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Fan Expo Canada 2012 Report

August 23rd-26th, 2012 - You know, I was debating on whether or not I was going to write a report for this con. I actually wrote this back in August, but never got around to posting it, because I was too lazy to get some pictures into this thing.

I enjoyed the con, quite a bit. However, I didn't know what I was going to say, that wasn't the usual "I got some sketches... I got books signed... I walked around..." stuff, I normally write.

The con was pretty much just that. I got 14 sketches (3 in hardcovers, 3 by one artist, 2 by another artist). I got books signed (most mine, some Danny's, some for others). I walked around a whole lot (because I didn't have many plans for the weekend).

Much like the past 2-3 years, I've helped with the set up for the All New Comics booth. That took place on the Wednesday (August 22nd). I actually enjoy being inside the convention, before the mayhem begins. Calm before the storm, as they say.

Thursday (Aug. 23), the con for me, started on the sour note. I went to pick up the priority tickets for the Jay & Silent Bob Get Old show. Following what it said on the print-out, I was supposed to pick up the tickets at the South Building main entrance. I see the kiosk that states "Jay & Silent Bob." I go there only to be told to go to the North Building. Are you f'n kidding me?!?

So, I end up going... or try to, at first. Told I wasn't able to access the North Building, from the South Building, through the walkway. I had to leave the building and walk around. Coming back, the line had moved. Long story short, there was some arguing with the security, and there was a whole lot of swearing, using my outdoor voice, when I got back in line. So much trouble, for a show I didn't even go see.

Once in the con, things got better. I got back to enjoying the weekend, and trying to forget the troubles from the incorrect information on my ticket print-out.

The first day of the con, I wasn't my usual self. Normally, I'd be around the con, getting on sketch lists, like the sketch-whore that I am... or was. I seemed to have shocked the heck out of a lot of people, when they heard I got no sketches, and wasn't on any sketch lists.

Aside from getting books signed, I was walking around, picking up a lot of free stuff. EB Games was giving out Halo 4 bags. Throughout the weekend, I grabbed a bunch (I won't state numbers, but if you have me on Facebook, I posted the number there, in my photo album for the con). Over the weekend, I gave away 5. I've also been giving the bags away at work.

There was a lot of other free stuff that I grabbed that day, and throughout the weekend. I don't even know what I'd personally do with the stuff I grabbed, so I have given a bunch of it away, much like the Halo 4 bags.

I also had my photo taken on the Iron Throne, from Game of Thrones. I did that picture on Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Sunday was just crazy there.

The highlight for me on Thursday, was being given a Golden Ticket for the Stan Lee signing at the Marvel booth! Major Thanks to Tiz, for hooking me up with that one! Only nice things to say. :)

Danny was already gone at the time. He went and got himself hurt, while gone from the con on Thursday, which is why you saw him with a pimpstick throughout the rest of the weekend.

Friday (Aug. 24th), the plan was to get on Adi Granov's sketch list. Big Thanks to Migs for that hook-up, holding a spot in line for me. I got 4 sketches that day. Two were by Kaare Andrews (one hardcover remark, one quick sketch on a blank cover). One sketch by Adi Granov. And, one sketch by J. Scott Campbell.

Aside from getting more books signed, and getting more freebies, I took in two of the sketch duels on Friday. Jim Cheung vs. Mike Choi, and Jason Fabok vs. Yanick Paquette vs. Kaare Andrews. I didn't win any of them.

Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Exclusive Autograph 8x10, signed by Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes.
At the end of the day, I also grabbed the signed Jay & Silent Bob photos, that came with the priority package tickets, before going home. Friday was also supposed to be the day that Danny and I got a hotel, so we could just relax downtown, and head to the Kick-Off Party. Unfortunately, with Danny's injury, it would have been us just lounging at the hotel, with me carrying everything upstairs, then back downstairs. Seemed like a waste of the hotel, so I cancelled it in the morning.

Saturday (Aug. 25th) was more of the same. Free stuff, getting books signed, more sketches. I also bought a page of artwork by Kaare Andrews (from Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1). His pages were pretty reasonably priced, and I love his work, so I bought one.

Took in only one of the sketch duels, which was entertaining. Jill Thompson vs. Chrissie Zullo vs. Sara Richard vs. Agnes Garbowska. I didn't win anything, again.

I also found some time, and got lucky with a near empty line for Rose McGowan. I believe she was just coming back from somewhere, but I don't know. Point is, there was barely a line when I got there, and one formed after I was in line. Score!

And the end of the con, Danny was away at a birthday party, and I was solo. I was considering going to the Revolution Q&A, but I wanted to get home to my dog, Noah. Our family went on vacation, so I didn't want Noah to be alone for long. Little guy was happy to see me, but sad that the family went away on vacation.

Interesting situation happened on the subway ride to Wilson Station, for me to pick up my car and go home. I'm just copying this from one of my Facebook status update (with minor changes).

"So, [I] took the subway to my car, [Saturday] night. Burrito in hand, from Burrito Boyz. Was eating it on the subway, across from a homeless guy. Noticing [him], I still didn't care. He gets off at St. George [station]. Lady near me asks, "Wasn't that inconsiderate of you eating that, infront of the homeless man?" My reply, "Nope, because if he was hungry, he wouldn't have a bottle of booze in that brown paper bag.""

Sunday (Aug. 26th), final day of the con. I didn't have any books to get signed, but I helped out others. I didn't have any plans for Sunday, other than checking out sketch duels. I had to miss the first one (Campbell vs. Quitely), because I was in line for Greg Capullo.

I was once again hooked up with another signing ticket, thanks again to Tiz. This time, for the ARROW signing.

Arrow Poster signed by Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow), Katie Cassidy (Dinah 'Laurel' Lance), Willa Holland (Thea Queen), Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlyn)

I did get a couple more sketches (both by Mike Choi), and I also bought a Mike Choi page, from X-23: Target X #6.

I checked out the Darwyn Cooke vs. Amanda Conner sketch duel, which was the last sketch duel of the year, for me. It was quite an entertaining sketch duel to be at. Loved both pieces that were done. I even went as far as trying to buy the piece done by Darwyn Cooke, off the winner. He didn't want to sell, because he went to all of the sketch duels this year, and actually won one. I just had to try.

After con traditional meal, at Smoke's Poutinerie, with Danny, Marv, and Migs, before heading home from another year at Fan Expo Canada.

Big Thanks to Tiz, Peter, Kevin, Deb, Carlos, Raph, Ben, and several others, for an enjoyable weekend.

Wolverine by Kaare Andrews (2012) Hulk by Kaare Andrews (2012) Zatanna by Kaare Andrews (2012)
Zatanna by Adi Granov (2012) Zatanna by J. Scott Campbell (2012)
Daredevil by Jimmy Palmiotti (2012) Parker by Darwyn Cooke (2012)
Hulk by Ryan Stegman (2012) Hulk by Dale Eaglesham (2012)
Wolverine by Matteo Scalera (2012) Wolverine by Ron Garney (2012) Tony Chu by Ron Guillory (2012)
Wonder Woman by Mike Choi (2012) Batgirl by Mike Choi (2012)

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