Sunday, November 21, 2010

Toronto ComiCON Report- November 21st, 2010

Zatanna by Gary Frank (2010)Last convention of the year, for me, and I didn't really do much at the con. Today was the Toronto ComiCON, put on by the folks at Hobbystar. Frankly, the fact that I didn't do much, or buy anything, didn't take away any fun from me.

First and foremost, I had to pick up the piece that didn't get done at Fan Expo Canada. One that I committed to on the first night of the con, and am so happy to finally have it in my hands. However, I do also wish that I still had the money I spent on this, in my hands as well. Oh well, that's the hobby for ya.

Zatanna by Gary Frank!

No, Gary Frank was not at the show. Jamal Igle was the special guest for the show.

Because of the cost of the Gary Frank piece, that limited the amount of money left to spend at the con. This led to me not doing too much there, or even getting some other sketches. But it was still great to see some friends.

Danny and I, eventually took off around 2:30pm, after he was done making his purchases.

Good seeing everyone at the show!

Everything To Do With Sex Show 2010

Alexis Texas & Sunny LeoneThis is probably something that may seem out of place on this blog, of comics, sketches, celebrities, and autographs. Well, aside from the sketches, the rest somehow ties in.

On Friday (Nov. 19th), I decided to check out the Everything To Do With Sex Show, in Toronto (link is probably Not Safe For Work). Admittedly, I went there to see Tera Patrick, Sunny Leone, and Alexis Texas (none of those links are safe for work, either).

See, Celebrities! Yes, they are in the adult film industry, but still celebrities.

Tera Patrick & Me Sunny Leone & Me Alexis Texas & Me
L-R: Tera Patrick, Sunny Leone, and Alexis Texas, with Me

I also picked up some adult DVDs at the show, to get signed by the three (Autographs!). Up until that show, I actually haven't owned any adult DVDs. Didn't feel any need or desire to own hard copies of those, since porn is all over the Internet. Just wanted to get something signed, and didn't really want 8x10 photos.

Tera Tera Tera Gia: Portrait of a Pornstar Batman XXX: A Porn Parody
L-R: Tera Tera Tera (signed by Tera Patrick), Gia: Portrait of a Pornstar (signed by Sunny Leone), Batman XXX: A Porn Parody (signed by Alexis Texas)

And, c'mon, the Batman XXX: A Porn Parody DVD. Comic related, here. I bought it for shits & giggles. As a comic fan, might as well get one that's related to comics.

I didn't catch much of the stage shows, or panels. I spent a lot of time, just walking around the floor, looking around. The only item that caught my eye from the show, was these green heat pads, with a disc inside that you would press, and it would instantly crystallize, which gave off a lot of heat. It's a reusable pack, which I found would be really useful during the winter time.

Stupid me, I forgot to buy one, before leaving. I remembered it while driving home from the show. And since I met the three people I wanted to see, I didn't go back. Really regret not buying that, but oh well. Hopefully, I see it somewhere else in the near future.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Fan Screening

Ellen Wong (Knives Chau) & Jason Truong (Me) - Now a signed photo!

As you are aware, I was one of the lucky people that won a pair of guaranteed seating at the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Fan Screening, featuring Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ellen Wong, and Edgar Wright.

I took off from work a little early, in hopes to get down to the theatre at a relatively early time. Well, traffic prevented me from arriving at the relatively early time. And while on my way, I heard the line for ticket holders, was really long (texted to me by Kevin Boyd).

Thankfully, the person I gave my second ticket to (Migs), was with his friends near the front, so I joined the line there.

The screening started a little later than expected, but I didn't mind so much. Ajay and Teddy from InnerSPACE kicked things off, with giveaways, and eventually, a costume contest, where every one in costume won something.

My favourite costume of the night

Don McKellar was later introduced, to introduce Edgar Wright, Bryan Lee O'Malley, and Ellen Wong. Edgar Wright proceeded to read the IMDB Plot Keywords for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, something that he did during the "Wright Stuff" @ The Bloor Cinema.

Don McKellar, Edgar Wright, Bryan Lee O'Malley (L), Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ellen Wong (R)

Two trailers played, before the movie. The first being, The Last Starfighter. The second, The Wizard.

The movie played, with lots of cheering at times, in the movie. The only disappointing thing about the experience, was the one or two people behind me, constantly finishing lines in the movie, and saying some of them before it's said in the movie. That's kind of a pet peeve of mine.

Once the movie was done (which is still a great movie), the guests were invited back on to stage, as well as some other special guests/local cast members, Chantelle Chung (Tamara), Kristina Pesic (Sandra), Abigail Chu (Trasha), Chris Murphy (of Sloan) and I believe Matt Watts (who played the promoter during the first battle of the bands). I could be wrong on the last one.

Chantelle Chung, and Matt Watts (I think) (L), Kristina Pesic and Abigail Chu (R)

They played Abigail Chu's audition, before breaking for a washroom break.

During the break, was when I was able to get my photo with Ellen Wong signed by her. I was also able to get my copy of Vol. 6 signed by Bryan Lee O'Malley. So happy I was able to get both done. I was hoping to get something signed by Edgar Wright (even if it wasn't for me), but I completely forgot to bring Danny's copy of Hot Fuzz. Twice, actually. I forgot to grab it on the way to work. And when I went home, before heading down to the screening, I forgot to grab it when I was leaving the house again.

I could be mixed up in my order of things, but I think the "Making of" feature (included as an extra on the Blu-Ray and DVD), was played after the break, and then the Q&A took place after.

It was an interesting and fun Q&A, listening to the process of everything, ideas being used and discarded, in both the books and movie, the alternate ending of the movie.

Everyone was out before midnight, and then I proceeded home, all happy and stuff, because it was a fun night, and that I got Ellen Wong's autograph!

Edgar Wright (L), Bryan Lee O'Malley (R)

Ellen Wong (L), Chris Murphy (R)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Guaranteed Seating!!!

Looks like I'm going to the special Scott Pilgrim showing, this Friday, at the Bloor Cinema. Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ellen Wong, and Edgar Wright will be there!

Thanks to The Beguiling for holding this contest!

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