Monday, July 02, 2012

Niagara Falls Comic Con, George A. Romero, & Hero Initiative Event @ Stadium Comics

Spider-Man & J. Jonah Jameson by Ty Templeton
Earlier this month, Danny and I traveled down to Niagara Falls, for the 2nd Annual Niagara Falls Comic Con (June 9th, 2012). It's been a while since I've been down in Niagara Falls, and since the con took place on a Saturday, this didn't require me to take a day off from work (usually off on Saturdays, but I work Sundays).

We didn't really take in the city, since Danny had plans after the con. However, we did arrive a little early, and Fallsview Casino wasn't too far away, so we popped into there.

The table games had pretty high minimum bets, and I didn't have a lot of money for the con, so we skipped out on those. Instead, just played some slots. Holy crap, did Fallsview have a lot of penny, 2-cent slots, and nickel slots. The only casino I really play the slots at, is Woodbine. Everywhere else, I try to do table games... because Woodbine is mainly slots. And, I don't recall that many cheaper slots. I like to at least keep my minimum in slots, at the quarter slots.

We found machines to play at... long story short, after paying for parking at Fallsview, I was up $2.75!


Got to the con about 30 minutes before it opened. Seemed like a decent crowd. I wasn't sure what to expect here, since it was my first time at the con. Ultimately, I was taken by surprised, how busy it was at this con. The bulk of the crowd seemed to be there for Bret Hart and Burt Ward, because those lines extended quite a bit.

Wonder Woman by Ken Lashley
I didn't have much planned for this con, other than to get some sketches. The Ty Templeton Chibi-Spidey sketch above (w/ J. Jonah Jameson) was one (pictured above). The Ken Lashley Wonder Woman to the left, was another. Anything else, was playing it by ear.

Dealers, there wasn't too many comic dealers, with that many deals. I was looking for cheap books, that I would want. Found a copy of Fables # 1 for $8. Not much else, in terms of books.

We were out of the con by 4:30pm, as Danny had to head elsewhere. I went home.

Had to work the next day, only to find that my shift was cut short, without them telling me. In a way, it worked out for me, because I wanted to head down for the Lollipop Chainsaw Event, down at the Yonge/Dundas EB Games. George A. Romero and Jessica Nigri were at the event. This event was supposed to feature the early release of the Lollipop Chainsaw game, but apparently, they loss the rights to release the game early, so it was just a photo op with Romero and Nigri.

Jessica Nigri, George A. Romero and Me (June 10th, 2012)
At the event, I also received a $30-off coupon, for the game, that could be used during the week of its release, so I bought the game on the 12th. Since then, I've cleared the game. Not bad, but not one that I think I could play over and over.

On June 23rd, there was the Hero Initiative Event at Stadium Comics. Guests included, Ken Lashley, Leonard Kirk, Agnes Garbowska, and Richard Zajac.

Danny and I went down for that.

We arrived pretty early. Shortly after the mall opened. Everything was still being set up, so we walked around the mall a bit.

Pretty surprised that the mall has a huge GameStop, a decent size EB Games, and another game store in there (selling mainly used games). I didn't buy games, but was definitely looking for something I felt like playing, and for cheap.

I got two sketches during the event. The Batgirl by Ken Lashley, and X-23 by Agnes Garbowska.

Danny and I had plans in the early afternoon, so we weren't planning on staying that long. Plans changed, and we ended up staying until 3:30-4pm.

The mall was also having specials in their food court. Had lunch at New York Fries, because it was buy one, get one free. Poutine is awesome!

I guess that's it for now.

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