Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Toronto Riot

Okay, yesterday (June 26th, 2010), was a disgusting display in Toronto. I don't know the reasoning as to why the protests took place, nor do I care, to be honest. I'm not against the protesters (or at least the non-violent protesters), but at the same time, I don't support them. This is mainly because I don't have any reasons for me to protest at this time. I don't live in the city of Toronto. I live in Maple.

The disgusting display comes from the riots that took place, after these "anarchists" decided to stir up shit, and vandalize anything and everything. Several police cars set on fire, businesses damaged and looted, and I hear an employee somewhere was even attacked while she (?) was working.

I am not grouping up the non-violent protesters, with these anarchists. Whether they have the same message or not, they went about it differently, so I don't blame the non-violent protesters for any of the chaos.

The police and RCMP, I feel, did (and continue to do) a great job. I know many will disagree, and I can accept that. We have different opinions, and I'm not going to get into any debates.

Now, my thing that bugs me, mainly took place today (June 27th, 2010). And it's after watching the news, and seeing people being held at Queen + Spadina, in the rain.

There is a part of me that has some sympathy for some of those being detained at that intersection for hours. That sympathy, is for the people that live in the area, and trying to get home. There probably is other people that will get my sympathy (not that they care), for various other reasons.

It's the people that decided it was a smart idea to travel to the areas that the riots took place, so they could snap some photos, see the damage, to go to that area to shop, or even just to meet someone for food. It's them, that I don't have any sympathy for, after they got detained.

A lot of destruction took place yesterday, which turned parts of downtown Toronto into a warzone, and you want to head into it? Cars were set on fire, businesses broken into, many shops even closed down, because it's dangerous, and that's where you want to grab lunch or dinner?

I'm sure there are some great restaurants and shops in that area, but if there are some possibilities of shit blowing up, stuff being thrown near me, or several hundreds of cops in riot gear around that area, I'm going the other way. I'll find somewhere else to eat, I'll buy stuff from another shop.

Obviously, this is just a personal rant. If you are offended by it, oh well.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boughts and Thoughts....

I've reached the point where I just don't feel like writing a little blurb about what I purchased on a weekly basis. Does anyone really care? Probably not, unless you happen to stumble on my blog, using one of the many searches, like Technorati, searching for a specific title.

This doesn't mean that I won't make mention of books in the future. But really, it's all been pretty repetitive, which is why I have decided to stop with the weekly post.

If you are curious as to what I bought week, I'll list them, just without any opinions.

- Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark #1
- Superman #700
- Zatanna #2

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I survived the Toronto 2010 Earthquake...

... Yep! Earthquake! Toronto!

This will be on the front pages of newspapers and all over the news, blown way out of proportion, for the next day or two... because we're Toronto. We don't get Earthquakes, Tornados, and various other natural disasters. We don't really even get snow anymore (which, frankly, I am thankful for).

Anyways, back to the point, I survived the Toronto 2010 Earthquake... and I leave you with this.

Go Make Your Own!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fan Expo Canada Comic Guest List Update... Again

More additions have been made to Fan Expo Canada.

- J. Michael Straczynski
Writer - Superman: Earth One, Wonder Woman, Superman, Brave and the Bold
*Side-Note* - I have to bring up, I absolutely loved Brave and the Bold #33, that JMS wrote, with Cliff Chiang's artwork. Just a beautiful story, that featured Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Batgirl.

- Khoi Pham
Artist - The Mighty Avengers
*Side-Note* - Khoi Pham was unfortunately a last minute cancellation at the Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event, last weekend. I was a little disappointed by it, but these things happen. Hope to catch him at this show.

- Thomas Jane
Actor/Comic Writer - Hung, The Punisher, Bad Planet
*Side-Note* - Got to meet Thomas Jane back in December 2005 at Paradise Comics, for a store signing. Been meaning to catch his new TV series, Hung. I've been told it's pretty good, so I'll try to catch it before Fan Expo Canada.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fan Expo Canada Comic Guest List Update


-Cover artist DC Comics

-Artist, Astonishing Spider Man/Wolverine

-Artist, the Amazing Spider Man

-DC Comics Co-Publisher/Executive Editor, Writer of The Outsiders

-Artist, Scarlet

-Artist, The Punisher, Hellblazer, Bad Planet

-Marvel Comics’ international talent scout, Writer

-Artist, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, Human Target, Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom

And we are not done yet......more to come shortly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boughts and Thoughts - June 9th, 2010

Batman #700 - Milestone issue. I don't really know why I bought it, other than it being a milestone issue. Not bad, but haven't been following Batman.

Jonah Hex #56 - Still haven't read it. I got lazy, and didn't want to remove the poly-bag.

Nemesis #2 - Definitely want to see where this is going. Why do I get this feeling that issue #3 will be somewhat similar to The Dark Knight movie?

Chicago Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup!!

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Congratulations to the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks! Danny mentioned it on Facebook, and I completely agree. That was the "Most anti-climatic game winning goal ever!"

Really... no one, but Patrick Kane, knew what happened. Kane, on the other hand, saw his shot go into the net, and started celebrating.

I'm quite glad that Chicago won tonight, because I hate Philadelphia, and didn't want them to have that possibility of winning the Cup in Game 7.

Now that the hockey season is over, WTF am I going to watch on TV?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event 2010 Report

Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation 2010June 5th and 6th, 2010, was spent down at the annual Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event. I had an absolute blast at the show. In my personal opinion, it was a great show.

Another early start to this con, as Danny and I helped out with the unloading and set-up of the All New Comics booth on Saturday. It was a lot more physical labour than I like to do at 7:30-8am-ish, but it's all good, and for good people!

Although I didn't pick up much from the dealers, All New Comics and Shockwave Comics were the only two booth I picked stuff up from. I picked up the Wonder Woman DVD Maquette, Stumptown #1 (1st Printing), and DC Comics Presents #1 (Superman/Flash team-up) from All New Comics, and 5 copies of the Avengers #1 Blank Variant Cover from Shockwave Comics.

Zatanna and Wonder Woman by Barry Kitson (2010)As for guests at the convention, it was announced the day before the convention, that Tim Bradstreet was unable to attend, due to personal matters. Also, Khoi Pham was unable to attend, with some very last minute problems. On the plus side, Tim Bradstreet mentions on his blog that he'll be appearing at Fan Expo Canada this August, with THOMAS JANE!

Although Tim Bradstreet was the top headliner for the show, I was more interested with Barry Kitson as the top creator I wanted to see, so he was the first person I went to.

About three hours later, I walked away with a magnificent piece for my collection (which is now on my wall).

For those that were in line, waiting patiently (or some, impatiently), while this piece was being done... and hating me in the process... I have to say that I did not request Wonder Woman coming out of the hat. I just wanted a Zatanna sketch, for my collection. It was Mr. Kitson's idea to add Wonder Woman into the piece, to which I am forever thankful for. He even asked me, "if you were to have a second choice of characters to get sketched, who would it be?" I thought he was going to change the Zatanna to a WW sketch, but started drawing her into the piece. I wasn't going tell him to stop. I don't art direct the artist.

I wanted to see Richard Isanove after Barry Kitson, but the line was quite long when I went over, and I was informed that Richard was leaving the convention early, so I had to miss out on him. He was someone I wanted to get something done by on Free Comic Book Day, but opted to wait for this convention to see him. Sadly, I missed out, and he's moving back to France, sometime before Fan Expo Canada. At least I was lucky enough to get a piece from him at last year's Fan Appreciation Event (someone bring him in for a store signing, quick! Please...)

Catwoman & Black Cat by Agnes Garbowska (2010) Power Girl vs. Supergirl by Agnes Garbowska (2010)I didn't have many goals to accomplish at this convention. I had a short list of creators that I wanted to get sketches from, so I really just spent the rest of the convention going around and getting those done, if I could.

I ended up getting two pieces done by Agnes Garbowska, throughout the weekend. The Power Girl/Supergirl piece, was something I was kicking around the ol' noggin' for a few days. Even though I have a sketch of each character, separately, by Agnes, I wanted to get one of them together... fighting over something. That was basically the description of the request. "Supergirl & Power Girl, fighting over something." That "something" became the last cookie.

To be honest, I'd fight you for the last cookie (yes, you reading this report). :p

The second piece, I came up with while re-organizing my backpack, just before going to Agnes with Danny's request. Two of the reference materials I had brought, caught my eye. One was Catwoman, one was Black Cat.

Then it's got me thinking, "These are two characters that have "Cat" in their names... and are both thieves... and are both borderline good/evil... Holy Crap! They are very similar! That's what I'm getting. Catwoman and Black Cat, stealing the same item."

Seriously... The similarities between the two characters clicked in with me at this convention.

Both pieces are just so cute and fun. Totally love them both.

Batgirl by Michael Cho (2010) Captain America by Michael Cho (2010)Another creator I got two pieces from, Michael Cho. One of which, was a request I had put down for (Batgirl). The other, was a drawing that was already done, which he just gave to me (Captain America).

There is a back story to the second piece, but I won't get into it. All I will say, I believe all traces of it are gone.

For those that haven't seen Michael Cho's work before, be sure to check it out here. Just some absolutely gorgeous artwork done by him.

Zatanna by Matt Moylan (2010) Zatanna by Jeffrey 'Chamba' Cruz (2010)One of the late additions, Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz. I have enjoyed his artwork on the Street Fighter II Turbo series, although I stopped collecting the series, 2/3 of the way through.

For him to travel up from Australia for this show, I wanted to get something done by him. It was one of those things where I didn't know if he would return to Toronto, and I like his work.

Also, I do enjoy Matt Moylan's webcomic, Lil Formers, whenever I do check it out, so a Zatanna in the Lil Formers style, was a pretty sweet addition to the collection.

Batgirl by Marcus To (2010)In continuing with the Batgirl theme, I decided to get one from Marcus To. Just a great artist, and nice person.

This was a sketch request that I put down for early Sunday, which I picked up later in the afternoon.

Although it didn't take long to pick it up, this did allow for time to get some of the sketches above, and roam around the convention floor and dealer area. As I mentioned earlier, I only picked up stuff from two dealers. I did check out several others, but nothing caught my eye. Though, I was really just looking for books that I could use as reference material. Sadly, I was very unsuccessful at finding good enough books for reference material.

Zatanna by Ty Templeton (2010)While continuing to roam around the con on Sunday, and seeing Danny still in Dale Keown's line, I noticed Ty Templeton over at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop booth (just across from Dale's table). Figured this would be a perfect opportunity to add another Zatanna to the collection.

Ty is just an amazing individual. Great cartoonist. Always fun to listen to. So passionate about the industry, and helping out new creators with their works.

Batman by Shane Heron (2010)Last sketch of the show, by Shane Heron. He messaged me through BBM (Blackberry Messenger) during the mid-afternoon. Figuring he finally showed up, I headed over to see him, sitting at Phil McClorey's table (Furious Comics).

He was finishing a badass Dr. Doom sketch, when I blurted out, "Do Batman." First character that came to my mind, for some reason. Yes, when I see Dr. Doom, I think Batman... apparently...

Shane did have a half-finished Batman, which he finished off and gave to me. Verdict, the sketch was "pretty good"!

After the convention on Sunday, Danny and I head over to Smoke's Poutinerie, for some dinner, before heading home. Wanted to try Burrito Boyz, but I keep ordering the large size poutine, which really fills me up.

Sadly, the night before, Danny and I were unable to attend the Joe Shuster Awards Ceremony. Since our mother's birthday was on Monday, we did have plans on Saturday evening, to celebrate her birthday. It's been tough to work things around her schedule, since she does nearly 12-hr work days, even since she opened up her restaurant (Lucky Bamboo, 3175 Rutherford Rd., Vaughan, ON), so Saturday, it was.

Congratulations to all the Winners of the Awards, and Congrats to all the nominees as well. Excellent group of works and creators this year!

Thanks to everyone that helped put on the convention as well. Tiz, Kevin, Aman, James, Ty, and others. Had an absolute blast at this show. Looking forward to Fan Expo Canada!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Another Teaser Sketch

The con report is coming soon, you know that. But to hold ya for a while, here is another tease of a piece I got, that was done by Agnes Garbowska.

Or, you could just my ComicArtFans Gallery (link on the right), if you want to see the sketches, and don't care for my drivel.

Whatever floats your boat.

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Triple Pork Poutine from Smoke's Poutinerie. After con meal today.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Teaser Sketch

If you didn't see this at the con (Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event), then this is purely a tease, cause the full piece is absolutely gorgeous. This is the piece I got from Barry Kitson... or at least part of it...

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event & Joe Shuster Awards - THIS WEEKEND

The Toronto ComiCON Fan Appreciation Event will take place on Saturday June 5th (11am-6pm) and Sunday June 6th (11am-5pm) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - South Building in Hall G. Click the link for more details.

The Joe Shuster Awards will take place on Saturday June 5th (8pm) at the University of Toronto's Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave.). Click the link for more details.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Boughts and Thoughts - June 2nd, 2010

I, Zombie #2 - I was hoping for more of a direct continuation from the end of issue #1. It seemed this issue mainly focused on the supporting characters, which kind of bored me. I know it'll all tie-in together later on.

That was it for me. I was actually debating on whether I'd be going to the store, or not. I was already at work for our annual staff recognition party, so I was halfway to the store. I just felt like taking that half back home, and just pick up the book next week. Oh well, at least others had stuff that I picked up for them. Gave me a reason to go.