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Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2012 & Free Comic Book Day

I'm going to start this off by saying, I hate that the first day of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) falls on the same day as Free Comic Book Day. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. Frankly, there are so many great events that take place around the city, that I missed out on. I know I am not forced to go to TCAF, or stay for the entire duration. I know that I can freely leave, to check out other events around the city. I know that TCAF is two days, and I probably could have done everything I wanted to do, during the second day.

Still, none of that changes the way I feel. I hate that the first day of TCAF falls on the same day at FCBD.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think TCAF is a fantastic event, and I do enjoy going to that every chance I get.

The FCBD events that took place around the city:
- The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery - Guests: Ty Templeton, Stuart Immonen, Kathryn Immonen, Mike Del Mundo, Marco Rudy, Karly MacDonald, Raffaele Ienco, David Cutler, Gibson Quarter, Richard Evans, Rachael Wells
- Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles (Mississauga) - Guests: David Finch, Jay Fabok, Johnny Desjardins, Ken Lashley, Spent Pencil Comics, & More.
- Silver Snail - Guests: Phil Noto, Spent Pencil Comics
- Paradise Comics - Guest: Marvin Law
- Little Island Comics - Guests: Fabio Moon & Andy Runton

Before I get into TCAF and the FCBD event I was able to check out (Silver Snail), I did get to check out The Avengers movie... twice.

Danny and I went to the midnight screening. We were both disappointed that the theatre didn't have any of the special Avengers 3-D glasses.

I want them... All of them!

We saw the movie in the UltraAVX theatre. That movie was F'N amazing! Without getting into details, I think Joss Whedon did a great job mixing action and comedic moments in the movie. I can also say that I added to the increase in shawarma sales in Toronto, this weekend.

Friday, just before leaving work, one of my co-workers could not get anyone to take his shift, and had already purchased tickets for the movie, with D-Box seating (motion seating). I bought his ticket, and went to see the movie again, with my other co-workers (that had the night off). Watching the movie in D-Box, was well worth it. Don't expect it to be one of those motion rides, with constant jerking movements. D-Box was done really well, and for the right movie, can be very enjoyable. Avengers was a perfect choice for my D-Box experience.

Now, to TCAF. Sketches at the end... or just go to my CAF gallery, to see them.

Saturday, Danny and I arrived a little after 9am. He went to Joe Bluhm, I went to see if either Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, or Adam Warren had arrived. They all were there, but Ba and Moon were still setting up, so I went to see Adam Warren.

Books signed, and got a quick sketch. Wanted a full sketch, but just out of my price range.

Then I went to see Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, and same deal. Books signed, quick sketches.

At this point, there was a lull in the action, at this point. After heading to the car to drop off books, Danny and I headed down to Silver Snail.

I haven't been to the Snail in a few years, for FCBD. I never expected to see a line down the street, for free books. Although I didn't really want to pick up the free books (received a nice stack from Peter of All New Comics), I figured I might as well stay in the line to get some to share, and then head up to see Phil Noto.

Gotta say, it was a nice set up for Phil Noto. Giant TV behind him, showing his work and process of his work. A huge printer, that was printing out free X-Force prints (I didn't get one, as I didn't want to wait for it). Free trial copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, free Autodesk Sketchbook Pro t-shirts with Phil's artwork on it, free Silver Snail anniversary posters, Free Sketches!

I made my way back to TCAF, in hopes of jumping into Pendleton Ward's line (Adventure Time with Finn & Jake creator). I got to the line around 12:40pm, for the 12:30pm signing. Pendleton Ward had yet to arrive, and the line wrapped around the basement of the library, up to the computers on the main floor. I decided to leave the line, figuring I wouldn't get to see him that day.

The rest of Saturday was spent getting a few more sketches, and picking up a commission from Agnes Garbowska, that was started at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con show. Totally love the finished piece, and it's hanging on my wall now.

At some point during that afternoon, I went out and got a shawarma, across the street, on the way to the parking lot.

Danny and I left just before the library closed for the day, so he could get ready for a BBQ/Birthday. I opted to stay home, and just relax.

Sunday, we got down a little before the library opened. It's the first time I got to TCAF before it opened, and had to wait in line (a long line), to get in. Based on what I saw, a good chunk of those people made a beeline it to Kate Beaton's line. That line got cut, pretty quickly.

I walked around for a bit, before heading to get in line for Pendleton Ward. I was 3rd, followed by Milo and K-Song.

I'm not gonna lie, I've never seen any episode of Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, nor have I read the comic. It's the popularity of it, that attracted me to line up for Pendleton Ward. I'm sure I'll find some time to check out the show, and see what all the fuss is about.

There wasn't much for me going on during Sunday. I just played it by ear. Got another shawarma, from another place (just south of Yonge/Bloor).

I picked up Foster #1 & #2, from Noel Tuazon, to which he drew a pretty awesome piece, over both back covers. Features me, Danny, Ty Buttars, Matt Allen, Catwoman, Elektra, Batgirl, and Zatanna.

The only other book purchase I made during the weekend, was a copy of Becky Cloonan's The Mire.

Aside from sketches, I did pick up another page of artwork, by Adrian Alphona, from Runaways v2. It's a page that contains Molly, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America. It seemed like a page I should buy, but didn't want to spend the money on it. I left it on Saturday, in hopes that someone else might snag it, and save me some money, but no one did, so I bought it.

The day (and my time at TCAF) came to an end, just after the library closed, when I picked up my piece from Kagan McLeod.

Here is my haul (art-wise).

L-R: Zatanna by Adam Warren, The Boy by Gabriel Ba, Rumor by Gabriel Ba, River Tam by Fabio Moon

L-R: Zatanna by Phil Noto, Jamie McJack as Catwoman by Danielle Corsetto, Me by Steve Manale, Michonne by Agnes Garbowska

L-R: Finn by Pendleton Ward, Runaways v2 #12 Page 4 by Adrian Alphona, Zatanna by Kagan McLeod

Next con, I guess, is Fan Expo Canada.

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