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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2012 & Free Comic Book Day

I'm going to start this off by saying, I hate that the first day of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) falls on the same day as Free Comic Book Day. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. Frankly, there are so many great events that take place around the city, that I missed out on. I know I am not forced to go to TCAF, or stay for the entire duration. I know that I can freely leave, to check out other events around the city. I know that TCAF is two days, and I probably could have done everything I wanted to do, during the second day.

Still, none of that changes the way I feel. I hate that the first day of TCAF falls on the same day at FCBD.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think TCAF is a fantastic event, and I do enjoy going to that every chance I get.

The FCBD events that took place around the city:
- The Comic Book Lounge + Gallery - Guests: Ty Templeton, Stuart Immonen, Kathryn Immonen, Mike Del Mundo, Marco Rudy, Karly MacDonald, Raffaele Ienco, David Cutler, Gibson Quarter, Richard Evans, Rachael Wells
- Gotham Central Comics and Collectibles (Mississauga) - Guests: David Finch, Jay Fabok, Johnny Desjardins, Ken Lashley, Spent Pencil Comics, & More.
- Silver Snail - Guests: Phil Noto, Spent Pencil Comics
- Paradise Comics - Guest: Marvin Law
- Little Island Comics - Guests: Fabio Moon & Andy Runton

Before I get into TCAF and the FCBD event I was able to check out (Silver Snail), I did get to check out The Avengers movie... twice.

Danny and I went to the midnight screening. We were both disappointed that the theatre didn't have any of the special Avengers 3-D glasses.

I want them... All of them!

We saw the movie in the UltraAVX theatre. That movie was F'N amazing! Without getting into details, I think Joss Whedon did a great job mixing action and comedic moments in the movie. I can also say that I added to the increase in shawarma sales in Toronto, this weekend.

Friday, just before leaving work, one of my co-workers could not get anyone to take his shift, and had already purchased tickets for the movie, with D-Box seating (motion seating). I bought his ticket, and went to see the movie again, with my other co-workers (that had the night off). Watching the movie in D-Box, was well worth it. Don't expect it to be one of those motion rides, with constant jerking movements. D-Box was done really well, and for the right movie, can be very enjoyable. Avengers was a perfect choice for my D-Box experience.

Now, to TCAF. Sketches at the end... or just go to my CAF gallery, to see them.

Saturday, Danny and I arrived a little after 9am. He went to Joe Bluhm, I went to see if either Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, or Adam Warren had arrived. They all were there, but Ba and Moon were still setting up, so I went to see Adam Warren.

Books signed, and got a quick sketch. Wanted a full sketch, but just out of my price range.

Then I went to see Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, and same deal. Books signed, quick sketches.

At this point, there was a lull in the action, at this point. After heading to the car to drop off books, Danny and I headed down to Silver Snail.

I haven't been to the Snail in a few years, for FCBD. I never expected to see a line down the street, for free books. Although I didn't really want to pick up the free books (received a nice stack from Peter of All New Comics), I figured I might as well stay in the line to get some to share, and then head up to see Phil Noto.

Gotta say, it was a nice set up for Phil Noto. Giant TV behind him, showing his work and process of his work. A huge printer, that was printing out free X-Force prints (I didn't get one, as I didn't want to wait for it). Free trial copy of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, free Autodesk Sketchbook Pro t-shirts with Phil's artwork on it, free Silver Snail anniversary posters, Free Sketches!

I made my way back to TCAF, in hopes of jumping into Pendleton Ward's line (Adventure Time with Finn & Jake creator). I got to the line around 12:40pm, for the 12:30pm signing. Pendleton Ward had yet to arrive, and the line wrapped around the basement of the library, up to the computers on the main floor. I decided to leave the line, figuring I wouldn't get to see him that day.

The rest of Saturday was spent getting a few more sketches, and picking up a commission from Agnes Garbowska, that was started at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con show. Totally love the finished piece, and it's hanging on my wall now.

At some point during that afternoon, I went out and got a shawarma, across the street, on the way to the parking lot.

Danny and I left just before the library closed for the day, so he could get ready for a BBQ/Birthday. I opted to stay home, and just relax.

Sunday, we got down a little before the library opened. It's the first time I got to TCAF before it opened, and had to wait in line (a long line), to get in. Based on what I saw, a good chunk of those people made a beeline it to Kate Beaton's line. That line got cut, pretty quickly.

I walked around for a bit, before heading to get in line for Pendleton Ward. I was 3rd, followed by Milo and K-Song.

I'm not gonna lie, I've never seen any episode of Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, nor have I read the comic. It's the popularity of it, that attracted me to line up for Pendleton Ward. I'm sure I'll find some time to check out the show, and see what all the fuss is about.

There wasn't much for me going on during Sunday. I just played it by ear. Got another shawarma, from another place (just south of Yonge/Bloor).

I picked up Foster #1 & #2, from Noel Tuazon, to which he drew a pretty awesome piece, over both back covers. Features me, Danny, Ty Buttars, Matt Allen, Catwoman, Elektra, Batgirl, and Zatanna.

The only other book purchase I made during the weekend, was a copy of Becky Cloonan's The Mire.

Aside from sketches, I did pick up another page of artwork, by Adrian Alphona, from Runaways v2. It's a page that contains Molly, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Captain America. It seemed like a page I should buy, but didn't want to spend the money on it. I left it on Saturday, in hopes that someone else might snag it, and save me some money, but no one did, so I bought it.

The day (and my time at TCAF) came to an end, just after the library closed, when I picked up my piece from Kagan McLeod.

Here is my haul (art-wise).

L-R: Zatanna by Adam Warren, The Boy by Gabriel Ba, Rumor by Gabriel Ba, River Tam by Fabio Moon

L-R: Zatanna by Phil Noto, Jamie McJack as Catwoman by Danielle Corsetto, Me by Steve Manale, Michonne by Agnes Garbowska

L-R: Finn by Pendleton Ward, Runaways v2 #12 Page 4 by Adrian Alphona, Zatanna by Kagan McLeod

Next con, I guess, is Fan Expo Canada.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY - May 1st, 2010

Batgirl by Leonard Kirk (2010)Originally, I had not planned on going to any shops for Free Comic Book Day. Or, at least, not go to anyone that had signings, because one of my closest friends was getting married that evening (I've known him for over 17 years).

But, I figured if I set a time that would be the latest I could stay, then I would be good to at least one of the signings, and hoped for the best that I would be able to get a sketch.

To top that off, I was able to get the FCBD books that I wanted, from All New Comics.

Danny and I ended up going to Paradise Comics. Guests signing were, Richard Isanove, Leonard Kirk, Ty Templeton, and more. It was also the closer store.

Another store that had a great signing, Stadium Comics, with Ken Lashley, Alex Milne, Agnes Garbowska, Marcio Takara, and many more.

Danny and I arrived at about 11:45am, for the 12pm start time. I wanted to come earlier, to be closer to the front of the line, but stuff had prevented us from being there earlier.

Unlike previous signings at Paradise Comics, where the first few in line, would be first in line for all of the guests, the line worked differently. You are first in line for one guest, then move to the back of the line, and potentially hoped that you are the first in line for another guest. It's more fair that way, I'll admit. I mean, really, the The Hulk 100 Project Hero Initiative Signing at Paradise Comics, back in December 2008, I was second in line, but at one point, all the guests were doing sketches for me. So, I agree, it's more fair the way it was done this time around.

We ended up leaving the store at 1:30pm, which worked out perfectly, to allow for me to grab some lunch, then head home and get ready for my friend's wedding, which was just a fantastic evening all-round. I haven't seen many of my friends in several years, several months, and for some, a few weeks. So, it was just a great night seeing everyone again.

Congratulations to my buddy, Will, and his beautiful wife, Grace!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Free Comic Book Day 2009 Report

Free Comic Book Day 2009May 2nd, 2009 - Free Comic Book Day - It's been a pretty long day, and I'm so not done my clean up. But the clean up is really nothing to me, because I had a blast today!

The first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day! I've been going since 2005, and this has become a fun yearly event.

Once again, the day started at One Million Comix. The reasoning for this, is because it's a place right next to a parking lot, and this allows for purchasing comic supplies at the shop, as well as picking up supplies at Curry's (sketchpads, portfolios, etc). Also, for the selection of new and recent releases that my shop doesn't order.

After One Million Comix, the next stop was The Labyrinth. They did have a pretty good sale, which did cause the store to get extremely busy. Lots of people were buying, and I totally would have too, except that it was tough for me to look for items, as it was busy in the store. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the artbooks were not on sale. As much as I was hoping for them to be on sale, I figured they weren't going to be. Oh well.

Zatanna by Chip Zdarsky (2009)The next stop was The Beguiling. I wasn't able to make it out last year, but was determined to make it this year... especially with the release of Comics Festival! 2009.

The Beguiling had a great guest list this year's Free Comic Book Day signing. Unfortunately for me, with planning for the next stop, that didn't allow me much time to spend with the guests here. At least there's TCAF next weekend.

I was hoping to catch Chip Zdarsky this year, and luckily for me, he was there! I just had to get a Chip Zdarsky Zatanna for my collection, and I'm grateful that he did one!

Zatanna by Alex Milne (2009)The final stop of the day was Stadium Comics, for their Free Comic Book Festival.

The guests looked busy, the store was busy, so it looked like it was definitely a successful event. I made my way into the store, to search for potential items for me to purchase, before heading back into the mall, to see the guests.

I felt this was a perfect opportunity to get a sketch from Alex Milne. Everytime at the cons, it's either I'm already headed to see someone else (when Alex looks available for a sketch), or he's working on something (in which I don't want to interrupt). Quite happy to have another Zatanna added to my collection, this one by Alex Milne.

Black Cat by Vince Sunico (2009)After getting my first sketch from Vince Sunico, I wanted to get another one. Decided on another female character that I'm collecting, and Vince drew her sexy!

If you haven't gone to see him at the conventions, you're missing out on a great artist. Vince, and fellow studio mate, Arnold Trinidad were cranking out the sketches for all the kids that came up. Those were some great stuff. Hopefully these kids appreciate it.

Power Girl by Agnes Garbowska (2009) Wolverine by Francis Manapul (2009)Some more great artists that were cranking out sketches for anyone that came out, Francis Manapul, Agnes Garbowska, and Marcio Takara. Due to it getting busy again, and having to leave, I missed out on a Marcio Takara sketch here. No worries, as I'll most likely see him at TCAF, at one of the Joe Shuster Awards Booth Signings.

I did get great sketches from Francis Manapul and Agnes Garbowska. I also picked up a bunch of new keychains from Agnes. Lots of great new items, and I snatched up some. Had to have that Zatanna keychain, as well as the rest that I picked up.

Don't forget to keep yourself updated with Agnes' new project, You, Me and Zombie.

Also, check out the preview to Adventure Comics, that Francis' is illustrating. SPOILER ALERT!!! If you haven't read Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4, don't click that link.

When it was all done, this was a great event. Stadium Comics may be the new hot spot for upcoming years.

Thanks to all the stores that participated in the Free Comic Book Day promotion! And Thanks to all the artists that sketched me something amazing!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Comic Book Day - May 2nd, 2009

I've realized that I have not mentioned Free Comic Book Day in quite a while. I'm usually writing about all the free books that would be great to get, but I'm slacking. I know.

Anyways, Free Comic Book Day takes place on Saturday May 2nd, 2009. Check your local comic shop to see if they are participating.

Here is a list of signings, or for you Torontonians, just see the sidebar on the right. I've been trying to keep that one updated... so if you see a mistake, or would like to make an addition, just leave a comment, and I'll change it ASAP.

As for the books, I'm not going to spotlight them like I used to, but quickly make mention of some of the ones I want to get.

Blackest Night #0 (Gold Sponsor - DC Comics) - In my opinion, and probably the opinion of many others, this is the book to get. This issue leads into DC's big summer event, The Blackest Night. You get an new story from DC (and not a reprint of their books from previous years). This is written by Geoff Johns. Artwork by Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke. Expect this one to be highly sought after.

Avengers (Gold Sponsor - Marvel Comics) - Marvel's main offering this year, which sees Thor team up with both the New Avengers and the Dark Avengers. This issue is written by Brian Michael Bendis, and features artwork by Jim Cheung. Also, this Marvel offering will be slightly smaller than a normal comic (see here).

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Gold Sponsor - Dark Horse Comics) - It's got a Ramon Perez cover, and he does some of the interiors (the Star Wars story).

Comics Festival! 2009 Volume 3 (Silver Sponsor - Toronto Comic Arts Festival) - Seriously, just check out the line-up for this book. This is a must get, especially for those attending TCAF.

Wolverine: Origin of an X-Man (Silver Sponsor - Marvel Comics) - With X-Men Origins: Wolverine being released in theatres the day before, having a free Wolverine book for new fans to check out is pretty smart idea. It's been done before, but still works somewhat... until new fans realize that Wolverine is in EVERY Marvel book (kidding about the "Every"... it's more like 98% of them).

TMNT #1 25th Anniversary Reprint (Silver Sponsor - Mirage Studios) - I surely can't afford a first or second printing of this book, so a freebie of it... I'll take it. TMNT was my childhood (the cartoon and movie, not the comic).

Remember, Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 2nd, 2009. Save the Date!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Free Comic Book Day 2008 Review Follow-Up

My search for Atomic Robo & Friends and Viper Comics Presents... continued today, but after work, as I was scheduled for the morning shift. I was able to get out early, because it was slow and were overstaffed.

I made the trek to Planet X, in Richmond Hill. This used to be my regular shop, a little while after getting back into comics, and was my regular shop for about a year and a half, before going back to Cyber City Comix.

The first FCBD I went to (I think in 2005), was at Planet X. The sale that weekend was great then. Picked up many 3/$1 comics (in addition to the free books). The year after, was okay. Same deal, but a lot of the same 3/$1 comics for sale (in addition to the free books). Last year, I didn't go on the actual FCBD, but the day after, and I can't really remember the sale. This year, the sale was 20% off everything, 30% off of the back issues.

Being the day after FCBD, I went hoping that some books would be left, and possibly a copy of the two books I was searching for. All the FCBD books had been given away (of course, this was like 4pm on Sunday). I did pick up some back issues.

Captain America #6 (Variant cover), She-Hulk #20 (Zombie variant), and Ultimate Spider-Man #115 (Zombie variant).

Since I didn't find the two books I was looking for, I decided to head to Dragon's Realm, in Maple. I personally never found the selections in the store to be all that great, as the owner has also included selling flags, purses, burned video games, and various other items that I don't think a comic shop should ever sell. The location moved, so that it's closer to my house, by less than a kilometre. This was the second time it moved in the past 2-3 years.

Anyways, two years ago, the store did order some FCBD books, and I did get a couple. Last year, he didn't order any FCBD books, so I didn't have any expectations of any being there this year. I just figured, since it's not too far away, I'd check. Nope, nothing.

I went looking for books to buy, and was thinking about getting the Daredevil One-Shot that was released last week, but opted to pass on it, since the owner was too busy dealing with a customer trying to sell the owner some somewhat old books. I didn't want to interrupt the dealing, nor did I want to wait for a break in the dealing, so I just put the book back and left.

Personally, the lack of selection in comics is why I never made this a regular store, even though it's minutes away from home. I like variety and some indie titles. It's not all about Marvel and DC.

Anyways, I did read some of the books I got on Saturday. It turns out it's the Hellboy FCBD book that has the Futurma cast as Hellboy/B.P.R.D. characters, not the Bongo Comics. As I said before, don't expect any reviews on these books.

I guess this is it for FCBD 2008 from me. I do leave you with this link.

SNAP North Toronto - Photos from the Frank Cho signing at Paradise Comics.

Yours truly is featured in one of the photos. I can't say that I know the other two in the photo, but the comic I'm holding belongs to the guy to my left, as I had already put my comics away.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Free Comic Book Day 2008 Review

Free Comic Book DayMay 3rd, 2008 - Free Comic Book Day 2008.

No gauntlet for me this year. Well, sort of. Last year, I went to Comics & More, Grey Region, One Million Comix, Paradise Comics, Silver Snail, and The Beguiling.

This year, I went to One Million Comix, Silver Snail, and Paradise Comics. Skipped out on three stores, but I wish I was able to head over to The Beguiling. Unfortunately, due to the arrival times of some of the guests at Silver Snail, I opted to skip the signing at The Beguiling, and just head to the signing at Paradise Comics. The signing for one of the people I wanted to see at The Beguiling was done, so I'll just catch this person (and some of the others) at Paradise Toronto Comicon.

At the Silver Snail, the line formed fairly early on for Steve McNiven. It was unknown whether he'd be sketching or not. Steve McNiven confirmed he would not be sketching, much to the disappointment of fans, but I did have a feeling he wouldn't. Stuart Immonen, no sketches, as always.

But when it came down to it, I had books to get signed, so it was all good.

Stargirl by Ty Templeton (2008)Iron Man by Leonard Kirk (2008)I did have hopes for getting sketches from the next two guests. Ty Templeton and Leonard Kirk. Ty arrived first, which was around 2PM. The line actually started to form for him around 12:45PM. Well, for Ty and Leonard. There was a sign for Alvin Lee, but that was later taken down.

Leonard Kirk arrived around 2:15PM, which worked out great, because of the way the line was, I was second for both Ty and Leonard. I ended up with two awesome sketches from both of them.

I think Ty wasn't 100% pleased with the Stargirl sketch he did for me, which would explain the words he included in the sketch. As for me, I think it's great!

For Leonard's sketch, I originally was thinking of getting a Wildcat (of the JSA) sketch, but I ended up changing my mind during the waiting period, and ended up with Iron Man. Just continuing that Iron Man love, especially after the movie. I also had that Iron Man Heroclix in my pocket. Iron Man it is, and holy geez, I'm happy with my decision change.

At this point, with Steve McNiven returning to his table (after lunch), I did have a quick chat with him. Expect his run on Wolverine to be violent! :D

Spider-Man by Francis Manapul (2008)Spider-Man by Agnes Garbowska (2008)I got to Paradise Comics around 4PM, hoping to catch Francis Manapul and Agnes Garbowska, before their signing time ended. I did make it on time, though cutting it really close.

I was surprised to see they were both using watercolour paints for their sketches today. I was quite happy to get a sketch done by them, because both are fantastic.

I ended up leaving the store just before 6PM, because of the whether. That rain came down hard.

Lots of FCBD books to read, but don't expect any reviews. I was disappointed that I didn't see any Atomic Robo & Friends or Viper Comics Presents: Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Misfits. I am told there was some Atomic Robo & Friends at Silver Snail, they just weren't downstairs with all of the FCBD books.

I'll probably get cracking at these books tomorrow, when I'm home from work.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow!

Saturday May 3rd, 2008 is Free Comic Book Day.

For first time readers, Free Comic Book Day is where you go to a participating comic shop, and you can walk out with one or more free comics, ON SELECTED COMICS MARKED WITH THE FREE COMIC BOOK DAY LOGO. You can't walk to any store, grab a book on the wall or anywhere else not designated as the free comics. Retailers also set the limit as to how many you can take.

I have the known signings listed on the side bar, but I'll list them here as well (without the links).

Free Comics For Kids Day (Sponsored by The Beguiling, and others).
GUESTS: Michael Cho, Steven Manale, Jeremy Tankard, Brian McLachlan
DATE: May 3rd, 2008
PLACE: Palmerston Library, 560 Palmerston Ave (at Bathurst Subway Station)

Free Comic Book Day at the Beguiling
GUESTS (Wave 1): J. Korim, Jessie Lam, Tyrone McCarthy, Alana McCarthy, Tara Talan
GUESTS (Wave 2): Willow Dawson, Nick Mandaag, Chip Zdarsky
DATE: May 3rd, 2008
PLACE: The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street.
TIME: 12PM-3PM (Wave 1), 3PM-6PM (Wave 2)

Silver Snail FCBD Signing
GUESTS: Steve McNiven, Stuart Immonen, Leonard Kirk, Ty Templeton
DATE: May 3rd, 2008
PLACE: Silver Snail Toronto, 367 Queen St. W.

Paradise Comics FCBD Signing
GUESTS: Francis Manapul, Agnes Garbowska
DATE: May 3rd, 2008
PLACE: Paradise Comics, 3278 Yonge St.

Stadium Comics FCBD Signing (Brampton)
GUESTS: Alex Milne, Vince Sunico
DATE: May 3rd, 2008
PLACE: Stadium Comics, 499 Main Street South, Unit #104

As for the books, there are several nice ones to get (full list of books can be found here.

Bongo Comics Free-For-All! FCBD 2008 Edition - Can't go wrong with The Simpsons and Futurama. Especially with the summer coming up, and kids going to camp. Parents normally buy this shit up for their kids, so here's an extra free comics for your child. Also, I believe there is a Hellboy/B.P.R.D. pin-up with the Futurama characters, drawn by Matt Groening.

Hellboy/B.P.R.D. FCBD 2008 Edition - Though I haven't followed any of the Hellboy or B.P.R.D. series, I hear this is a must get for normal readers.

Broken Trinity Preview FCBD 2008 Edition - Top Cow's next event gets previewed here.

X-MEN FCBD 2008 Edition - Upcoming Uncanny X-Men artist, Greg Land, provides artwork for this issue, focusing mainly on Pixie. Only a matter of time until we see her in some pornstar pose, courtesy of Greg Land.

Marvel Adventures: Iron Man FCBD 2008 Edition - For most people that have seen Iron Man prior to FCBD, here's a free Iron Man fix for you. I'd still suggest getting previous Iron Man issues, if you just became an Iron Man fan (like I have). Not sure if I'm going to collect any Iron Man ongoing titles, but I've taken a liking to the character.

Imaginary #1 FCBD 2008 Edition - From the art studio that provides artwork to Radical Comics new line, you get previews to the Radical Comics titles. If you didn't spent the buck (each) to try out Hercules and Caliber, then get this free book, so that you can justify spending your dollar (each) on those books.

Atomic Robo & Friends FCBD 2008 Edition - Called the next "Hellboy," Atomic Robo is a character to check out. I haven't yet, but I will definitely get the trade when Scott Wegener appears in Toronto this June. Get your introduction to the character here, if your store didn't order the first series (mine didn't, which I wished they did, because I would've picked it up).

Owly and Friends FCBD 2008 Edition - Good ol' Owly. Great all ages book.

Viper Comics Presents: Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Misfits FCBD 2008 Edition - I wish more stores ordered from Viper Comics. Josh Howard's Dead@17 is pretty cool (I just ordered the collected edition of that series). I have a feeling I won't find many of this book around, which I would like to try out.

Anyways, that's it from me about FCBD, until after FCBD. Slightly easier gauntlet this year? I'll have to see.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upcoming stuff

Let's see, ten days until IRON MAN. Eleven days until FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Twenty-three days until the FAN EXPO CANADA COMIC GUEST LIST is released. Twenty-five days until I go to MOTOR CITY COMIC CON.

I'm still debating on whether I am going to get a couple of books CGC SS at Motor City. It's really all based on what the potential grade could be on them. Just take a look at the pics below, and if you have an opinion on the grades, post in the comment, or email me (if you have my address). Click the pictures to make them bigger.

X-Men #129 (Front): to be signed by Chris Claremont.

X-Men #129 (Back)

Avengers Annual #10 (Front): to be signed by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden

NOTE: Notice what appears to be crayon marking on the top right of the front cover.

Avengers Annual #10 (Back)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Free Comic Book Day 2008 - The Books

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 3rd, 2008. The list of books have been released.

It's free, but unlike previous years, I won't be grabbing a whole bunch of everything. There really isn't too much I would like to check out.

Like the previous couple of years, Marvel Comics will be releasing a book with new material. Possibly, two books (not too sure about the Marvel's Silver Sponsor book). The Gold Sponsor book, is X-Men - FCBD 2008, by Mike Carey and Greg Land. The Silver Sponsor book, will be a Marvel Adventures: Iron Man book. Personally, I think they should've created an original Iron Man story for FCBD, with Iron Man the movie being released the day before FCBD.

DC Comics, will continue their trend, and release books that were previously released for sale. They listened to everyone bitching over the past two last year, and are releasing All-Star Superman as the FCBD Gold Sponsored book (something that should've been released prior to the release of Superman Returns). They are also releasing Tiny Titans #1, as the Silver Sponsored book. This is a great book for kids. No regrets on buying it.

Dark Horse will be releasing a book, related to a movie release, with Hellboy/B.P.R.D. - FCBD Edition 2008.

Top Shelf Productions is releasing another Owly book, which also features Korgi, Johnny Boo, and Yam. Korgi was included with Top Shelf's FCBD book last year, which previewed the Korgi graphic novel. Johnny Boo and Yam are two new characters/books that will be published by Top Shelf.

As for the rest of the books, check out Gold Sponsors|Silver Sponsors.

When the local creator signings are announced, I'll post them here. Do I run the gauntlet again this year?

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Free Comic Book Day 2007 Report - May 5th, 2007

The day has finally arrived, and I was set to embark on a wonderful tour of Toronto. Or, as it was put, The Gauntlet. Yes, my plan was to hit up all three signings in Toronto, for Free Comic Book Day. My planned order, 1) Paradise Comics, 2) Silver Snail, 3) The Beguiling.

I did just that, but first, I decided to head over to One Million Comix, mainly to head over to Curry's to get a few portfolios, so those 9"x12" sketchpad pages, since they fall out so easily. Curry's ended up being my first stop. Then I decided to check out what's happening at Grey Region Comics. Well, nothing was happening.

I went down thinking that One Million Comix opened at 10am, but was wrong, so that threw off my timing for everything (mainly, the signings). Well, once One Million Comix opened up (around 10:35am), I proceeded to pick up the bags + boards I needed. Then I picked up a bunch of comics from the FCBD books. Key pick up, Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift.

Next stop, I went over to Comics & More, to check out the FCBD happenings there. The store was pretty crowded, preventing me from looking threw the bins and trades. I ended up just getting three FCBD books, with the key pick ups being the Astounding Wolf-Man, and Owly.

After that, I headed over to Paradise Comics, for their signing. It was just past 12pm, but no guests had arrived. I did run into Milo of Digital Kontent and Kathryn, on the way to the shop. Once in, Peter Dixon, owner of Paradise Comics was relaxing, while helping everyone out. The store was slightly busy (the busiest I've seen, since the Thomas Jane signing). I picked up a copy of the Unseen Peanuts comic, and a Limited Edition Batman Heroclix. I also picked up the Incredible Hulk #106 (not free, and was recently announced as a sell-out). I also picked up a copy of Korgi, by Christian Slade.

Zatanna by Agnes GarbowskaZatanna by Francis ManapulThe first two guests to arrive were, Francis Manapul, and Agnes Garbowska. Once set, I was able to get a sketch from each of them. I decided on getting the same character from both artists, Zatanna.

While the sketches were being done, the Paradise Conventions crew started showing up. First, Jeff, which was the first time we introduced ourselves, as we are members of the BendisBoard. Then Allison also showed. Then Kevin Boyd, co-promoter of Paradise Toronto Comicon, arrived. Had a chat with Kevin, before leaving for the other signings.

Silver Snail Poster by Adam HughesNext on my tour was the Silver Snail. It was packed in there when I arrived around 2pm. Grabbed my sketchbooks, and check in my bag. Proceeded to the free comics, which had a line-up to get. Picked up some books, but the selection was running thin. Also, I grabbed a free toy, which I gave to my little brother (a Pikachu magnet). I then proceeded to the signing upstairs, and it was also packed. I went to line-up for Leonard Kirk, who was an unannounced guest. Other unannounced guests were David Ahn and Sean Ward, in addition to the announced guests, Ty Templeton, Jason Armstrong, and Karl Kerschl.

Superman by David AhnWhile in the line, infront of me was Kathryn (meeting once again during the day), and Edward (another convention regular). I also noticed that there wasn't a line-up for David Ahn (Strongarm by Image Comics), and I asked for a Superman sketch. The line-up behind me got somewhat long, for a store signing, and the store got very hot. Had a few young teenagers there, acting like teenagers would. Quite annoying. One especially, and the rest whined like kids. I don't mind when kids whine like kids, but teens... nevermind.

Stargirl by Leonard KirkOnce up for Leonard Kirk, I decided on Stargirl. She is definitely one of my favourite Justice Society of America members (Thank You, Geoff Johns). While there, all of the guests began taking breaks for lunch, while Leonard Kirk finished off my sketch, before he went on break. Once the break was announced, I was glad to see the crowd cleared out, not wanting to wait. I ended up sticking around, cause this was something that I'm used to, waiting at a table with no one there. It definitely was beneficial for me, because I became first in line for Karl Kerschl. Chillin', looking around at all the Star Wars toys, that I would've wanted to have in my teenage years, when I was a huge Star Wars fan.

Kid Flash by Karl KerschlLobster Johnson by Jason ArmstrongThe guests slowly started to return back from break. Ty Templeton was the first back, deciding to sketch a few more before taking off. Leonard Kirk returned to sketch for the Superman little boy. Jason Armstrong returned (seated next to Karl Kerschl), so I asked for a sketch once he got back. He's working on the upcoming Lobster Johnson mini-series, so I decided on a Lobster Johnson sketch. He showed me some pages from the series, which look pretty good. Karl Kerschl then returned, and I was able to get a sketch of Kid Flash from him.

Once the sketch was completed, I decided to head back downstairs, and I ended up getting some more free comics. Bad thing, Silver Snail ran out of the FCBD comics. Good thing, they started giving out issues of 52. SCORE! I picked up five issues I didn't have, bringing my collection of 52, to the halfway mark of the series. I doubt I'll collect the rest, but I found that to be a good pick up. I also grabbed a little Disney's Princess toy for my little sister.

I headed to the front, and grabbed a few of the Adam Hughes Silver Snail posters (see the coloured picture above). Those posters are huge. I was thinking they would be 11"x17" or something like that, but 15"x27". I got nowhere to put them, or display them.

I then proceeded to The Beguiling. I was originally hoping to get there by 3pm, but I got there after 4pm. The patio/porch area where the signing was taking place, was directly in the sun. That must've been rough for everyone, but it looked like everyone was in good spirits. I picked up a couple copies of Comics Festival 2007. My intentions are to get it signed on both covers, just on separate books. I'm getting there, and I'll most likely see everyone (with the exception of the late Doug Wright) in the coming months.

Donna Troy by Kalman AndrasofszkyI dropped off my sketchbook for Kalman Andrasofszky (who had a slice of pizza in each hand), and got a Donna Troy sketch, once he was done eating. Seated next to him was Howie Shia and J. Torres.

Cameron Stewart was seated across from them, but at the time, was packing up to leave, after spending most of the afternoon there. Before he took off, I got the Comics Festival 2007 issue signed.

Jellaby by Kean SooColby Reynolds by Jim ZubkavichI picked up a copy of The Makeshift Miracle from Jim Zubkavich. Jim was in great spirits, just kept getting anyone that walked by to check out Comics Festival 2007, and gave them each a copy. He ended up running out of copies at his part of the table. Great stuff! Hopefully this gets people really interested in the comic book medium.

Next to Jim Zubkavich was Kean Soo and Ray Fawkes (I think... I'm sorry, some of the guests, I don't know what they look like). I got a sketch of Jellaby from Kean Soo.

Vampirella by Chip ZdarskyNext up, Chip Zdarsky. He was finishing off a sketch, before I got there. I am not sure why I stuck with getting Vampirella, since I still haven't found a copy of Chip Zdarsky's Monster Cops (I'm still looking, I swear. I didn't see it at Paradise Comics, Silver Snail, or The Beguiling... maybe I should ask someone, sometime... lemme know if you see it somewhere). I'm actually quite happy with the Vampirella, and Chip Zdarsky rocks!

Captain America by Michael ChoAnd the final person of the day, and final sketch of the day, Michael Cho. He was nice enough to make this his final sketch of the day, after a long and tiring day of sketching for people.

After the sketch, I went inside to check out The Beguiling. Other than Chip Zdarsky's Monster Cops, I didn't have anything else in mind that I was looking for. I proceeded to head home at the time.

Taking the subway back to my car, I noticed that a bunch of people that attended the Global Marijuana March, was already back on the subway, heading home (or wherever). Way to support legalization! Quitter! Burnout! There to bum a joint off others, weren't you.

Yea, I found that funny.

Thanks to the shops (One Million Comix, Comics & More, Paradise Comics, Silver Snail, and The Beguiling) for the books! Thanks to Paradise Comics, Silver Snail, and The Beguiling for putting on wonderful events! Thanks to Francis Manapul, Agnes Garbowska, David Ahn, Leonard Kirk, Jason Armstrong, Karl Kerschl, Kalman Andrasofszky, Jim Zubkavich, Kean Soo, Chip Zdarsky, and Michael Cho for the sketches!

Friday, May 04, 2007


Just a reminder for all of you, Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow, May 5th, 2007.

Another reminder, here is the signings taking place in Toronto.

FCBD @ Silver Snail - Toronto
Jason Armstrong (Lobster Johnson)
Karl Kerschl (Teen Titans: Year One)
Ty Templeton (Howard the Duck)

I'm not sure what time they'll be there.

FCBD @ The Beguiling (Updated)
All Day!
Roxanne Bielskis (, Poverty)
Michael Cho (Max Finder)
Jason Kieffer (Downtown Toronto,
Cameron Stewart (The Other Side)
Zach Worton (Corpse)
Jim Zubkavich (Makeshift Miracle, UDON Comics)

Noon-3PM Only:
John Martz (
Brian McLachlan (Princess Planet)
Jim Munroe (Therefore, Repent!, No Media Kings)
Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics)
Kean Soo (Jellaby)
Noel Tuazon (Elk's Run)

3PM-6PM Only:
Ray Fawkes (Apocalipstix)
J. Torres (Teen Titans GO!, Legion of Super-Heroes)
Howie Shia (Comics Festival 2007!)

And just a reminder,

FCBD @ Paradise Comics
Francis Manapul (Iron and the Maiden)
Agnes Garbowska (
Nick Postic (Impaler)
Howard Wong (After the Cape)

See ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free Comic Book Day Signings in Toronto

There's just two and a half weeks until Free Comic Book Day. It's on Saturday May 5th, 2007. I'll definitely be heading out that day for them books, and for the signings.

Here are the signings in the order I received them:

The schedule of appearances includes:

Roxanne Bielskis (, Poverty)
Michael Cho (Max Finder)
John Martz (
Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics)
Kean Soo (Jellaby)
Zach Worton (Corpse)

Roxanne Bielskis (, Poverty)
Michael Cho (Max Finder)
Ray Fawkes (Apocalipstix)
J. Torres (Teen Titans GO!, Legion of Super-Heroes)
Zach Worton (Corpse)

(More artist appearances to be announced)

AGNES GARBOWSKA Artist, creator Evil Rabbit

All will be signing after 12 pm until 5pm.

See ya on May 5th.