Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con 2012 Report

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con was this past weekend (April 14th-15th, 2012). I was there for both days. I got sketches. I walked around... a lot... Report over.




Okay, so the report isn't over, but you get the gist of it...

I didn't have many plans for the convention, in regards to sketches. At the same time, I wasn't sure how much I was going to be able to get done in one day at the con, despite not having many plans. I ended up buying a ticket for second day (both were the student ticket, for $20/day).

The only one that I truly was going for, was the Supergirl by Kagan McLeod. I had a few others sketches that I was thinking of getting, from other artists, but most didn't happen. I was playing it by ear, at this convention, for sketches. As for comics to get signed, I didn't have that many.

Saturday started off in line at the MTCC North Building. I was still debating as to who I would be seeing first. I didn't decide that until I walked onto the convention floor. I ended up at Kagan's table... followed by Danny, Migs, and Brendan.

After, I noticed that John McCrea arrived. I had some books to get signed (Hero Initiative 100 Project hardcovers), that I wanted to get into the car ASAP. After asking about his sketch prices, I decided to get one.

Once done, I went get onto Adrian Alphona's and Tyler Kirkham's sketch lists. I also picked up a page of original artwork, from each of them (Runaways page by Alphona, X-Men: Phoenix Warsong page by Kirkham... all of those, shown later).

The day wasn't even half over, and I was coming to the realization, the second day at the con, probably wasn't needed (though, something good started from that second day... more on that later).

I spent the rest of the day, just waiting for the sketches by Adrian Alphona and Tyler Kirkham.

Danny did mention to me, a day or two before, that there was an artist, Samantha Leriche-Gionet, that does little drawings of you, for cheap. Why not, eh?

I actually like it quite a bit. Kinda makes me feel like a character in Disney's The Weekenders.

I picked up my sketch from Adrian Alphona part way through the afternoon, but had to wait near the end of the day, to get my sketch from Tyler Kirkham.

- Batgirl by Adrian Alphona
- Runaways v2 #11 Page 13 by Adrian Alphona and Craig Yeung
- Zatanna by Tyler Kirkham
- X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #4 Page 10 by Tyler Kirkham and Sal Regla

Oh, and this happened.

Me & WWE Hall of Famer, Edge!

I am quite happy I got to meet (and get my photo with) Edge. Photo was taken by Danny.

That was the end of the first day. Second day, I went solo.

The start of the second day, didn't go exactly as planned. I was considering lining up for Phil Ortiz, to get "Simpsonized." I wasn't sure if I was getting it for me, or getting it for Danny (he wanted it more than I did). By the time I got in, his line was 15 people long. At roughly 15 minutes per sketch, I decided to pass, entirely.

The plan was to also get another piece done by Kagan McLeod for myself, and one for Danny. Both got done. The X-23 on the right, is mine. Danny got Black Widow.

One piece I have been kicking around for a bit, and is in the process of being done in time for TCAF. I got on the list late, but from what I saw, Agnes Garbowska is knocking this one outta the park! I am really excited to see the finished piece! Until then, I am looking at the photos of the process. Pencils, Inks. The smile on my face is ear to ear.

This piece, I got throughout the day. She was sitting next to Samantha Leriche-Gionet, and I was liking the prints that she had for sale. More, her artwork on the prints, as I'm not big on prints. The Zatanna is done by Genevieve Farley-Tremblay.

This piece is not exactly the same as the style as the prints, but I am assuming the prints were done digitally. Still, I find it cute.

Once the con was over, I took off, and went home for dinner. And, the after con clean-up.

Reflecting back, Saturday was pretty busy at the con. Not Fan Expo Canada busy. Or even as busy at Hobbystar's Toronto ComiCON, last month. But this is the busiest I've seen a WW TO show. Keep in mind, this is the third year, and I only went on Friday and Saturday, last year.

Sunday was pretty slow, and progressively got emptier as the day progressed.

I didn't pick up too much, around the dealers. I bought a few single issues, and a butterfly-knife-like bottle opener

It was nice to see many of the familiar faces at the con. Many, I'm sure I'll see at TCAF, in a few weeks.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Canadian 80's Toy Expo

Figured I should update this blog, with a new sketch I got. Last Sunday, Danny and I went to the Canadian 80's Toy Expo. Truthfully, I just needed a justifiable excuse for giving away my shift that day. I just didn't want to work, because I found out it was the end of the season for minor and midget league hockey teams. I just hate dealing with them, because they are annoying and destructive, at my workplace.

So, this 80's Toy Expo was something to do. Since Matt Moylan (Lil Formers) was there, I wanted to get a sketch. Add to the collection, you know.

As for the toys, there wasn't really anything I was looking for. There wasn't much that caught my eye, that was cheap enough for me to consider buying, except for this one item.

I normally don't buy any lead figures. This is actually my first. It's actually quite nice. I may consider picking up a few more, depending on the character.

And, that's it for the 80's Toy Expo.