the past week, cleaning out the cold room in the basement. There is lots of junk in there, that we really needed to trash, sell, or donate to somewhere.

I've been thinking of holding a garage sale, but most of the family doesn't want to go through the trouble of that. Personally, I think it'd do alright, cause we have a lot of toys in the house (mine, bro's, and little siblings'). It would've been a good place to get crap for cheap. Dirt cheap. More than rummaging through our trash, but think of the dignity. :)

I also got to my crap. Quite a bit of toys, and old textbooks. I knew I should've tried to sell the textbooks back to the school, but never did. So here I am with a few heavy boxes of textbooks, looking to unload. The textbooks, I may take to Craigslist, because it's pointless to put them up on eBay (and I'm quite lazy to list them individually on eBay). Craigslist just seems easier.

As for the toys, I'll offer them up here first. If no takers, I'll probably find one of them toy donations thing, and just drop them off there.

I haven't taken pictures of the toys yet, but here are some of the ones I know off hand (most are McFarlane Toys). Just make an offer in the comment, with your name and/or contact... or if you already know my email, shoot me an email, send me a message through Facebook, Myspace, or call me.

Austin Powers Series 1 (1999)
Austin Powers - Unopened, but the package is somewhat damage. I believe this has the cleaner of the two sound clips. Not too sure if the batteries are still good for the sound clip, but keep in mind that the toys came out in 1999.

Austin "Danger" Powers - C'mon, it's the hairy-chested, underwear wearing, Austin Powers. I believe there is only one sound clip in this one. Can't remember if the package is damaged or not.

Dr. Evil - Also the cleaner of the sound clips.

Mini-Me - It's Mini-Me! Probably somewhat damaged package.

Fat Bastard - It's the only figure I don't really want to part with, because it's just too cool. But if you want it, make an offer. Package is probably one of the better conditioned packages.

Austin Powers Series 2
Scott Evil - You know you want a toy of Seth Green (Chris Griffin from Family Guy, Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Robot Chicken, Freshmen). This is another one that probably has a better package.

Movie Maniacs Series 3
John Shaft - I liked that Shaft movie with Samuel L. Jackson, so I wanted this figure. That movie had Batman/American Psycho (Christian Bale), Mekhi Phifer, Busta Rhymes, and The Chief (Lynne Thigpen) from Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? TV series/kids gameshow. Get your figure of The Octopus/Nick Fury/Mace Windu right here!

I also have the Ed Belfour 2 Leafs figure (Series 8), and Patrick Roy 2 Colorado Avalanche figure (Series 6).

I am sure I also have the Peter Forsberg 2 variant (Series 7, in the Quebec Nordiques uniform), Joe Sakic variant (Series 5, white Quebec Nordiques uniform), and some others.

I also have some loose figures, so if interested, leave a comment, and I'll get to listing them.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I done gone made Pythagoras proud

Okay, not really.

Weird situation at work on Friday. My GM calls me, over the walkie, to his office. Not sure what the hell I did, I make the trip... next door, from my department office. The conversation goes like this:

Me: Hey, you wanted to see me?
GM: Hey Jason, how's your geometry?
Me: My geometry?
GM: Yeah.
Me: That's quite the random question.

This conversation was really about finding the dimensions (length and width) they need for a projection screen, that they want to install in a big empty area on the wall, so that they can broadcast hockey games and UFC, through one of them LCD projectors. They have the hypotenuse, and obviously, the angle of the right angle. Also, that the ratio is 4:3. So the width is 3/4 the size of the length.

I remember that we'd have to solve this using the Pythagorean Theorem, and told him to give me a while to try and remember all of this, so I proceed back to the my dept. office... and explain to my dept. manager what the GM wants. So here we are, with a white board, scrap paper, and the Internet, searching how the hell we figure it out.

About 30 minutes later, of mainly cracking jokes and shooting the shit about stuff going on at work, we get back to this, and solve this equation, by really just punching in numbers, that had the 4:3 ratio. It worked out, so I gave the GM the dimensions.

About 2 hours later, he calls me again, and tells me the ratio is now 16:9 (I believe for Widescreen). I tell him that this obviously changes pretty much everything that was done earlier, but we know that the maximum width we have available, so to just try and find a screen that meets the 16:9 ratio, and that's either equal or smaller than the max. width.

And with that, I went back to doing what I was doing before... which I can't really remember what I did.

The night was slow, so I was cut. But before being cut, me and the two other guys I work with (in my dept.) decided to order a pizza. Figured it'd be cheaper to split a pizza three ways. So after clocking out, I went to get the pizza, and came back to eat, before going home. It seemed busy around the complex, but we just seemed quite slow. Could be the long weekend.