Sunday, October 31, 2010

Summer Glau & Me!

Probably should have posted this when I got these in, but was just too busy to do so. I got the photo of Summer Glau with me, from the photo op at Fan Expo Canada, back in mid-September. I was a little worried, because Danny got his first, and I got mine several days later.

Summer Glau & Me

I got this before Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving). This was the item I got signed by Summer Glau, at Fan Expo Canada.

Serenity #3 (Joshua Middleton Cover of River Tam) CGC SS 9.4 signed by Summer Glau

I noticed my credit card was finally charged for the CGC service, so I was expecting this in shortly. I kept checking my front door for the FedEX notice of delivery.

Then on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, I checked my door after I came home from work (approx. 5:50pm). Saw nothing. I went out later that evening, around 7:30pm, and I find the notice on the door. Okay, found that pretty weird that no one heard a doorbell, or any knocking.

And then I check the notice... it said they tried to deliver it at 4:30pm. WTF?!?!?!?

Why would they leave a notice of delivery, well after they tried to deliver the package? I was quite upset about this, as I didn't want to wait to get the package. Nor, did I want to really drive to Mississauga, to the FedEX plant, since I wouldn't be home at the times they would try to deliver it.

I ended up calling FedEX on Saturday, so that they can find the package, and have it ready for me to pick up on Saturday. Got it, and opened it in the car, to find out the grade. Though I was disappointed with the grade, I had a feeling it would come back at that grade. The highest I thought it would come back was a 9.6, but that was a long-shot.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nearly three weeks...

... since I've last posted on this blog. Haven't really done much since then, other than heading out to The 3 Brewers for Kevin Boyd's birthday, and a few nights out with close friends for dinner and drinks.

Not much else to post at the moment. Just letting y'all know, I'm still alive.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Another one for the collection...

Batgirl by Josh Howard (2010)Josh Howard (Dead@17) had once again opened up his commissions list, at his convention rate for full figure pieces on a 9x12 board. Jumped at the chance again, since I don't think he'll be coming up to Toronto any time soon.

This time around, he was open to coloured commissions. I wasn't going to pass that up, since it was ridiculously cheap to add colour. Would've gone for the colour, if the option was available when I got the Zatanna by Josh Howard.

Loving the addition to my Batgirl collection!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What I'm reading today...

Yep! Can't wait to get cracking at this book. :)

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Thank You Cito!

Twice last week (Monday Sept. 27th, and Wednesday Sept. 29th), I went to see to Toronto Blue Jays games live, against the New York Yankees. It's been a little while since I was last at a Jays game... and stayed for the game...

This was the last home series of the year, and Cito Gaston's last home series at the manager of the Jays, so I had some interest in going, but didn't really want to spend on it.

Then I was offered a pair of tickets for the Monday game, by Peter (of All New Comics). Again, Thanks Pete! Fantastic seats! Close enough to get hit in the face with a foul ball.

Vernon Wells at bat, view from the seats

I ended up going to the game with the same person I went to the Bon Jovi Concert with, a friend that I used to work with. Fun night. I didn't take too many pictures, since I was actually hoping a foul ball would come into the area... and there's only so many pictures I can take, without it looking the same.

Derek Jeter (L), Alex Rodriguez (R)... See? They look the same from there

Jose Bautista (L), Cito Gaston leaving the mound (R)

Jays win 7-5

After knowing I was going to the game on Monday, I want to go to the game on Wednesday, for the "Thank You Cito Night". This was Cito Gaston's last game as manager.

I confirmed going to the game, during the early afternoon, when Danny mentioned he was just going to the commemorative Cito Gaston ticket. I ended up going, since I wanted to be there for the game, and wanted to get the commemorative ticket. And since my cousin was going, figured we'd just grab seats together. Since he arrived first, he picked up three tickets. Two for me, one for him. The two for me, was one for Danny and one for myself.

Once in, I got one of the commemorative tickets, left, and re-entered using the second ticket (which Danny paid for, since he wanted a commemorative ticket, too). Messed up? Probably...

These seats weren't anywhere near as good as the one Peter gave me.

View from my seats... in the 500 level

I didn't take many pictures, as my camera batteries died. And since I was pretty far away, and high up, most of the pictures didn't turn out that great.

Honouring Cito Gaston

Jays won the game, 8-4!

I'm thinking that next year, I may try to catch more games... though, that probably won't happen. I'll have to see.